Jeremy Kyle bringing families together and solving problems…..

This is both sad and disturbing.

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  1. I can’t stand Jeremy Kyle, but I did see this one on youtube ages ago (I have not clicked your link, I don’t need to see that ish again).

    It was the first time that I saw Jeremy Kyle REALLY disturbed. I do believe that the two siblings “had relations”. I know somebody that did this to his own. You would expect ( as somebody who hasn’t experienced this – thank God) that the family would fall out , etc. But it is normalised. I will say that the victims of the guy I know – both have manipulative personalities as a result, one is very promiscuous and enjoys seeing male friends falling out with each other over her.
    I’ve also come to the realisation that my highly manipulative , very promiscuous nearly middle aged female hating female distant cousin was the victim of her father. She is very confident of her beauty and sexual prowess. However she hasn’t got very far in life (considering her judgemental ways) and the distance that she has gained is because her mother pushes and supports her.
    The only time that I have heard her self reflect is when her father turned up after thirty years absence and she damn near had a breakdown trying to get him a council flat, etc….stuff I’ve never seen her do for herself! Then her mother a year later said to me that she always wondered if he had abused my cousin!
    Just like the mother in this Jeremy kyle scenario “knew” something was up, my cousin’s mother knew/suspected (to me ” suspicion” of your husband/partner ISN’T a normal thought to have in a “healthy” family dynamic. I wouldn’t have to look for proof to kick that man to the kerb) was up.
    I haven’t been back to my cousin’s/her mother’s home since that “revelation”. They haven’t asked me why. Therein, I have my answer. And to think I put that creep of a father up in my home for three weeks whilst they were running around like headless chickens re-assimilating him back into Britain.
    Incest is bad, but the worse thing is when people live in denial to “save face’ and draw others into their paradigm, thinking that every one can be fooled ALL the time. It’s sad all around, but I can’t be a part of that f******, none at all!

  2. I think there was definitely something of a sexual nature going on between the siblings. I suspect the older sister had been abusing her brother long before he turned 18. The mother said towards the end that her daughter had been through stuff.

    Did you hear when she said she had 22 brothers? I mean what kind of slackness????

    I wonder if Jeremy and his “after care” team actually tried to help them and a real discussion took place afterwards.

  3. I used to dislike JK, but he’s won me over in recent months. Unlike other TV chat show hosts who leave their guests to wade through the mess exposed on stage, his after care team do actually offer help and support to their guests. He talks a lot of sense if you take time to actually listen to him and look past the chavvy guests.

    These siblings blatantly did something. The difference in reaction is interesting. The brother looks genuinely upset, whereas the bravado shown by the sister initially compared to the crocodile tears once exposed is an interesting combo.

  4. Wow this girl works at the USPS in Cleveland, Ohio. I can’t believe that she would get on air and showcase this incestuous garbage!

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