UK TV: Eastenders Star Khali Best “Leaving” Role As Dexter Hartman

Khali Best (Dexter Hartman)

Khali Best (Dexter Hartman)

It has been announced that Eastenders star Khali Best is leaving the hit BBC 1 soap. His character Dexter Hartman will leave Walford before Christmas.

Best who joined the soap in January 2013, recently won the Best Newcomer prize at the National Television Awards for his role, but not long after that triumph the 27-year-old was suspended from the show for 3 months as punishment for ‘bad behaviour backstage and outside of work’.

An EastEnders spokesperson said:

“We can ­confirm that Khali Best will be written out of EastEnders before Christmas. We wish him all the best for the future.”

Best added:

“I’ve had an amazing two years at EastEnders, however I am now looking for a new challenge.”

The spokesperson’s short and sharp statement  just gives off a ‘good bye and good riddance’ vibe.

I just  knew this axing was coming. When a black character appears less and less on screen, has little dialogue and is given pointless story lines, this is usually a sign that they are in for the chop. 

However in Khali’s case, it was a wrap the moment they suspended him for 3 months for bad behaviour backstage and outside of work. 

But it’s not the end of the world. There could be something bigger and better waiting for Khali across the sea.

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  1. good.. he was the most boring character out of the young ones anyways and he looks a cross between an alien and a wannabe..

  2. Why is it mentioned that he is ‘black’? Are you insinuating a (yawn) racial motivated dismissal? I’ll think you’ll find if he didn’t go about giving it large and assaulting cab drivers then his position may have been assured. Top marks for straw clutching and reliance on the old ‘trump card’ (racism) but you are clearly an imbecile to think that.

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