UK News: Actor Adam Deacon Told He Is Fit To Stand Trial For Allegedly Harassing Noel Clarke


Adam Deacon

A court was told yesterday, that Adam Deacon is fit to stand trial for allegedly harassing Noel Clarke after he was recently sectioned under the mental health act.

The 32-year-old actor is accused of sending abusive Twitter messages to his former friend Clarke.

He denies one charge of harassment without violence for allegedly posting hundreds of threatening and abusive messages on social media about Clarke between 5 March and 19 December last year.

Via The Daily Mirror

In March, Deacon was arrested affray and possession of an offensive weapon when he was spotted close to his home in east London brandishing a machete at passers-by.

Deacon was due to appear Thames Magistrates’ Court but was unable to attend after being sectioned under the mental health act on 21st March.

The actor has since been discharged and attended Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in a blue anorak and blue trousers today, where it was ruled that he will stand trial for harassing Mr Clarke in July.

Tom Gill, prosecuting, said: “He referred to [Mr Clarke] as a bully and blamed him for trying to ruining his career.”

He said Deacon had also directed death threats at Mr Clarke via his Twitter account.

Gill said: “Mr Clarke said that until 2010 he viewed Mr Deacon as a close friend and after this point they fell out over work.

“Mr Clarke wanted the police to be aware of this situation but didn’t want them to react as he didn’t want them to draw any more attention to it.

“On December 4th he was given an official harassment warning by police, this was delivered in person.

“Despite this warning he continued to post pictured and messages directed towards Mr Clarke.”

Deacon told the court that he will struggle to find work until he is tried: “When I do acting they won’t insure me until the trial is done, so I have lost out all of that. Continue Reading……

Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

I aired my thoughts on this situation several weeks ago during a podcast episode.

At this point all I am going to do is sit back, sip my tea and watch how this goes down in July. 

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  1. It’s a said situation but a warning to those who are not aware of the Malicious Communications Act (1988) as well as the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 and recent updates….So the warning is this….Post with care as it will come back to bite you in the ass. Especially those comments that are found to be libelous and defamatory…..Might I add, that those who share such information, without checking, are also setting them themselves up for prosecution…………Joint enterprise laws……..

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