MOBO Awards 2014 Winners List And Mainstream Media Antics


Singer Sam Smith as expected cleaned up last night.

Last night the “highly anticipated” MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards 2014 aired live on ITV 2

Check out the winners  below:

Best Male

Fuse ODG 


Krept & Konan

Sam Smith (Winner)

Tinie Tempah

Best Female

FKA Twigs

Jessie J (Winner)

Katy B

Marsha Ambrosius

Rita Ora

Best Newscomer

Ella Eyre (Winner)

FKA Twigs

Jess Glynne


Click Here to view the entire list.

The Reggae, Jazz, and Best African Act categories were not televised last night. I don’t know why. 

This morning’s media coverage  is a sight to behold. The mainstream media (TV and print) has blatantly ignored the artists of African origin (apart from Ella Eyre who is of mixed heritage), who won and performed  and have instead decided to solely focus on Sam Smith, Jessie J, Prof Green, randoms and Tulisa Contostavlos . 

An event celebrating black music and black artists have been more or less been  erased from last night’s proceedings. You could not make this up (hahaha). The blatant disdain that the British mainstream media has for us is actually bordering on comical now. 

As for MOBO founder Kanya King, I believe that Mrs MBE stopped caring about her brand years ago and now only cares about pleasing record label executives ( *coughs* Universal Music Group), the media and Middle England. 

Last night was once again a complete and utter farce and we have another three years of this to come.

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  1. Haven’t watched it properly for a few years now – we all know to expect but the whole thing, including the media coverage seems extra shady this time.

    And I like how you list eediat gyal Tulisa after “randoms” lol!

  2. Not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. A white artist will get double the praise for doing something half as well as a black artist. White owned media, white consumers, white owned record companies, predominantly white viewership. Nothing wrong with supporting your own people, we should do the same. Well done to all the winners same way.

  3. I think the show has served its purpose for people back in the 90’s, and for today it should be left for those who are “urban” fans or young ones. I think they should also just changed the name.

    I would love it if someone would set up a show that is along the lines of Hip hop honors, but honoring pioneers of British Black Music and showcase all other types of black music outside the mainstream. Get some of today’s young artist to sing some of the classic song, get in a bit of history lessons of what life was like when each song was made. Also put it on one of the black channels on sky or Channel 4 after 11pm (for a bigger audience) being that those channels will less likely interfere…….man…….if only i had the drive and will power to do it myself….sigh

  4. MOBO awards are looking more and more like the Brit Awards. They should either revamp the whole thing and take it back to its roots (which I’m sure was to honour Black Artists who routinely get ignored by the mainstream) or just forget it all together. A waste of time really.

  5. I bet if there were more white African music acts and reggae/dancehall artists, they would be winning in those categories as well. MOBOs is now just embarrassing. But I guess Kanya King is happy that the MOBOs is more high profile now.

    It really is a case of racism. If the MOBOs were how they were at its inception (actually honouring black artists) then the mainstream media would give a crap about it, unless there was violence involved.

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