Yesterday there was mass hysteria worldwide folks after Jay-Z in partnership with Samsung Galaxy released his “highly anticipated” new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’.

Now whenever Jay-Z releases a new album his admirers cannot wait to gush all over it and then go on to proclaim that it’s the greatest piece of work since Thriller. But yesterday’s reaction to his latest album release was just insane. This was next level hero-worship. The way people were behaving, anyone would have thought that Jesus Christ had just dropped an album straight from heaven along with huge baskets of fried fish and loaves of bread to feed the world.

“Jay is a genius”… “This album is a masterpiece”… “This is what Hip Hop has been missing”… “Everything Jay does I research.. You’re dealing with a mastermind”…. “This is definitely Picasso rap!” ….  “Jigga is on another planet!!!” … “Jay MUTHA F**KIN Z!!!!!! This album is CRAZY!!” …. “Jay says alot on this album…need time to digest and decode”.


I listened to the entire album yesterday and as expected the production is top class. Jay-Z  in my opinion has always been a slightly above average lyricist who has been fortunate enough to have the best producers at his disposal. Producers that include Just Blaze, Kanye West, Timbaland and Pharrell all have a really good ear for music and throughout the years have done a  BRILLIANT job of brainwashing the masses in to believing that Jay-Z is this lyrical God. But the reality is that when it comes to flow and lyricism Jay-Z is no Nas, no Biggie, no Rakim, no Chuck D and no Eminem.  Listen to Renegade featuring Eminem on the 2001 Blueprint album. That collaboration says it all really.

Also the murders of two of Hip Hop’s biggest stars back in 1996 and 1997 left a huge void, and their tragic departures from the scene did not harm Jay-Z’s quest and descent in to the Hip Hop stratosphere.

But back to the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’.  Like I said before top class production but all this praise for Jay-Z baffles me. Did any of Jay’s disciples manage to stop praising him for long enough to notice the poor and lazy lyricism on display throughout this entire body of work? All he talks about on this album is money, material goods, his “bad bitch” and then back to money again.  And don’t get me started on his sometimes very awkward flow showcased on numerous tracks.

‘Tom Ford’ does a stellar job of promoting the fashion designer’s brand and seeing as Jay has somehow successfully morphed into ‘America’s sweetheart’ Tom is probably in love with the track and Jay now has a walk in closet filled with Tom Ford suits.

Another track that caught my attention on Magna Carta is ‘Oceans’ featuring Frank Ocean. Frank sings:

“I hope my black skin don’t dirt this white tuxedo”

Now what the HELL does that even mean Frank? Explain this one to me.

Anyway all in all I will give the album:

9 out of 10 for production.  3 out of 10 for lyricism.

‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ will be hyped up as being a so-called “masterpiece” because the hero worship for the Jigga Man is just out of control. The man could cock up one leg, break wind and his disciples would still swear that the foul aroma coming from his underpants smells like lavender.

This former waste man from Marcy Projects can do no wrong.

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  1. I can only imagine the stunted lyrical content that they have put out in a rush to make it to Samsung. What good is the great production when the lyricism is wack. I think Tricia Rose called it the ‘manipulation of the funk’, where they put garbage lyrics on a good beat. I feel sorry for his child blue ivy because whatever he keeps rapping, it’s going to stay for ever and I hope no one ever calls her a bitch when she grows up. And then you have his wife parading herself as a feminist. What a bunch of clowns and jokers.

  2. And this type of lyricism is the reason the audience at the wife’s concert put their fingers in her butt.

  3. ] [Intro: Pimp C] Little over a year ago I was in bondage Little over a year ago I was in bondage And now I’m back out here reaping the And now I’m back out here reaping the blessings blessings And getting the benefits that go along with it And getting the benefits that go along with it [?] [?]

    [Hook: Rick Ross] x2 [Hook: Rick Ross] x2 Fuck with me Fuck with me You know I got it You know I got it Fuck with me Fuck with me You know I got it You know I got it Sexy bitch I hope she ’bout it Sexy bitch I hope she ’bout it Come fuck with me Come fuck with me You know I got it You know I got it

