UK News: War Memorial Honouring African And Caribbean Service People Under Threat


The Voice reports that a war memorial commemorating black service men and woman in the First World War will be auctioned off unless more than £25,000 is raised to pay for it.

The African & Caribbean War Veterans Memorial Monument is the first of its kind in Europe to honour black personnel, but without the funds, it won’t get the opportunity to be set.

The 2.5 ton monument was designed by the Nubian Jak Community Trust. It was engraved and temporarily installed by project partner Madstone Ltd, who although yet to receive payment for their services, allowed the monument to be temporarily unveiled on Armistice Day 2014 (Nov 11).

But now the historic statue may never be permanently shared with the public unless the funds are raised to pay Madstone Ltd.

The African & Caribbean War Veterans Memorial Monument is the vision of the Nubian Jak Community Trust – the only national BME plaque and sculpture scheme in the UK and Europe – in partnership with the West Indian Association of Service Personnel (WASP), with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Black Cultural Archives (BCA) and Lambeth Council. Continue Reading….

Annoying, embarrassing and disappointing news. 

Would it not have made more sense to have raised the money first before building the 2.5 ton monument? Then perhaps this situation might have been avoided. 

Why would you go ahead with such a huge and important project without first securing the money to actually pay for it? Am I missing something here?

I just hope they manage to raise the funds in time. 

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