Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion and Bunny Wailer

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion and Bunny Wailer

Earlier this year legendary Reggae star Bunny Wailer publicly called out rapper Snoop Dogg’s “conversion” to Rastafari and his ridiculous “Snoop Lion” antics.  CLICK HERE to read all about it.

Now in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Snoop has hit back at Bunny.

The people I visited at the Nyabinghi Temple aren’t speaking negative on me. They’re real Rastas. I went in there and filmed them, showed their whole get-down. Nobody did that before. If anyone, they should have complained – “He exploited us!” Why aren’t they saying that? To me, they have the most gripe to make. How did I exploit Bunny? I gave you a chance to be in my movie. My movie gonna be the shit with or without you. I’m gonna be the sh*t with or without you. I’m Snoop Dogg. Relevant right now.

It’s like, people take my kindness for weakness. In the Nineties, he could have never tried that because I’d have slapped the dog shit out of his old ass. How dare you? After all I’ve done for you? How dare you? You wasn’t the sh*t in the Wailers. You was just one of them: Bob, Peter Tosh, then you. They dead mean more than you do alive. You get the energy? When it should have been, ‘Hey, this brother is putting me back in the light; I could possibly get on the road with him, be on his album, eat again. Let me get in line. This is Snoop Dogg; he’s already a star.’ It should have been, play along with me as opposed to stick me up. I’m gonna give you what you worth, but you not gonna stick me up.

But guess who stood up in my defense? Rohan, Rita, Stephen, Damian Marley. Rohan  went public. He called him Phony Wailer, or whatever he called him. I can’t call him that; I don’t know him like that. But they do. They know what he after and  they love me. If Bob’s kids and his wife welcome they arms and say, “You one of the Marleys,” then who is Bunny Wailer to say anything?

Read full interview.

[Thanks Keysha]

Snoop Lion rocking a french manicure

Snoop Lion rocking a french manicure

Snoop has lost his mind. Who does he think he is? HOW DARE this man imply that Bunny was sitting down starving in Jamaica desperate for a hand out. Snoop deserves one swift kick in the mouth and a drop kick to the chest.

His remarks regarding Bunny’s position in The Wailers and position within Reggae music today is a clear indication to me that his knowledge of the genre and the culture is limited. I have said this before and I will say it again Snoop is a blasted fraud who needs to leave Reggae music, Rastafari and Jamaica alone. Go back to what you do best Snoop – rapping.

Members from the Nyabinghi tribe and even Bunny himself should have known better than to entertain Snoop and his “Snoop Lion” antics.  But I guess the camera crew and the presence of the “almighty” Snoop turned them fool.

And those members from the Marley family who publicly defended Snoop are all a bunch of idiots (especially Rohan Marley). They must have cataracts if they cannot see the mockery that is taking place in front of their very eyes.

I hope that everyone in Jamaica who embraced Snoop and his tomfoolery have learnt a valuable lesson here.

Where are Sizzla and Capleton when you need them?

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  1. Yes another example of how Americans treat everyone else, thinking anything entertainment wise that takes place outside america should take a bow to them.

  2. The only irrelevant person is him, trying to become relevant by changing his style and image from thuggery to spiritual, by being the former in the states and the latter in jamaica.

  3. cameron :
    Yes another example of how Americans treat everyone else, thinking anything entertainment wise that takes place outside america should take a bow to them.

    Sad but true.

  4. “Where are Sizzla and Capleton when you need them” aaah jeeze I cant breathe!

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