    [Verse 1: Rick Ross] [Verse 1: Rick Ross] I just landed in Europe, nigga I just landed in Europe, nigga Shopping bags, I’m a tourist, nigga Shopping bags, I’m a tourist, nigga Money talk I speak fluent, nigga Money talk I speak fluent, nigga Reeboks on, I just do it, nigga Reeboks on, I just do it, nigga Look at me, I’m pure nigga Look at me, I’m pure nigga I bet the hoes on my tour, nigga I bet the hoes on my tour, nigga I don’t bop, I do the money dance I don’t bop, I do the money dance My bitch whip cost a hundred grand My bitch whip cost a hundred grand Red vert, tou see me slide Red vert, tou see me slide Sexy bitch I hope she’s ’bout it Sexy bitch I hope she’s ’bout it Sexy bitch I know she ’bout it Sexy bitch I know she ’bout it Fuck with me, you know I got it Fuck with me, you know I got it

    [Hook] x2 [Hook] x2

    [Verse 2: Jay-Z] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Hov just landed in Rome, nigga Hov just landed in Rome, nigga All hail, Caesar’s home, niggas All hail, Caesar’s home, niggas Chin don, Ciao Bella Chin don, Ciao Bella Come money dance with the good fellas Come money dance with the good fellas Hov keep gettin’ that dinero, got it Hov keep gettin’ that dinero, got it Even if a nigga gotta Robert, get it? Even if a nigga gotta Robert, get it? Black Jack in casino Black Jack in casino A nigga got unlimited credit, a nigga got a lot of A nigga got unlimited credit, a nigga got a lot of vendettas vendettas But we the Black mob, we gonna set it But we the Black mob, we gonna set it Peel off in a Lamborghini Countach Peel off in a Lamborghini Countach 200 in the dash we gonna rev it, skirt 200 in the dash we gonna rev it, skirt Lucky Luciano is what that call me Paisano Lucky Luciano is what that call me Paisano A 100 keys at the piano plays across the A 100 keys at the piano plays across the Verrazano Verrazano El Padrino, in the villa in Venice sipping vino El Padrino, in the villa in Venice sipping vino Not bad for a Mulliano Not bad for a Mulliano Y’all know like we know, I got it Y’all know like we know, I got it

    [Hook: Jay-Z] x2 [Hook: Jay-Z] x2

    [Outro: Rick Ross] [Outro: Rick Ross] I’m riding big I’m riding big Coming down that beach Coming down that beach Geechy niggas with satin sheets Geechy niggas with satin sheets Bad bitch, she a masterpiece Bad bitch, she a masterpiece Got a bad bitch, she a masterpiece

  4. I find it do disturbing that a grown man with a Wife and children who has lived forty odd years always has this to talk about as his experience. It’s quite pitiful. You gave him three for what exactly? I give him 1 for effort and that’s just about it. You will find ten year olds who can write better lyrics.

  5. To all those who cannot listen but can read and understand. I had to Google the lyrics. Dumbfounded.

    Renegade” (feat. Eminem)

    [Jay-Z] Motherfuckers -say that I’m foolish I only talk about jewels (bling bling) Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it? See I’m influenced by the ghetto you ruined That same dude you gave nothin, I made somethin doin what I do through and through and I give you the news – with a twist it’s just his ghetto point-of-view The renegade; you been afraid I penetrate pop culture, bring ’em a lot closer to the block where they pop toasters, and they live with they moms Got dropped roasters, from botched robberies niggaz crotched over Mommy’s knocked up cause she wasn’t watched over Knocked down by some clown when child support knocked No he’s not around – now how that sound to ya, jot it down I bring it through the ghetto without ridin ’round hidin down duckin strays from frustrated youths stuck in they ways Just read a magazine that fucked up my day How you rate music that thugs with nothin relate to it? I help them see they way through it – not you Can’t step in my pants, can’t walk in my shoes Bet everything you worth; you lose your tie and your shirt

    [Eminem] Since I’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen I ain’t no politician but I’ll kick it with ’em a minute Cause see they call me a menace; and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it But if it don’t, then y’all’ll swallow the truth grin and bear it Now who’s these king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics usin his music to steer it sharin his views in his marriage But there’s a huge interference – they’re sayin you shouldn’t hear it Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit Maybe it’s beautiful music I made for you to just cherish But I’m debated disputed hated and viewed in America as a motherfuckin drug addict – like you didn’t experiment? Now now, that’s when you start to stare at who’s in the mirror and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrased And I got nothin to do but make you look stupid as parents You fuckin do-gooders – too bad you couldn’t do good at marriage! (Ha ha!) And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don’t think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo Cause here we go – he’s {*Jigga joint Jigga-chk-Jigga*} And I’m the sinister, Mr. Kiss-My-Ass it’s just the

