Entrepreneurs Launch ‘This Is Boxing’ Event

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Founders: Ant Opara and Whylee

This Is Boxing is a new event that aims to redefine traditional boxing events to one that attracts a younger, cooler crowd. The event aims to do this by combining white-collar boxing fights with upcoming musicians, the best DJs and comedic commentary to keep guests entertained all night long. White-Collar boxing is a form of amateur boxing which sees individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds coming together to fight in the ring. It provides a good opportunity to see fresh talented home-grown UK boxers rise in the ranks and quickly learn on the spot.  It will also bring to the forefront new entrepreneurial talent from behind the scenes of boxing.

London born Ant Opara co-founded This is Boxing with Whylee. The duo has combined their passions for boxing to create a platform for the urban demographic to enjoy boxing and live music all under the same roof, simultaneously giving ethnic minority boxers a better chance at securing fights.

“I have been to many combat sport events and the set-up is always the same. You only have to look around the crowd to realise that the urban communities tend to not attend boxing events in any great capacity so I feel that it is our duty to give the people an event that they want to engage with culturally hence why we are incorporating the Urban Music Scene, urban fashion, cuisine and comedy to bring a very unique event to the UK and beyond. This is for our culture…This is Boxing!” – Whylee

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The night will be packed with up to 8 fights of equally weighted opponents. Performers will be judged by professionals and commentated on by the best UK comedians.

Confirmed live performers on the night included FEKKYDon StrapzyFigure Flows, Shef, Image God, Blacks Gambino, OB the Author. On decks we have the world renowned DJ Mr Play and North London’s all-time favourite DJ Ras Elijah. Sensational triple act ‘3 shots of tequila’; Marvin Abbey, Tazer Black and Mr Exposed will be commentating and guaranteed to leave you crying with laughter!  And with VIP special guest appearances and spectacular caterers available, this is bound to be a jam packed entertaining night which will leave you desperate for more!

Date: 17th December 2017

Time: Doors open at 6.30pm, Ends 11pm

Venue: York Hall,  5 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ 

Tickets available at this-is-boxing.eventcube.io

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