Black Men In Crisis: Rapper Mike GLC Tells ‘His Side Of The Story’ To OK! Magazine – Still Angry With Tulisa Over Drug Sting Debacle

Mike GLC

Mike GLC

Mike GLC (real name Michael Coombs) has given an “EXCLUSIVE” interview to OK! Magazine and speaks about facing a court trail alongside former friend and former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, after the pair were caught up in a drugs sting together last year.

Coombs was filmed selling cocaine to an undercover reporter in a hotel room (he charged the reporter £800 plus a £20 delivery charge) and later pleaded “guilty” to supplying the Class A drug. Contostavlos pleaded “not guilty” to brokering the drug deal.

Both walked free in June this year after the trial collapsed.

Now the rapper insists during this OK! interview that “My side of the story has never been allowed to come out”.

What side is that I hear you ask?

Click here to watch the video.

I can’t quite figure out if OK! Magazine is experiencing a slow news day or if they were in need of a good laugh at Mike’s expense.

What exactly is his side of the story?  Does anyone know? None of what comes out of Mike’s mouth makes any sense.  Is he saying he’s innocent?

Mike has failed miserably to tell “his side of the story” in this interview and on the recently released Tulisa diss record, My Little Sister, where he reveals that he would have died for Tulisa.


How naive.

The reality is the man was filmed by The Sun selling drugs to an undercover reporter and the footage was then posted on their website/YouTube for the world to see.  I am guessing that he was also advised to plead guilty because there was video evidence proving his guilt. Under those circumstances I don’t quite know how a barrister would have been able to argue his innocence.

“My legal team told me to plead guilty” –  But Mike you were guilty.

Did ridiculous Tulisa (who still in her early 20s is practically a pickney compared to Mike) force this grown man to sell drugs to what turned out to be an undercover reporter?

Nobody put a gun to Mike’s head and he traipsed to the Dorchester Hotel that day of his own free will.

He should have known better.

Tulisa and Mike during happier times

Tulisa and Mike during happier times

In a previous interview with Heat Magazine, Mike was asked why he did it and replied:

I wanted to help her, because she was a good friend to me. I never would have been there if I hadn’t answered that text, I am not a drug dealer.  In return I’d get to meet the film producer. All I wanted was to help Tulisa and make the contacts. After the arrest, she promised to help me out, but as the weeks passed, she contacted me less. Since then we’ve barely spoken.

This was also about personal gain, which later blew up in his face.

Mike was hoping to flog a film project to Hollywood executives, an “urban” Oliver Twist, and Tulisa was apparently going to play Nancy (I have not made any of this up).

At some point this 37-year-old man has to stop playing the blame game and needs  to start taking responsibility for his part in all this.

It doesn’t matter how many mainstream publications invite Mike to tell “his side of the story” (they really don’t care about you Mike). The big, dead behind the eyes black man/rapper caught on camera selling class A drugs who  later pleaded guilty to supplying drugs, will never succeed in bringing Tulisa down and will never be taken seriously. 

So if I were Mike, I would keep my head down and my mouth shut.

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  1. For the love of **insert appropriate comment**, let it go. Chei! You got away with it, stop trying to OJ yourself under the guise of ‘I’d die for you.’ Looking like a child throwing a tantrum for his lost toy, forgetting that he threw it away in the first place.

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