DJ 279 currently plays Hip Hop on Choice FM (Saturday's 12am-2am)

DJ 279

Choice FM radio personality DJ 279 has officially announced that he has left the station.

It was obvious that long time Choice employee DJ 279 (also known as Numbers) had lost his job when it was announced that his nemesis/rival Tim Westwood was joining the station. Check out the day and time slots. That was a major giveaway.

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood

The people who run these radio stations are just BRUTAL.

Good luck with your future endeavours DJ 279

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  1. I notice he says nothing about wishing Tim the best in his new slot at the station and quite frankly I don’t blame him.

    You are right, it does seem brutal.

  2. Brutal indeed…
    Not surprised, but still pretty disgusted by it to be honest.
    To think that 279’s years of service have seemingly meant nothing to them leaves a bad taste in my mouth I’m afraid. But hey, that’s the business I suppose…

  3. From the day Capital Radio Group took over Choice FM i knew that they will make moves like this. Its all about big ratings with them and no logic.

  4. I wish Tim Westwood the best of luck….he’s been reppin for longest!!! He’s good at what he does and sad 279 had to be discarded cos dude served his time with energy and finesse. Numbers, hope you move on to bigger and better things…. As one door closes, another opens…..

  5. I’m seriously going to miss DJ 279, seemed to listen to this guy religiously.
    He has done so much for the hip hop scene and especially the underground who found it hard to push there music forward, but could always know that there was one DJ out there (if Numbers thought it was good) that would support that and help them by giving them a platform and playing there records on his show.
    Now they have a Commercialised rap DJ, who yeah certainly did a lot for UK hip hop back in the day, but now supports a type of music like Nicki Minaj and Drake. (far from what hip hop is)
    And to be honest we here it every fucking day on our airwaves,
    so that’s what we have to expect now as hip hop from the certain station.
    DJ 279’s show was so underground and unique compared to other shows and I mean this guy is a professional when it comes to the cutting/chopping and scratching on the decks with excellent technique.
    Never heard Westwood touching a vinyl ever.
    I,m now going to be in quite a struggle to try and find a hip hop show on the radio that I like and I’m going to want to listen to, I just hope a good station with sense snaps this guy up, because he is asset to hip hop worldwide, I often say he is the Preemo of the UK (who also I think will be saddened by this decision, as I believe there good friends).
    Anyway I wish DJ 279 all the best for the future and more importantly from me a massive thank you for all the great show’s you have done, and what you have done for hip hop and underground artists in general, would of not found any of the dope hip hop artists if it hadn’t been for you sir. Massive Respect Numbers!!.

  6. Wait, didnt Westwood use to cuss the shit out of Choice whenever he got the chance. This is some fuckries!!

  7. Alot of the time with this radio shit its a case of the previous DJ getting offered a different time slot, to which previous DJ can either let ego get in the way leave or bite the bullet and do the graveyard shift that no one listens to.

  8. Why did they do this? I’m almost in tears. DJ 279 was the realest Hip Hop DJ on the airwaves. The only DJ playing REAL Hip Hop! None of that commercial, mainstream Hip-Pop that’s now being classed as Hip Hop! I had a funny feeling when they changed his slot from 10pm – 12am to 12-2am that he was on his way out. I can’t stand Tim sellout Westwood. First Jenny moves to another station now this.
    I loved 279’s shows, he kept me up to date on what’s popping underground. He was too Real for a watered down station like Choice. Choice hasn’t been the same since Capital took over. This news has really upset me.
    I wish him all the best. There was no DJ like him… ♥☹

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