My Crazy New Jamaican Life narrator Shola Ama

My Crazy New Jamaican Life narrator Shola Ama

Last week in honour of ‘Black History Month’ Channel 4 aired the documentary My Crazy New Jamaican Life, which was originally going to be called Yardie Wives.

For those who missed it ‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’ focused on two English women, Debbie and Holly who are both in love with Jamaican culture.

Since the documentary aired on Thursday night it has suffered a major backlash  and it’s narrator singer Shola Ama has also received criticism for agreeing to narrate the documentary . (Click Here).

But Shola who is mixed race and says her stepfather is Jamaican has no regrets and responded to the criticism by tweeting, “I did this months ago.. Got my cheque. I’m at home Chillin and fools are acting crazy lol”.

I hope it was worth it Shola.

In an interview with The British Black List Shola’s management defended their client.

Speaking to Shola’s management I was told that they (Shola & Management) watched the documentary prior to it airing and didn’t see anything wrong with the show (which they conceded was also a problem in itself). But overall they were more intrigued as to how Shola became the scapegoat of a much wider issue, I quote, 

“We need to,  in the black community, stop judging each and criticising each other and instead indulge in deeper intelligent debate, whilst supporting the people from our community who are in the entertainment industry. We need to stop putting our deeper issues on the shoulders of our celebrities and instead, work collectively on our representation from the grassroots up.”

Don’t even try it.

Shola’s management has the nerve to  talk about working “collectively on our representation from the grassroots up” but let us not forget they were still happy to contribute to the stereotypical nonsense that is My Crazy New Jamaican Life (formally Yardie Wives) and the misrepresentation of a culture for a cheque. And they would probably sign up to do it again, in a heartbeat!

The same can also be said for the director/producer Vanessa Van-Yeboah (who is of Ghanaian descent).

Anyway, if you wish to air your views on the documentary then contact the organisations below.



ACME Films:

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  1. They blatantly shirked any responsibility and made it seem like everyone complaining is jealous of her expired ‘celebrity’. Just say her career is dead and she needed the money, we’ll understand.

  2. Personally, I believe the vitriol and anger should be placed firmly on the black men and women who agreed to do the show. In fact the ppl who came out of it best, if anyone can claim to have come out of this good, is the two young white women. It’s primarily the young men who constantly made their behaviour seem like it’s ‘normal’ and the ‘Jamaican culture’. I do not put any blame on Shola – though personally I wouldn’t have wanted to be associated with such a dreadful show, she was only reading words written by someone else. Channel 4 commissioned this rubbish and most of the black ppl in it aid with portraying this misrepresentation of our culture. They are the real problem!!!

  3. In honour of Black History Month? hahahaha. There was nothing new or crazy or even particularly Jamaican about the show. Funny how Jamaican life can’t involve the thousands of Jamaican accountants or nurses or bus drivers even….ONLY basement and baby fathers. The females were treated sympathetically and I just felt sorry for them. Responsibility lays squarely with production company and the broadcaster Channel 4. I do feel like we’re playing into their hands somewhat. There is no way they didn’t know it was going to offend so they wanted the ratings and “outrage” (to get the viewers at any cost). I do think it’s important that broadcasters know that it is not acceptable to offend and that they think twice before commissioning.

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