Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

Television presenter and columnist Richard Madeley lost his mind on Friday morning while hosting talk show The Wright Stuff on Channel 5

During a discussion about the late great Nelson Mandela and his family (former wife Winnie and his children) Madeley said the following,

” I wish Winnie had just kept herself in the background. She’s really been riding on the coattails of his illness, which has not been pleasant to see”.

After I heard this disrespectful nonsense spill from Richard’s trap I just wanted to throttle the fool.

The mainstream media still tries to vilify and discredit Winnie. They also try to play down her role in the fight for freedom in South Africa because this woman (South Africa’s first black social worker) transformed in to a die-hard, by any means necessary freedom fighter and revolutionary, who refused to negotiate or shake hands with her oppressors and has been brutally honest about life after Mandela’s release in 1990 (click here to read a quote from Winnie taken from an interview published in The Evening Standard back in 2010).

But even after the couple divorced they still remained close and had a lot respect for each other. The bond they had could never be broken.

Nelson and Winnie Mandela

Nelson and Winnie Mandela

People should NEVER forget that it was a fearless Winnie who continued the fight to end the evil apartheid regime while her husband was locked up for almost 30 years. During this period the mother of two was tortured, subjected to house arrest, kept under surveillance, held in solitary confinement for a year, banished to a remote town and separated from her children. But she never stopped fighting and kept Nelson’s name at the forefront of the struggle.

Winnie has never had to ride on anyone’s coattails. You better bow down and show this woman some damn respect Madeley.

Writer and broadcaster Musa Okwonga

Writer and broadcaster Musa Okwonga

Nelson Mandela sadly passed away on Thursday and since then I have come across numerous articles and news reports via mainstream media outlets, all harping on about his apparent ‘willingness to forgive and forget’ and grateful that an elderly/smiling Mandela eased their feelings of guilt, and didn’t go ham and blast his oppressors heads off after he was released from Robben Island.

In response to this writer and broadcaster Musa Okwonga posted the brilliant piece ‘Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel’.

Listen below.

Apartheid only ended in 1994. People don’t be naive enough to believe that just because you see footage of both black and white South Africans standing outside Mandela’s home singing  and dancing together that all is well.

Decades of oppression, blood shed and a generation that still suffers the effects of apartheid today – South Africa still has a LONG way to go.

Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela.

Respect to Winnie Mandela.

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  1. People forget that Winnie is a woman who in an African culture is expected to be submissive, but no one will ever take away what she did, and her contribution to keep the end of white apartheid war going. Winnie didn’t have to ride Mandela’s coat. She is the mother of his children. Her relationship withandela is not the same as everybody’s relationship with him.

  2. So glad I didn’t see that shoplifting fool make that comment. Winnie was not a perfect person by any means but without Winnie there would have been no Mandela. Full stop. It does sadden me how she’s been written out of his story.

  3. Without a doubt, Winnie is a heroine and played a big role in the liberation struggle of South Africa. She is also a mother to Nelson Mandela’s children. That said, Nelson divorced her and had re- married!!! I hate to think what Graca has gone through with this woman- recently watched an interview on you tube in which Winnie claimed that she is not the “Head” of the Mandela family and dismissed Graca Machel as a non- entity!!!! What planet is she from???? Does she realise tata wouldn’t have divorced her had she been loving and faithful. She should move on with her life and live Graca to mourn her husband in peace. Despite all her criminal activities, I still believe she should be recognised for her contribution to the liberation struggle but this shouldn’t extend to her meddling in he Mandela affairs!!!

  4. “Meddling in Mandela’s affairs”. Not respecting his wife, criminal activities blah blah blah.

    You are clearly another one brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    And so what if Winnie had affairs while her husband was locked away for almost 30 years? Do you think that if it had been the other way around Nelson wouldn’t have sort comfort and intimacy elsewhere while fighting for freedom?

    The reasons for their divorce I doubt had anything to do with that. It was more a political move on Nelson’s part. Winnie didn’t agree with Nelson sitting down and shaking hands with his jailers/oppressors amongst other things. Plus they had been apart for decades. But they were still soul mates and their bond could never be broken.

  5. Correction- winnie was a heroine and now she is a villaine!!! Maybe a product of her past but whatever the case, she is a criminal who should have served time for ordering he deaths of those poor BLACK South African!!

  6. Oh really and what are the people who oppressed and murdered black South African for DECADES??

    The woman IS a heroine, freedom fighter and and revolutionary and don’t ever forget it.

    Now take your nonsense talk to the Daily Mail website.

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