‘Exhibit B’ (Human Zoo): Black Performers Slam Protesters Over The Cancellation Of The Controversial Exhibition

Exhibit B protesters

This is what happens when sound judgement is clouded by a cheque.

Two performers who were set to appear in the now cancelled ‘Exhibit B’ exhibition have spoken out. 

Stella Odunlami, who played the role of a Nigerian asylum seeker in Exhibit B, told The Independent:

“I think this is insane in 2014. I’m upset and angry. The protests claim the performers are puppets and have sold out, which I find deeply offensive. The protesters have censored me and silenced me. The sense of irony here is heavy.”

CLICK HERE to watch Stella’s interview with the BBC, where she claims “we were terrified”.

Stella Odunlami

Stella Odunlami

Kandy Rohmann, 34, who was due to play the hostess in the production, said:

“It’s a travesty. The aggression has been shocking. I am upset, angry and disappointed in London and as someone with Caribbean heritage. It’s really sad; it was such a wonderful opportunity for minority performers.”

Kandy Rohmann

Kandy Rohmann

Stella was a puppet for Brett Bailey and now  it seems she has graduated into becoming a puppet for the Barbican via BBC News.

Good job Stella!

As for Kandy, the only travesty here is that black performers like yourself agreed to appear in that mess. 

“The aggression has been shocking” – Really Kandy? Were the sounds of African drums too much for you? *major side eye*

It’s really sad; it was such a wonderful opportunity for minority performers.” – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement.

Earlier today reader Melissa summed up South African artist and director Brett Bailey  (who loves to spout the word ‘nigger’ during rehearsals).

Brett Bailey is an egotistical psycho who seems to fetishize slavery and black suffering. Looking at his Facebook page Third World Bunfight, there are lots of questionable posts including one today about Sara Myers.

South African artist/director Brett Bailey seen here positioning a performer Photo credit: Sofie Knijff

South African artist/director Brett Bailey seen here positioning a performer Photo credit: Sofie Knijff

I don’t believe that Brett Bailey’s intentions behind ‘Exhibit B’ are good. This is a character (who loves to say the word ‘nigger’ around his black and gullible performers) has an unhealthy obsession with the torture, humiliation and rape of Africans, and I don’t believe for one second that he created this exhibition to “challenge racism”.

A South African man with a warped agenda, who grew up and languished under the evil apartheid regime CANNOT and WILL NOT “teach” me  about my history.

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  1. While i am not calling the performers lairs and i am not going to deny their right to be angry at losing a wage, i do feel something is up with these interviews above, they looked scripted, look like they are showing part of a stage performance..i cannot put my finger on it, it just does not come across genuine.

    Also I am still finding it strange that all the performers and staff of the Barbican who claimed to have been faced with all this “Violence” and “Aggression” or chased across the road according his/peoples Facebook status did not call the police to arrest or investigate these people?? i am sure we would of heard any statement from the police if this happened??

    And why are Brett Bailey and his supporters so shocked at the opposition when it has been reported that they faced opposition in Berlin? Did they think a city like London was going to embrace it like Edinburgh?

    And for all those notable people who are defending Exhibit B saying that it is important work for the fight against racism, i hope they are also the type who will make the same noises in the future for ALL people or projects in the fight against racism like Death’s in police cells, promotion of films or plays in regards to racism, etc…. I will not hold my breath thou…….

    All of this is very fishy……(rubs chin).

    In fact i think we all will learn (if not already) a lot from the way Bill Bailey, The Barbican, the performers, some media and the vocal supporters of the show have conducted themselves in which shows how racism, bigotry and propaganda works today, more so than i would of learned from exhibit B!

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