Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

Mogul Russell Simmons sits down with Cynthia LuCiette (I can’t decide who annoys me the most during this interview), and responds to the backlash he received last last week after posting the controversial Harriet Tubman sex tape parody video on his Def Digital YouTube channel (the video was later removed).


For those of you who missed it the Harriet Tubman parody video depicted the African-American slave abolitionist having sex with her white slave master with the intent of filming the act and blackmailing him.

Russell tweeted at the time that he thought this was “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”. Yes Russell because the rampant rape/sexual abuse slave women endured at the hands of the slave master, his family members, his friends and his overseers really is COMEDY GOLD.

Watch his “apology” below.


I first began to lose respect for Russell after his dubious “fact finding mission” trip to Botswana to investigate the conflict diamond trade with his business partners (the biggest crooks in the diamond trade game) De Beers in tow.   CLICK HERE to read all about it.

This latest episode involving Russell doesn’t even surprise me. Watching the way this man moves tells me everything I need to know about Russell. No black woman should be surprised by his total lack of respect for Tubman and her legacy.

Watch below a mini documentary about the great Harriet Tubman.

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  1. I agree with you, i am not surprised by this or anything else he does. But i am surprised that some people thought that he was the kind of person that would not find that video funny. He is just your typical brash american business man.

    He may inspire people on how to make it in business as a black person in America and put a lot of backing into others getting on the ladder but he is not the one to look for any morale guidance in looking after black culture and history. He is no more protective over black culture than the likes of Quentin Tarantino!

    Now if it had been Jessie Jackson or Oprah Winfrey who had done that then i would be shocked, But big up to all the high profile people who jumped on him straight away about it and are in no mood to let him of the hook.

  2. The man is a psychopath. One minute he is laughing at a rape video and finding rape funny, the next minute he is tweeting about God, trying to pacify his followers and angry outbursts.

  3. For years people have put Russell on a pedestal because of what he has achieved in business and financially. All the praise went to his head to the point where he just became annoying and believed he was an authority on everything, that when he spoke everyone should listen and agree. He also felt he was special because he rolled in influential company. He never in a million years thought he would receive this level of backlash. I’m glad everyone tore the twat a new one.

  4. He was bragging about not censoring artists and poets at def jam in the content of what they produced for all the time he worked here. I am sure he called it freedom of expression and artistic expression. He never anticipated that all those years he spent misleading people to believe they could say and do whatever it is they wanted in the name of artistic expression would come to bite him the bum. If he believed his own mantra, why was he apologising for laughing at and promoting rape?
    Next thing you know there will be a rapper making up a song in honor and defense of him and artistic expression. He drunk his own poison and it poisoned him and so many.

  5. @Lati
    exactly. He probably remembered that jokes about rape in 2013 is now losing people business. I bet he would of not apologized if it only disrespected black women.

  6. @Lati, So True. That has become a huge problem these days, people say and do anything in the name of freedom and artistic expression. They’re no BOUNDARIES.

  7. He allowed freedom of expression and artistic expression because of money and greed. It had nothing to do with giving people the freedom to do as they please. He thinks he is slick in giving that as an excuse for promoting and allowing anything.He reasons like Jay z. You tell him he is misogynist and he will tell you it is your perception not his intention, and that will keep the money coming in their pockets.

  8. I remember watching the beautiful home on cribs. The man almost had gold everything in his house. Kimora at the time was doing the tour as a guide. They can’t push the so called envelope to raise social consciousness amongst their people but they will push it to insult them. They can consult Paul Mooney or Dave Chappelle. The man is a joke. I don’t know what it is about him that the entire generation that girl comes from finds inspiring or she is saying what she was instructed to say by him for an exclusive interview in his home on his couch.

  9. So instead of Spike Lee criticizing Russel publicly, Spike should have worked with one of Russel’s 5 charities instead? Eh? Or “made a decent movie”?? KMT. Sitting there crossed legged like Gandhi.

  10. How a grown ass fifty something man can find humour in the degradation of one of the most revered black historical figures is beyond me. Shows you how far he has lost his way.

  11. im glad this has happened….. i’m glad that he has shown himself this way… because all the time i been following him and getting his comments i kept feeling this swarminess… and tis disconnect….. NOW.. ITS CLEAR… he is no guru ..

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