Violent and racist leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson

Violent and racist leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson

Via The Metro

A Selfridges shop assistant is facing dismissal after refusing to serve a man who was in the store with the English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

Robinson, who filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube, can be heard to say in the footage: ‘You won’t serve my friend because he’s friends with me… and I’m in the EDL.’

The EDL leader repeatedly asks ‘Is that what you’re saying?’ then claims on camera the assistant asked his friend if he was with the EDL leader and then said ‘f*** off, I am not serving you’.

Meanwhile the unnamed assistant holds his hands up and tries to ignore the question, but eventually replies: ‘You can put me on the camera all you like but I ain’t serving you’, before walking off.

The incident took place on Monday in Selfridges flagship London store and at the end of the video Robinson argues with a member of its security team.

Robinson, who has convictions for violence, leads anti-Islam protests that have often turned ugly and been marked by racist chanting.

He later said he had not heard the exchange directly, but immediately challenged the assistant who he assumed was a Muslim ‘because he had Mo on his name tag’.

Robinson said his friend was not associated with the EDL, adding that ‘if a Muslim was uncomfortable serving me I wouldn’t have been bothered’.

He also claimed he was a victim of double standards as a white shop assistant would have been dismissed for refusing to serve a Muslim.

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Selfridges management apologised to racist Tommy Robinson by laying on a three-course meal for Robinson and his friend in its Hix restaurant, champagne and caviar bar, which included £25 portions of char-grilled sirloin steak and chips, and chocolate cake and ice-cream.

Click here to view photographs of the free meal.

I can’t…..

Meanwhile the fastest man on earth Jamaican Usain Bolt is tweeting:

All I can do is shake my head and laugh at this mess.

Mad News readers… your thoughts please.

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  1. I will no longer shop at Selfridges. They may not miss my custom but it’s the principle. There are plenty of other department stores to shop at in Central London.

    The shop worker shouldn’t have cursed at him from a professional point of view, but I understand why he did it from a personal point of view. It’s a shame Selfridges couldn’t understand why this staff member felt the way he did and didn’t just give him a verbal or written warning.

    I commend him for standing up for what he believes in though even though it cost him his job.

  2. So what did the assistant get? A P49? And 2 weeks suspension. I am glad the assistant stood his ground.
    Somebody on radio called them the English Drunkards League. And it wasn’t a Muslim either or ethnic minority.

    That three course meal was eaten and flushed down the toilet today morning.

    This is why I shop in primark. I can’t afford Selfridges anyway.

  3. He needs to stop that nonsense of if it was a white person. When a white person is racist towards you, you will go through the longest process to prove that they were racist or used racist language to you. And many companies don’t want to have racism taint their image. They make the claims disappear or make it so difficult for you to do anything about it. Eventually you give up.

    That EDL man hides behind Islamic campaign but at the heart of his campaign is racism. British scum.

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