‘Natural Bad Girl’ Disrupting The Hair Industry

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The natural hair movement has changed the way in which black women and mixed heritage women from across the world view their natural afro textured hair. In a world which has normalised straight hair as more “desirable” in society the natural hair movement encourages women to embrace their hair. Natural Bad Girl wigs wants to celebrate the natural hair movement through its range of wigs.

Wigs have always been seen as fashionable and stylish within the hair industry. The transformative nature of wig wearing means that wearers can change their look within minutes with minimal work and maximum effect. All too often however wigs have been set within certain constraints, straight and sometimes curly but rarely more adventurous or bold.

Natural Bad Girl wigs has been launched to disrupt the hair industry and change the way people see wigs.  Natural Bad Girl Wigs are braided wigs that are handmade in Africa. The Diaspora has a growing appetite for Africa-Made beauty products and Natural Bad Girl wants to encourage this growing demand. 

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Black and mixed heritage women from around the world have worn braided styles for generations as a means of protective styling and for their own personal styling. Traditionally it can take hours depending on the size and quantity of the braids but with Natural Bad Girl Wigs you can walk away with a salon ready look in literally minutes.

These wigs are specially made in Africa, specifically Nigeria, with you in mind. The current collection of wigs includes Senegalese Twists, Box Braids, Million Braids and the range is expanding. 

The hair industry is changing, the change starts with Natural Bad Girl and the change is coming directly from Africa.

Visit: www.naturalbadgirl.com

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