    [Chorus: Eminem + Jay-Z] [Em] RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at, any given time of day Cause I’m a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to talk about anything (ANYTHING) anything (ANYTHING), RENEGADE! [Jay] Never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at, any given time of day Cause I’m a {RENEGADE} Never been afraid to holler about anything {anything?} Anything {ANYTHING!}

    [Jay-Z] I had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles Pockets filled with a lot of lint, not a cent Gotta vent, lot of innocent of lives lost on the project bench Whatchu hollerin? Gotta pay rent, bring dollars in By the bodega, iron under my coat, feelin braver Doo-rag wrappin my waves up, pockets full of hope Do not step to me – I’m awkward, I box leftier often My pops left me an orphan, my momma wasn’t home Could not stress to me I wasn’t grown; ‘specially on nights I brought somethin home to quiet the stomach rumblings My demeanor – thirty years my senior My childhood didn’t mean much, only raisin green up Raisin my fingers to critics; raisin my head to the sky Big I did it – multi before I die (nigga) No lie, just know I chose my own fate I drove by the fork in the road and went straight

    [Eminem] See I’m a poet to some, a regular modern day Shakespeare Jesus Christ the King of these Latter Day Saints here To shatter the picture in which of that as they paint me as a monger of hate and Satan a scatter-brained atheist But that ain’t the case, see it’s a matter of taste We as a people decide if Shady’s as bad as they say he is Or is he the latter – a gateway to escape? Media scapegoat, who they can be mad at today See it’s easy as cake, simple as whistlin Dixie while I’m wavin the pistol at sixty Christians against me Go to war with the Mormons, take a bath with the Catholics in holy water – no wonder they try to hold me under longer I’m a motherfuckin spiteful, DELIGHTFUL eyeful The new Ice Cube – motherfuckers HATE to like you What did I do? (huh?) I’m just a kid from the gutter makin this butter off these bloodsuckers, cause I’m a muh’fuckin

    [Chorus – repeat 2X]

  6. It seems like people are trying to outdo each other – “I can praise Jay-Z’s album better than you can!”

  7. To be fair lyrics like that are 70% the same as most high profile rap songs out there for the last 10 years or so.
    I think people who worship Jay-Z are not really any different to most fan worshipers of any genre of music. Jay-Z for a while has understood what he has to do with his “Brand” to be over with the Hip Hop fans and non-hip hop fans. If you advertise, market, brainwash and make the right deals you can say or sing any old rubbish over a good beat and people will buy it and go over the top with their praise. Is it really anything different to people who follow 1 Direction, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc.
    And lets be real, who are Jay-Z’s competition in the charts when it comes to rap/hip-hop lyrics in 2012/2013? Little Wayne? Rick Ross? does Jay-Z have to raise his lyrical content that high to appear better than 70% of the people in the high end of the rap genre.

    I cannot remember who said this but the gist of it was that Jay-Z is a good rapper, with a good album in what is a poor poor commercial rap market right now so a lot of people will go over the top with their praise.

    Me personally i have nothing against Jay-Z or Kayne West compared to other commercial rappers, they play the game, they understand the game and they are making a lot of money that all these pop/rock artists are making (the same pop and rock artist that we never criticize).

  8. People who sit there and listen to such music from tick Ross, nicki minaj, jay z, little Wayne, gigs, chief kief, and honestly claim that they come out with smashing music, have a deep rooted and seated problem. You have to have been raised a certain way to swear by and co sign it. And there’s nothing anyone can or should do to tell you otherwise.

  9. You can’t compare the likes of lady gaga to what these self hating leaches. They don’t go out there and start racially abusing their own constantly putting them down. Let’s not even go down that route. At least white people put forward the likes of Adele to balance out the foolishness while black people have foolishness dominating, therefore every one coming up have the impression that in order to be up there, they have to resort to blatant foolishness.

  10. @ Lati
    I was only comparing certain artist in regards to how people are worshiped by their fans, in the sense that someone like Lady Gaga can come out with a song where she can just scream and people will think it has a deep meaning. And the likes of Minaj, her lyical content on the whole is stupid but more than enough people will buy it up and put on a pedestal as a good recording artist. Jay-Z is like these pop artist as they are not trying to sell a musical legacy like Bob Marley or Public Enemy but he is selling his brand that people are lapping up, does he really care about the effects of his lyrics on the black community or is he more interested in lining his pockets in the way that a lot of the Pop market has for years?

