Norman Oosterbroek with Beyonce

Norman Oosterbroek with Beyonce

Bodyguard to the stars Norman Oosterbroek who died in Florida this year during an alleged break-in, was fired from his job protecting Jay Z and Beyoncé due to inappropriate behaviour.

Oosterbroek who also worked for Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nelson Mandela allegedly forced his way into a neighbour’s mansion naked, punched the resident and swallowed drugs, according to investigators. The 43-year-old died after Miami-Dade police shocked him with a Taser.

According to the NY Daily News Oosterbroek’s life spiralled out of control in the months after he lost his job. His life fell apart after the couple discovered he had hired the services of a prostitute while on duty and they allegedly discovered photographic and video evidence showing Oosterbroek using the family’s passports in a lewd act. Continue Reading….


‘using the family’s passports in a lewd act’ – *scratches head* What was he allegedly doing, masturbating while staring at Jay Z’s passport photograph?

The story was first uncovered by a major print publication last year, which approached Jay Z and Beyoncé for comment. The couple then made a deal to ensure the story never saw the light of day, according to our source.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm…….. Did Oosterbroek have something on the Carters?

There is definitely more to this strange story but sadly he is no longer here to defend himself against these damaging allegations.

Rest In Peace Norman Oosterbroek.

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  1. I’d have fired his arse too. The man sounded nuts. The story sounds believable to me considering where and how he died. Bey and Jay are not the first celebrities to have someone shady work for them then refuse to comment on it or tries to get the story blocked. They’re advised by lawyers and surrounded by management and PR teams advising them on what to say and what not to say all the time.

    Police officers usually like to reserve that treatment for Black men.

    Police officers tasering a White man? Yeah you were up to no damn good.

  2. I just read the article in full…. He broke the legs of a fan who tried to rush the stage at a Jay Z concert??

    I don’t think he had anything on them at all as his whole livelihood was about protecting Hollywood celebrities. As a bodyguard he’s probably seen it all from witnessing arguments, getting drugs for his employers and seeing them doing drugs. They more than likely sign confidentiality agreements anyway and are legally forbidden from speaking publicly about their clients.

    Sounds like the article is written to place part blame by Beyonce and Jay Z on the man’s death as a result in him relapsing from being fired. Who’s to say he wasn’t doing lines of coke or something with the hooked on their passports which is described as the ‘lewd act’ and had already relapsed.
    He hired a prostitute legally in the state of Nevada while working for his employer. They didn’t want
    him around their child so they fired him. I’m failing
    to see what is so damaging about these allegations.

  3. The person whose legs were broken should have sued them. Unless he was a real danger to them, there was no need for such means. He should have been fired then.

  4. lati :
    Who leaves their passports in the hands of a body guard? Crass.

    Sometimes it’s safer to leave them with someone you trust as a lot of hotels say they aren’t accountable if it goes missing from their safe. And if you trust someone enough to guard you with their life, I’m sure some people would feel no way in letting them hang onto their passport for safekeeping.

  5. lati :
    The person whose legs were broken should have sued them. Unless he was a real danger to them, there was no need for such means. He should have been fired then.

    They might have done, but settled it privately and out of court. Jay Z was a former drug dealer, doubt he cared his bodyguard broke someone’s legs. Probably showed him he was worth sticking around as he was ‘doing his job’

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