Blogger Vas J Morgan

Blogger Vas J Morgan

This cracked me up this morning.

Former X-Factor judge and N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos has been accused of punching showbiz blogger Vas Morgan at the V Festival this past weekend.

In a blog post titled ‘Tulisa attacks: My Story’ Morgan wrote:

“As I was leaving at about 12.30 am I noticed Tulisa charging toward me in a drunken and angry state, “Stop following me bruv, this is the end of your journey step back”. I calmly explained that we were both clearly walking to the same exit and that I wasn’t following her. She then began pushing me in aggression and shouting abusive comments and ludicrous accusations. Gareth (Gareth Varey) then waded in, again trying to assault me. Tulisa then punched me in the eye and continued hurling abusive threats which included boasts of being from the streets, knowing gangsters and being worth 10 million pounds.

Personal assistant Gareth on holiday with Tulisa

Personal assistant Gareth on holiday with Tulisa

The police were later called and are currently “making further enquiries”.

Poor Tulisa. First the drug sting debacle and now she is accused of warring with a blogger at V. Can’t the girl from the Camden “hood” catch a break?

Where is Mike GLC when you need him?

And as for Tulisa’s “personal assistant” Gareth Varey… what is that man’s real purpose? What does he actually do apart from send death threats to the police force  and go on holiday’s with Tulisa and party with her?

Gareth’s name appears far too often in the press.  Why is the personal assistant of a ‘celeb’ receiving so much media coverage?

Thing that make you go hmmmmmmm……

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  1. I wish a bish would try and hit me!!! The beat down she would get would be of epic proportions. Her and that inna PA of hers. Who does she think she is???

  2. Gareth Varey should have been trying to stop her from being aggressive but instead he was supporting this violent wench in her actions. Women in general I have noticed are becoming more and more aggressive. If you put your hands on somebody else, they have equal rights to put their hands on you regardless of your gender.

    This “a man shouldn’t hit a woman” business is dead when you have a large portion of women walking around thinking that they are UFC fighters and street brawlers looking for some attention and physical confrontations. Women who are not like this reprobate harridan need to start speaking out against violent harlots such as Tulisa.

  3. @ Verbs……I shouldn’t laugh but “wench”, “reprobate harridan” and “harlots”. Lawd, you’d kill her with words alone!

  4. @Sparkle

    I was actually trying to be nice while addressing this whore but this belligerent reprobate scum bucket has to called out for what she is. She must have thought that she had just come out from Fitness First to be swinging at the man like that.

    As for her PA boot licking flunky Varey, encouraging her to brawl instead of stepping in to stop her foolishness, obviously this guy must be getting some “side fun” from this violent ratchet Camden hooligan and wanted to add a few more notches of recognition to his belt in order to keep the nookie flow coming in.

    Can’t stand most of these so called “celebrities”, they believe that their status gives them a free reign to treat others how they want, normally like utter crud.

  5. I agree Gareth gets a lot of press! I’m waiting for their big fall-out tbh and for him to right an expose on her (because you know it will happen!)

  6. I think she is now grown paranoid because she was betrayed and exposed by someone she thought she trusted. So I think she is weary of people now and easily gets irritated by people.

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