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Check out my interview with the brilliant new online magazine The Portfolio (May 2013  issue).

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  1. Braaaaaaaap fire. Keep up the good work Jan. MadNews is always a daily stop by for the Verbster.

  2. I was really shocked when you said how it was advised to you to drop school by your deputy head mistress. Do you know why???? I have a daughter in secondary school and I will be mad if anyone would doubt my daughter abilities.

  3. Brill – Some teachers forget they should be encouraging not discouraging. My deputy head told me that media was hard to get into and should pick a different topic for college. I now have a BA in media so go figure. So proud of you Janice you encourage me to pull up my socks and sort my blogs out. keep it up!!!!

  4. Teacher told my sister during a meeting years ago not to even bother trying to get her daughter into the local grammar school as “oh, she would never get in there”. She did get in, and ended up with a trailerload of A stars. I told her to go back and rub it in their b/c faces but she’s not petty like me lol!

    Well done Janice, a good read. I love positive stuff.

  5. Thanks everyone 🙂

    @Nubiahbella – After 3 months those of us doing A-Levels at the time had a review. A-Levels are so different from GCSE’s and it was a bit of a shock, lol. Anyway I wasn’t doing particularly well in the beginning so the deputy head mistress, instead of offering encouragement, thought I would be best off dropping out and going down the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) route. She wasn’t a nice woman and I suspect she had other reasons for suggesting this option. The majority of people who tended to go down the YTS route were the one’s who didn’t do well enough in their GCSE’s to go on to doing A-Levels. Or they ended up doing a BTEC course (I don’t think that exists now).I basically had been written off by my teachers. I didn’t enjoy the A-Levels period but stuck at it paid off in the end. Hahahaha.

  6. The teacher might aswell of come out and just said what she really wanted to say:

    “You’ll never make it or amount to anything coon, just drop out like you nig nog friends normally do and you’ll be alright, the government will take care of you”

  7. Hey J!

    Congratulations on this feature….You’ve been doing this from waaaaay back so credit now due! Keep it up and keep it going!!! x

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