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When vocal powerhouse and House music legend Kim Mazelle appeared on The Voice UK last night I just could not believe what I was seeing. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Why Kym why??? This woman does not need a show like The Voice.  And none of those judges could EVER school Kym on how to sing.

It was just so awkward and I got the distinct impression that Kym was a little taken back when she announced her name and none of the judges knew who she was (look at the expression on Will.iam’s face)

If Caron Wheeler appears on the show next week that will finish me off.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. I truly think a lot of these old school or forgotten artists are truly only going on these shows to remind people of their talents or gain new fans. Then see all their old tracks brought on i-tunes (a lot of money if they penned those tracks), and then the next thing they will be up and down England performing live at a local club/pub near you!!! …

    …or maybe i am being too cynical?

  2. I think what cameron said is true. They want to remind people that they are still around and hoping to gain new fans. But I doubt it will work.

    Last year’s Voice contestants have all but disappeared. Does anyone remember the winner? where is she now???

  3. I think most people have the impression that the voice is fair and it really is about the voice. maybe at the start, but after the judges have done the picking it really is about the looks ultimately. These veteran singers come on and think that they just sing as if they are in their usual gigs where their name and fans can just about let them off, they forget that these shows define good singing by how high you hit those notes. But it is rather heart breaking to see them up there. The only person who could really judge her was Tom jones and Will ended up paying and giving his respects.

    I can’t even front, i didn;t know who she was, but i have heard of soul to soul.

  4. Was I the only stunned at the fact that none of the judges seemed to have even heard of Kym Mazelle lol. She really is a legend in house music.

  5. Wow it is so sad that she went on this show. I think she truly wanted to compete in this and her not even giving a good audition or getting through isn’t gonna help her. She already does shows up and down everywhere off the back of her being a legend so why did she go and do this? It was painful to watch.

    The voice is not even a show that is worth it. The last winner dropped a single which was a cover of Whitney Houston’s “run to you” and she didn’t even chart with it.

    This show mainly benefits the judges. It should be called “The Judges, The Looks and The Deal” not The Voice

  6. I also think she expected the audience to cheer her on or expected them to recognise her, which they didn’t really, and that might have thrown her off and affected her performance in that moment. She reminds me of Chaka Khan.

  7. because i know who she is .. this is he saddest thing ever…. but what this does show is look how the Voice has become the circle of fire you must enter to reach the british public…. woe is black folk !
    what kinda world do we live in ? where british black singers all have to sacrifice their self respect to get noticed? there is a wider issue here if folks care to delve…

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