Chiwetel Ejiofor and Idris Elba

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Idris Elba

Via The Japan Times

Black British actors have been taking Hollywood by storm, with Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Oscar nomination for “12 Years a Slave” just the latest example, but at home they still face a lack of roles that has driven some from the country.

The British government is now making efforts to change a situation that has seen the loss of major talents such as David Harewood, famed for his role in the CIA drama “Homeland,” David Oyelowo, who starred in the film “The Butler,” and Idris Elba, who shot to fame in the cop series “The Wire.”

“The media are still interested in ghettoizing the presentation of ethnic minority groups within the U.K.,” said Femi Oguns, head of the London-based Identity Drama School & Agency Group, which promotes young black talent. Continue Reading….

Why is the British government suddenly concerned about the plight of black talent? What efforts are they really making to change the situation and more importantly what’s the catch?


Keep up the good work to all those who have made the move to Hollywood and continued success.

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  1. It’s easier for them to find work in Hollywood than it is for African American actors to. Black is the new Black. Like, here in DC, Ethiopians are replacing the Blacks who already live here on the job front. More docile, more exotic to whites. Now, before everybody jumps all over me, I’m just passing along what I’ve heard/read. I’m also told that, because I’m mixed race I don’t have a dog in this fight. (Black is black; try living in my skin.) We need to stop pigeonholing ourselves long enough to step back and see what’s going on.

  2. I apologize if this is being posted twice.

    It’s easier for Black Britons to find work in Hollywood than it is for African Americans because they’re apparently perceived to be more docile and exotic than plain old black folk like us ( It’s just like how Ethiopians are replacing Black folks here in the District at jobs we’ve held for a long time. (Now, before everybody jumps all over me, I’m just passing along what I hear every day. I’m also told that as a mixed-race person I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I can tell you, Black is Black. Try living in my skin.)

    I think it’s time we all stop pigeonholing ourselves long enough to see what’s going on. The “divide and conquer” thing is still quite effective, apparently.

    As for me, I get excited any time I see ANY actor of color in a staring role. Don’t care where they came from.

  3. @Alicia is White the new White .? There are a lot more White British or even Australian at Hollywood or even on TV shows but no one raise an eyebrow about it. Shows like Game of Thrones or Even Once Upon a Time are filled with British/Irish actors. I have said it before foreigner actors are cheaper than the American ones. Overseas Black in movie are passed off as Black Americans and nothing else.

  4. @Alice @Nubianbella
    …Or could it be that British actors today (of all races) are technically better (or thought to be better) actors than American Actors in general? maybe it could be a mix of both of what u guys say.
    I think the government need to sort out the lack of everyday jobs for unemployed black people in England and leave the world of entertainment to others.

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