Madonna shocked fans last night (Friday 17th) after posting a photograph of her son Rocco Richie on Instagram with the caption:

No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #Disnigga

After the singer was criticised for her inappropriate caption she quickly deleted it but followed up with:

“Ok let me start this again. #get off my dick haters!”

However one supporter wrote that she ‘deserves a pass for using the N-word because she ‘has basically adopted half of Africa’.

In 5…4…3…2…1… the Hip Hop A-list fraternity who love to throw around the word ‘nigger’ and other equally foolish black folk from that world will rush to Madonna’s defence.

I wonder if she calls the African children that she fought tooth and nail for ‘niggers’ behind closed doors.

Madonna's adopted children from Malawi Mercy and David.

Madonna’s adopted children from Malawi Mercy and David.

Madonna you are 55 years of age and old enough to know better than to start banding that vile word around. Stop this nonsense, stop trying to be ‘down’ with the kids, start acting your age and THINK!!!

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  1. And this is the woman they trust to raise a black African child outside of Africa? love to see the talks they have when he gets older about race and and his heritage.
    But seen as black Americans seem to have allowed the use of the words in popular culture should we be surprised that she and some of her fans don’t see what was wrong with it. Maybe she wanted to take the heat off her mate Gwyneth Paltrow?!

  2. I have to admit this has surprised me. I thought she would have known better then to do something like this. But it seems she is willing to do or say anything to remain what she thinks is hip and down with the kids.

  3. She should know better for sure but she is forever trying to chase what is cool and what the kids are saying for too long now. She needs to let it go and embrace her 50’s loooool.

  4. Racism comes out more often than not in interracial situations. I’m not shocked. Jesus’ betrayal and murder, King’s assassination, and Obama’s presidency are only a few newsworthy items that preceded this. Only God knows her heart.

  5. People disrespect Black Folks so much, it’s unbelievable. We cannot have a break! I wonder who will come to her rescue and claims she’s a “homie”, Nas? Jay Z? Kanye West?

  6. And she only did it for attention!!!!!!
    She knew it was going to be all over the internet!

  7. I feel a tour coming up, Madge. I agree. Publicity sunt. The woman is hardly racist, look at her family. Leave it alone. Weird times. I do not think Madonna did this to offend blacks. She is high-profile. She is Madonna. Would everyone be upset if she said white trash or something as “politically incorrect” other than that word? I really believe if Everyone stopped using that word, people might leave it alone.

  8. Oh please? Please. Yes, EVERYONE who is offended by that word should stop saying it. Even those who claim to find it so offensive should not say it. Saying it only perpetuate’s the use of that word. Certainly those who do not want that word used should stop if they find it so objectionable.That means everyone. Period.

  9. Just another old aging hag trying to act young and cool as she watches her youth be swallowed up by her botoxed wrinkles and sagging skinny ass body…Don’t you think you can buy yourself some class with all that money you have….oh wait….you did try that with your phoney British accent and it didn’t work either. Get over yourself old lady!

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