Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann

BBC News reports that police probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal are today claiming that there was an “overwhelming response” to an appeal on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme with more than 300 calls.

Crimewatch editor Joe Mather told the BBC that several callers gave the same man’s name after e-fit pictures were shown.

How many out of those 300 callers just called in to say that the e-fit looks like Gerry McCann?

Above Gerry and Kate McCann. Below: E-Fits of suspects revealed on Crimewatch last night.

Above Gerry and Kate McCann. Below: E-Fits of suspects revealed on Crimewatch last night.

And how many of those who called in/emailed were actually on holiday in Portugal and staying at the same resort when Madeleine disappeared?

3 year old Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007 during a family holiday in Portugal. Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann left Madeleine and her younger siblings in an unlocked holiday apartment sleeping, while they both went out to eat tapas and drink wine with friends. They did this on more than one occasion.

Had the McCann’s been a council estate dwelling, unemployed couple, larging it up in Benidorm the media and the authorities would have come down on them both like a ton of bricks. They would be serving time for child neglect and their remaining children would either be in foster care or living with relatives.

But since 2007 the media has worked hard to ensure that the public does not acknowledge those middle class professionals, the McCann’s failings or question’s events surrounding their daughter’s disappearance.

As for last night’s Crimewatch appeal a friend of mine had this to say,

The Crimewatch programme was a really bad bit of television. Over dramatized “reconstruction” and a large part of it seemed to have the sole purpose of telling people that they shouldn’t criticise the McCann’s and that every word that comes out of their mouths has to be taken as gospel. There are still big question marks about their behaviour – for example, why did Kate McCann refuse to answer nearly all the questions put to her by the Portuguese police? If nothing else, the whole thing was overplayed making out that this was some kind of huge breakthrough although, as far as I can see, there was nothing new and it still comes down to the testimony of the McCann’s  and their friends about what happened and a few 6-yr old eyewitness accounts. 

Whenever I see the McCann’s my blood just starts to boil. They failed their daughter.

I do hope that by some miracle they find Madeleine alive and well.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. They did fail their daughter, I remember when I was 8, my mum won’t leave me alone in the apartment we were staying at in New Orleans. Even though, I told her I wasn’t stupid enough to open the door to a stranger, especially since I was in a foreign country. She took my ass to work with her everyday.

    Geez, when I was 13, my parents wouldn’t even leave me at home with my siblings, during our school holidays, they’d rein in an aunt to stay with us, while they were at work.

    They almost tried to pull that again when I was 17, till I reminded them I had been living on my own in the UK for almost a year without any issue, why should I now have a problem, while I’m back home with a big ass gate & fence, with a guard posted at said gate?

    Eveytime I hear the name Madeleine McCann, I want to instantly teleport to her parents and bitch slap them to oblivion. Geez, I still want to bitch slap them when I hear a McCane’s chips ad. When I was her age, my parents would never leave me behind to wine and dine with friends, while we were abroad. Hell no, my ass would be by their side. C’mon, I pratically was my Dad’s date…I just flashbacked to my first experience with a fish fork in a posh resturant with my Dad and some investor types, very black tie, me saying really terrible things about fish eyes and fish in general…

    When I first explained to my parents about the McCanns, they were hella pissed, you’d think it was their own child. I just always silently hope by some miracle, the kid is alright.

  2. They might be middle class but they are Scottish.
    But I thought they faced the backlash when she disappeared from the defunct NOTW, daily trash etc… No?

  3. They have never faced any backlash. The media has always protected them. And the reason why millions of the tax payers is being used to re-investigate this case is because Prime Minister David Cameron stepped in. Its not really the PMs business to order this but it’s the McCanns…

  4. I don’t understand the comment “They might be middle class but they are Scottish”. Scottish folk are even more stupid than English folk and leave their kids alone in a room in a foreign country.

  5. Its funny (in a sad way) how the media picks and chooses who to support or who to tear a new one. As someone said above if they had been from a council estate or *shock horror* from an ethnic minority background all hell would of broke loose. To this day I cannot understand how these parents, while in a foreign country thought it was okay to leave toddlers alone in a hotel room(not even your own private residence). These days even the RSPCA go bat sh#t crazy if you leave a hamster home alone unsupervised (I joke but u get the point)

    Furthermore this Cameron fella, who by the way forgot/left/abandoned his own child, in a pub after having a family lunch, needs to have a full stadium of seats with a side order of shut the hell up. You would think with a country in crisis & constant turmoil he would be focusing on doing his job. Kmt any other employed person, who is under performing at such shocking levels would’ve been P45’ed long time ago

  6. It’s fair to say they were stupid to leave their children unattended. I think they will have punished themselves repeated for their stupidity. I don’t believe that the Mccanns harmed their daughter, deliberately or otherwise. Yes they sort of functioned in the aftermath of Madeleines’ disappearance but only in an autopilot way simply for the sake of their twins, they still had hope. I truly hope that Maddy is found. Nothing to do with class or culture, They have been hounded and abused. Kate and Gerry are true Brits who maintained decorum when their world had fallen apart.

  7. has anyone else noticed in the crimewatch reconstruction that they showed the bedroom door opening in a different direction during the programme ie: first left and then right also if the window was open as stated the moment someone opened the patio door the bedroom door would have slammed shut this is a common problem in the Algarve.

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