    As for the self hate in rap music, well that’s a whole different issue but like you say lets not go there as we both know the problems. There is a lot of “Black” music out there that contains positive messages but there’re so many reasons why they are not promoted. You have to ask why some DJ’s don’t play it, Why some (seemly) normal people choose to support foolish music over good music with a message and also why record companies will poor lots of money into marketing particular artist over music of a black artist with a message.

    particular “white” people with agendas on the whole control most parts of the music industry so they can push what they want, There have been really good Black British soul/pop/blues/jazz singers way before Adele or Amy Winehouse who produced as good or better music but these promoters /media chose Adele and Winehouse telling us that they are the standard bearers of this type of music.

    You can either sit and wait for people to tell you what good music is or you can go and discover what you believe is good music. At this part of my life i now have the power to find music and immerse myself in music with a message that is not always what the mainstream promotes.

  11. I am in no way a massive cheerleader for Jay Z ‘s music nor for the people who are going above and beyond to let you know how it’s the best album ever. But let me put it another way.

    If a large majority of rap music fans only listen too or are used too music that mostly promotes gun play, rape, drug taking and other types of foolishness then some of those people will be head over heels when someone like Jay-Z and Kayne West decide to talk about politics or religion on the same level of production regardless of the fact that most the lyrics are full of nonsense. And we cannot forget all the people that hate rap music but see Jay-Z as Mr Beyonce, gave us Rihanna and is best mates with Chris Martin of Coldplay, so apparently this means its a great rap album?

    Also do you notice how Jay-Z and Kayne West will take blatant knocks at a majority of rappers for their style or lyrics yet they will have half of them feature on their albums, is that because they want them to raise their game or is it because they want all the people that follow them into buying into their album?

    Everything Jay-Z and Kayne West do and have built up over the years was always geared to market to non-rap fans of any colour, and rap fans who will buy into anything. They even took advantage of all the silly people who believed in the Illuminate theories and damn sure used that to their advantage.
    For the music business side of things and for the fact that non-black people in the music industry have been doing this for years, I can only respect what they have done on that side.

    But i do not look to Jay-Z or Kayne West for inspiration or guidance through music, i leave that to people who will sallow anything that is sold to them.

    For me a real music critic (a person who does this by profession) or a fan of music should know the clear difference between the music that is put out by the likes of Jay-Z, Kayne West, Little Wayne, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, The Darkness, etc etc… as opposed to the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Prince, Tupac, Radiohead, Fela Kuti, Marvin Gaye…etc etc….

  12. That part where you say that Jay z and kanye make their music for non rap fans therefore it gives them a pto make and promote disrespectful lyrics to them is a downright excuse for their lack of talent and blatant stupidity. So if I want to sell my culture to another culture I have to assume that the other culture and the people are stupid therefore make myself stupid and sell them something stupid. Please, people are busy worshiping a man, his wife who have managed to convince everybody that they they are talented because they hang out with famous people. Those white music funders are very corrupt with no morals but people like jay z choose to go down that route willingly.

  13. Saying that they used the illuminati to their advantage is something I have a problem with. They spend more money employing people to stalk people on the net, blogs etc…to get something to write about and to be honest they sound as ridiculous as the illuminati or equally ridiculous, instead of spending that money on writing lessons or on a song writer. People have managed to create excuses for their inadequacies. If you put your music out there for a million people and you expect no one to say anything about it, then you are a bully especially that type of music. And all his music is a constant attack on black people. Mau be it makes them feel better to feel better than every body else when in actual sense they are less than. They don’t have much to write about because they constantly prey on their critics who are not enthused by their work. It’s ridiculous.

  14. @lati
    I am not giving them a pass nor am i a fan of stupid lyrics,. I have never purchased one album from him although i have brought a couple of singles since his so called retirement and i have not bothered to even buy the last 2 or 3 albums from Kanye West. I personally do not hold Jay-Z (since is retirement) in the same light as people who have respect for rap and their main audience like Chuck D, Talib Kweli and so forth.

