Life In St Mauritius House (Lewisham) – Elderly Residents Highlight Current Shocking Living Conditions (Video)


St Mauritius House Resident

Maureen’s father is a resident at St Mauritius House, a sheltered housing scheme for the elderly in Lewisham South East London, which caters for the needs of African-Caribbean, Asian and ethnic minority elders. The housing scheme is also managed by Hyde Housing.

She says:

Over the last few months I have noticed how distressed my father and the other residents have become due to their current living conditions.

I asked my son Omari who is a film maker to document some of the issues that currently exist within this housing scheme.

I am not very good with social media but I felt compelled to act and wanted to give this vulnerable group of elderly residents a voice.

Please help me and share this video so that together we can be agents for change.

Hyde Housing is an absolute disgrace. I hope this video goes viral and forces them to fix these issues.

UPDATE: Hyde Housing Group release two statements. (CLICK HERE TO READ).

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  1. Hello
    After watching this video I was compelled to contact Hyde Housing and demand they do something. They have replied to asking the email asking who I represent and I’ve sent back a reply saying all. Out of respect if it is you or if not I would like to have a conversation with regards to a petition being started to ensure that change occurs and fast.

  2. This is disgusting, No one should have to live like that… especially when you are living in a residential home, Hyde housing should be ashamed of the service there are providing for the elderly.

  3. Thank you Maureen and son for bringing the plight of these poor people to the attention of the community…

    I am absolutely appalled that our elderly BME patrons are being treated in such an inhuman way!!! I don’t like to use the race card (because social housing should be non-discriminatory, shouldn’t it???) but I have yet to hear of elderly non-BME people in supported housing being treated or managed in this way. (If they are, let’s hear about it!!!). How does Lewisham Council permit Hyde Housing to continue to be a social landlord – so called 😳??? What criteria did Hyde meet to be awarded this?

    This video must be shared! I hope BBC London News and London Tonight see this as these issues should be brought to the nation’s attention. Rightly so!!!!

  4. Hi, I’ve posted this link on Hyde’s Twitter page @HydeHousing. The residents also need to make a formal complaint via Hyde’s complaints process and they can also involve their local councillors and MP’s and ask them to make enquiries on their behalf.

  5. This is disgraceful. I’ll definitely share this video. Is there a petition and also I have emailed a link to the local MP. I would urge others to highlight this issue as much as possible.

  6. I am appalled at this video. This matter needs to be taken to itv london news and all the local newspapers such as News shopper, The Voice and The South London Press.

  7. I never write in forums but like many i was compelled to today. Yesterday I emailed Hyde Customers Services with an official complaint. I also copied the CEO of Hyde Housing – Elaine Bailey in to the email as well as, the Housing Ombudsman and The Voice Newspaper. It’s not enough to complain amongst our selves, action creates change. Hyde have a complaints procedure set out on their website and you can write to other official bodies on the residents behalf if you feel to do so.
    Since this video has gone viral, Hyde have received many complaints from the community. I have been told Hyde Housing have responded on their official Facebook page if you can find it,. We still need to keep the pressure on by sharing the video and making an official complaint to make sure the works get completed and Hyde is held accountable for treating the residents like this. They have showed no duty of care which is a key responsible for them.

  8. housing ombudsman Lewisham : MP or local councillor and then to the National Housing Ombudsman if no response …Hyde Housing have been given 2 long to sort it plus they have removed the support worker and will suggest they did not know. Plus Safeguarding

  9. Let’s get a petition started, how dare they treat our elders in this way. Your video needs to be aired

  10. Does the CQC know about this? Or lewisham council environmental health department?

  11. I saw this video and I was appalled with it. The kitchen which has never been used but rat faces everywhere, floor and inside the cupboards. They West Indian woman was telling that she brings her small children to visit her grandmother but the bed was covered with rat faces, the other gentleman had no lights for 157 days due to rain water shorting the electrical wires. Another gentleman was in a wheelchair but had rats running around and there was dead rats in the hallway.
    There needs to be a petition to sign against Hyde Housing.
    We need to take action about this, what is your mother or father was there then what would you do. If there is a action group set up already I would like to help out.

  12. Look at the Tenancy Agreement.. If Hyde Housing is in breach of the tenancy agreement then you all are within your rights to take legal action. Hyde Housing have a duty of care and obligation to fix repairs to a reasonable standard.

  13. I am disgusted with what I just watched. The children and grandchildren of these vulnerable elders should get together and come down on Hyde Housing. They themselves wouldn’t live like that or have their parent living under those conditions.

  14. Hi All. Disgusted to see this video clip, however must say I’m not at all surprised. Well done to Maureen and son for highlighting the residents plight. It is fundamentally important that the residents of Mauritius House formally complain either individually or collectively. This way your complaint will be registered and put on the system. I do think each resident are entitled to compensation for the disgraceful conditions that they have had to endure over the last few months/years. I have both a legal and housing background, and would be more than happy to provide free support and advise to these residents to ensure they are compensated appropriately. If anyone knows Maureen please could you ask her to respond to this message.

  15. Hooray! The plight of our elders has now aired on London Tonight (ITV). How embarrassing for Hyde!

  16. I can really beleave that hyde south east has our people living like this and in those conditions and to no its elderly people that they are treating this way as we all no if we had our kids or parents living in those conditions we would be in big trouble with the law and social services posserberly charged with neglect for unsuitable living conditions but they don’t care cause its not them living in those conditions what a disgrace for a housing service. I have nothing good to say about hyde south east they are a big disappointment for a housing service. And really need to make some big improvements to they housing and repairs services which is a big joke just as they are. I do hope all our elders are living abit more comfortable now ince HYDE SOUTH EAST as been exposed to what they are like. J.Henry

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