UK TV: ITV 2 To Air Four New Black Comedy Shows

Tinchy Stryder will host prank show 'All About The Bants'

Tinchy Stryder will host prank show ‘All About The Bants’

The Voice reports that ITV2 has commissioned four new one-off black comedy shows, in a bid to ramp up its offering to diverse audiences.

The programmes will feature and be produced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) talent and be screened ahead of this year’s MOBO Awards which takes place in October, Black History Month.

One of the new commissions includes a hidden camera show fronted by UK rapper Tinchy Stryder.

The 28-year-old will host All About The Bants, described as a mix of ‘pranks meet lad culture’.

The No.1 hit-maker will be joined by Arron Crascall, who found fame on the social media site Vine.

Stryder, real name Kwasi Danquah, said: “We play pranks on each other on tour all the time so I can’t wait to bring these to ITV2. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’ve got a great team that are ready to cause some mayhem on the British public.”

ITV – unlike Sky, the BBC and Channel 4 – has not released any targets to increase its BAME representation on or off-screen.

Angela Jain, ITV’s director of digital channels and acquisitions, said: “These shows are the perfect opportunity in the run-up to the MOBOs to bring some funny stuff to the telly from some people new to telly.”

Also in the pipeline is The Comedy Basement showcasing a line-up of established stand-up comedians including Kojo and Eddie Kadi with some fresh faces.

Another show set to feature up-and-coming black talent has the working title of Sniggaz.

It will feature up-and-coming black and Asian comedians.

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Four ONE-OFF black comedy shows on the run up to the MOBO (Music of black origin) Awards and black history month. ITV 2 you really are spoiling us, we should all feel truly blessed.

Another show set to feature up-and-coming black talent has the working title of Sniggaz. It will feature up-and-coming black and Asian comedians.


‘Sniggaz’ BETTER remain the ‘working title’. I see what they have done here and I ain’t laughing.

This story gets under my skin for a number of reasons, including the name/acronym BAME but I will save that rant for another day

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  1. Na, ITV2 can keep their lack of diversity, most their “youth” product is trash and they cannot be trusted. I settle for youtube and BBC (and channel 4 when they are not playing games) thanks.

    Yep and i dislike the term BAME for certain topics, it makes sense for some but not needed for all.

  2. It seems like every couple of years that have a new acronym to describe us. Just say non white people and done!

  3. You need to make a black woman stays in crisis for Rusty Lee.

    Watch the ‘It a Was Alright in the 90’s’ program on 4OD if you missed it last night.

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