    They have tried to convince/brainwash/market their brand as if they are better than your average rapper, that they have far more intelligent lyrics than everyone else but with your posting of a selection of the lyrics just goes to prove that is rubbish and that you, i and some others are not so gullible. But there are a lot of respected DJ’s, radio hosts and so called good music critics who have fallen for it good and proper, and some of those people are the same that would not had given the album the time of day if it was not Jay-Z. I can only but look at him as a sales man, he even says it it all the time, that he treats the rap game like the drug game. And for a person who grew up from where he came from and looking like the way he does he has got himself into the positions that only the usual white man has been for years taking all the money from the gullible of the back of rap and for that he has played the game well so far.
    Do this mean i agree with it? No.
    Do i think he is thinking about the the black community over earning money? No.
    Would i prefer that it was Chuck D in that position to do the right thing? Yes.
    But it is what it is at the moment.

    It just goes to show that people who claim to be lovers of “good” music or rap with great lyrics are not immune from being brainwashed by this type of marketing, so we cannot believe that its just only people who only listen to trash or who was raised in a certain way as you said.

    And this is not just a problem in the rap genre only, it is the same in other genres of music. It just proves that you have only yourself as a judge to what you think is good music or a great album because it seems like the people that you respect seems to only listen to the hype/brand and not the music.

    like what Janice said, it will only be a couple of years before Jay-Z farts on a tune and all the reviews will call it a masterpiece of its time….no joke it will happen.

  15. I am sure the people you have mentioned who co sign the blatant stupidity are people who only listen to the beat and don’t bother to rap along to the lyrics. I cannot imagine any one with any slight bit of sense memorizing the above garbage and rapping along to it. You have to be high on drugs to do so, as you have to in order to come up with them and spit them out in the booth then pat your self on the back after. I can guarantee you that all those who co sign don’t own his music in their house because of their children, not even Blue Ivy is allowed to listen to this corrupting music made by his father and mother. Trust.

  16. It’s those kinds of disses towards other rappers from other rappers that make the hip hop scene a violent scene. Those at the bottom of the barrel have to diss their way to the top. Loud empty tins.

  17. The majority of hiphop these days is a complete load of crock, most of these so called ” hiphop artists” have absolutely no issue in pushing an agenda of deliberate dumbing down and vocabulary reduction to their fans for a reasonable fee in return and guess what, the majority of folks who support these musical lyricoons will defend them to the hilt with no logic or reason behind the defence, hence this shows that the dumbing down of people who listen to this crud is working extremely well.

    The lyrics that Lati posted say it all as far as I am concerned, complete and utter rubbish on a grand scale. At the same time most black folks today who have already been contaminated do not have a problem with the way hiphop has gone because of the current prevailing mentality among the community that being dumb, acting and speaking in the same manner is somehow a good thing and that anybody who speaks with some sort of intelligence is trying to be “white” or is a geek.

    I personally made the choice a number of years ago to abandon hiphop as a whole as I saw the direction that it was heading in and sorry, I refuse to assimilate like the rest of the dumbed down masses and roll along with an artform that I know is being used to forward an agenda of anti intelligence and stupidity. There is nothing intelligent on the whole that can be pulled out of hiphop today, nothing.

  18. The other issue here is the one of fallout, when you visit a Latin American country and have small children coming up to you on the street saying “word up nigga”. They don’t even know English yet they are certainly aware of this phrase.

    These so called rappers need a slap upside the head at minimum. I’m going to keep hammering it home until somebody gets it, decent black folks need to do themselves a favour and start seperating themselves from the ratchet reprobates blacks who wish to continue wallowing in the mire of stupidity, foolishness and dumb thought processes.

    You cannot redeem those who do not want to do better for themselves, it is best to leave them alone lest you also begin to become contaminated with their garbage.

  19. It’s hard to leave them alone when you have them allover the main media outlets being shoved down your throats by butt kissers who don’t have a mind and mouth to say and acknowledge how disrespectful and degrading these lyrics are especially to young black people.

  20. “This former waste man from Marcy Projects can do no wrong.” *chokes and dies*

  21. As far as I can tell, the only respectable contemporary hip-hop artist is Lupe Fiasco and possibly Eminem. If only the likes Jay-Z and Kanye West took a leaf out of their books. Maybe we would be spared the same old garbage we’ve all put up with. It’s not that I have major issues with Jay-Z, but some things annoy me. His arrogance and one-dimensional lyrics, as shown above, are painfully apparent in most of his product. Songs like Otis, whilst certainly catchy (due to production more than lyrics admittedly), contain some of the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever seen. Yes, we know you have two Rolexes and you pop bottles and smoke Cubins…any other gems of personal knowledge that you’d like to bestow upon us?

    Now, I haven’t listened to his new album yet, but if the OP is correct, I expect to be unsurprised and left bitterly disappointed.

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