UK News: Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones To Launch TV Commercial For ‘The Black Farmer’ Food Brand

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Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, aka The Black Farmer, proudly yet defiantly exclaims: I am Black Red White and Blue – I am an Englishman. This is the opening salvo in his new TV commercial for his The Black Farmer food brand that not only breaks the mould in food advertising but challenges the stereotype of what it means to be black and British. 

When the Jamaican born entrepreneur decided to buy a farm in deepest Devon 15 years ago, many of his city friends both black and white thought he was mad. And then when he decided to call his brand The Black Farmer they thought he may as well have painted a target on his back. 

In response to the initial reaction from his friends he says,

“Everything I have done in my life has flown in the face of what is believed to be possible for a black person living in Britain.  Black usually equals sportsperson, rap artist, urban ghetto cool.  Black Britain has spent decades trying to escape these stereotypes.

Emmanuel-Jones decided that his first TV commercial for his food products would be an opportunity to give the audience a view of what makes him tick.   “This is my Soul” is a not only an opportunity for him to make more people aware of his sausage products but for them to see another side of what it means to be black and British.

The commercial will air in early 2016  and is directed by acclaimed Hollywood director Tony Kaye. 



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