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  1. True. Any sensible mother or father would not encourage any talented child of theirs to involve themselves until age twenty one. The music industry has always been shady. However (due to always being on the “outside”?) a lot of the “practices” that are perpetuated in the R&B Hip Hop/Hip Pop world are off the scale. I used to laugh at a lot of the “conspiracy theories”, but a lot of what was claimed has actually come to pass. There is a reason why there is hardly any “love songs” in R&B. Most of the men and women involved are living out some Bisexual lifestyle (via excess, not necessarily “orientation”) and NOBODY’S child is safe.

    Dancehall is the same, too. So there can’t be any “island superiority” syndrome. Anybody who feels that Mr. Kartel’s orientation is “female only” is a fool. Dancehall is caught up with “donmanship”. People already know the phenomena of “badman-b****man”. It makes sense that a music that went over and above its way to condemn homosexuality, is harbouring a lot of non straight people and paedophiles* of all orientations. (* not associating paedophilia with homosexuality, just pointing out the hypocrisy of artists and opposing behaviour pertaining to their lyrics)

    The people who “go mad” in these industries are usually the ones who have either seen too much or were turned out in the first place.

    Anybody else noticed the damn near complete silence of any reggae dancehall “star” in relation to Kartel and his murder trial? Do black females always notice that when misogyny raises its head in hip hop and a “conscious” artist of the same genre is asked his opinion on said misogynistic artist, the answer is NEVER a condemnation, but mealy mouthedness? They are all carrying secrets for their one another and the ones who do put their heads above the parapet are slagged and made to look mad.

    Anybody with eyes and brain can tell that Beyonce is NOT living the life. When was the last time that woman had light behind her eyes? Anybody who has anybody as a friend even slightly connected to the music industry knows that she (ahem) “likes” a “DRINK of COKE” (ahem). Just like even my mother who worked in a bank two streets away from Fleet street (back in the day) knew that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile, People know that Jay Z has more than one outside child and that his bigging up of gay rights (nothing wrong with that) is to do with his mother being a long time lesbian who has been “out” since he was a child. (also he may not be too straight).

    I feel that females have lost their sexual intuition and choose to be prisoners of denial when it comes to the smoke and mirrors presented to them by these not even very good (if you take away the giddy up and gwaan) artists. Most of these black men in the industry hate females. Black females, even more. A lot of them are at least bisexual. A lot of them are sexual predators of both sexes. A lot like transsexuals. A lot don’t want the average, straight female within range of them. They like women who like women. Whatever the orientation, most are freaks. No account/low self esteem wives stay for the money, setting a bad relationship template for their children.

    This is art mirroring life and vice versa. Think again (men and women) before you “run’ a partner for being “boring” (especially if they do love you and have integrity). It’s very sticky (pun intended) out there in love land. Black women aint only got to worry about some white woman. If you are into dancehall and go dance your eyes. I’d say at least fifty percent are swingers and twenty percent (at least) of the straight men are not straight. There is a reason why openly gay men are in dancehall. It’s because too many of the so called straight men have been going to the gay clubs. It’s quid pro quo. And I don’t blame the Gay men.

    The most sexually dangerous combination for a straight black woman is Naivety and hatred of women. Being naive will mean that a trifling, sexually incontinent male will hide his stuff in plain sight and get away with it. The misogyny will keep an otherwise sane female attached to a cheating male because “she got there first”. Or worse it will keep a side piece fighting for less than half of a man, whilst he is probably turning her out into a bisexual . All this being done to music that is actually reflecting a reality. Just because it isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean that it is not happening. Vigilance, independence, proper love and discernment are your friends. True love has never been easy to find, be more circumspect. That isn’t being “sex negative”, just real.
    * Sorry for the essay. I just feel it’s all connected and genuine gay (at least to themselves) people are being thrown under the bus for people’s freaky and devilish ways. Too much hiding behind is going on in Black music and Black sexuality (in general).

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