Police advisor Ken Hinds (right) with his nephew

Police advisor Ken Hinds (right) with his nephew

Check out this BBC news report that aired last night. The report looks at the police ‘stop and search’ only if they are black policy that has been going on for DECADES.

Police advisor Ken Hinds who has been stopped and searched over one hundred times(I’m shocked…) features in this report alongside his nephew.

Your thoughts please…

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  1. I was watching and then as soon as Ken appeared on I was distracted by his appearance. Police advisor? Who is going to takes a man who walks around with a blond mohawk wearing a pink shirt seriously?

  2. There was no info on how they are going to achieve better targeting, A fine serving of Bullocks at its best.

    Yardie Look + Suit= An interesting day to tell the Mrs.
    + 1000% increased chance of a Full Monty S&S
    Not surprised at all.

  3. @Minx I was distracted too. Maybe that was the plan. His nephew recounts his experience but who is listening to his story when you have a black man standing next to him sporting a blond mohawk wearing a pink fancy shirt. I bet the BBC invited him to appear for their own amusement.

  4. I was distracted too, but I’m good at multi-tasking. Never been stopped & searched, but I always take my hands out of my pockets and try not to throw my hands up in surrender, whenever I see a police officer on any street. My random searchs always happens in the airport, even the machine beeps whenever I step into it at Heathrow. They always go it’s random…

    I’m still surprised I’ve not been x-rayed yet, that will probably happen on my next trip.

  5. They need to scrape the whole random stop and search thing. It just seems as if they are saying that you are guilty already before they even stop you. I bet you they wouldn’t stop that lawyer, judge, doctor, police officer, minister etc.. who is driving a posh car and has some many kilos of crack in their car. I mean it is bullying, racial profiling of those from a lower income background and not of the white race. They should use those funds to target and arrest the internet peadophiles and those peadophiles out there who are emotionally scarring children for the rest of their lives. Or they could stop and search only if you are a suspect on their list or something. But this random act seems kind of pointless and causes anxiety amongst people.

  6. For some reason my reply to this was never posted – there was no swearing in it and only intelligently argued against what Ken Hinds says. Please see below…IF(!) this post gets “authorised”.

    Here it is again…..

    I am led to understand that there is a high amount of stop and search in areas where there is gang activity and robberies. I live in Surrey and there are few crimes like this and I very rarely see any police, let alone stop and search.

    I work in Lambeth and am constantly intimidated by groups of predominantly black male youths.

    Surely the police use the more proactive officers in areas where there are black on black shootings and robberies? Quite right too. Horses for courses.

    The police employed elsewhere surely don’t have the same tasks to perform and that will undoubtedly skew the figures.

    When I was a youngster I played up to police and got my pockets turned out. My feelings were hurt but I doubt I felt anywhere near so aggrieved as the families of murdered victims of street robberies and gang warfare.

    There never seems to be any emphasis on the victims of violent crime. Stopping and searching must deter people from leaving their home armed with knives and guns.

    I would rather have my feelings hurt than have my son or daughter killed.

    When did we equip the police with mind reading powers or ESP? Can’t be done. In areas where there is high volume violent crime committed there should be stop and search even if it saves just one life.

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