The JOKE that is the Independent Police Complaints Commission ( IPCC – the police who investigate the police) has issued a statement following the inquest in to Reggae star David Emmanuel (aka Smiley Culture) suspicious death during a police raid at his home in March 2011.

Following today’s conclusion of the inquest into the death of David Emmanuel, also known as Smiley Culture, IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin said:“David Emmanuel’s death caused huge shock, anger and disbelief in the community and I am aware that many people, most importantly Mr Emmanuel’s family, have waited over two years for the evidence to be heard at an inquest.“The ongoing dynamic assessments made by officers on the 15 March 2011 were left wanting. Four experienced officers felt it appropriate to detain a suspect in the kitchen, potentially the most dangerous room in the house and afforded him a level of freedom not normally associated with an operation of this kind.“The IPCC has made a series of recommendations to the Metropolitan Police following this investigation presenting them with areas that should be reviewed and changed in light of the findings. These include recommendations on dynamic risk assessments, the sharing of information and use of officer personal safety equipment.

“The IPCC made two national recommendations following this investigation. The first is that officers should always detain people in the safest part of the house. Therefore kitchens must generally be avoided at all times. The second national recommendation focused on officer safety equipment and that all officers and staff attending search operations should carry with them the appropriate personal safety equipment.

“While the IPCC highlighted these areas of learning for the MPS, the officers’ actions did not meet the threshold for misconduct under the Police (conduct) Regulations 2008 and no disciplinary action has been recommended.

“I hope that this inquest has provided Mr Emmanuel’s family with some of the answers they and the community have so patiently waited for. This has been a long process for all the parties involved and I would like to thank them for their patience.”

According to the police David took a knife and stabbed himself in the chest while in his kitchen during the raid. One officer was present at the time.
I cannot believe they issued that statement. IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. Do they really expect us to believe that David stabbed himself in the chest in his own kitchen? Are they really calling this a “suicide”?
I remember several days after David’s death a public meeting took place at Brixton Town Hall and the IPCC wheeled out one of its black representatives to calm the angry attendees down. He assured them that there would be a thorough and fair investigation but I was not convinced and I doubt he believed what was coming out of his mouth. He was nothing more than an IPCC puppet brought in to peddle false hope.
Rest In Peace David Victor Emmanuel.

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  1. You see black, you are also partly to blame for this nonchalant attitude that not only the police but other nationalities have towards you in general. Because of your continuous disorganisation, your allegiance to negativity, stupidity and outlandish foolishness ie “keeping it real” and “being down”, you have made yourself into a laughingstock, nobody takes you seriously anymore, you have no power and authority since you decided to forfeit your sovereignty in order to fit in and to be accepted into the European man’s system.

    A death among black people these days is simply counted as collateral damage. Until black folks get their act together as a people and start organising, more cases like this will take place. I’ve said it before, the first port of call for decent black men and women is to separate themselves from the contaminated scumbag blacks harbouring and taking refuge among us. These are the very culprits who have been pushing the black nation backwards every time some movement is achieved. You cannot prosper and move forward as a people with reprobates in the midst of you.

  2. Anyone that thinks there is even a little wiggle room in this whole story to believe that the police may be innocent deluded..

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