SBTV recently added a new feature to their growing website dedicated to the world of “URBAN” comedy.

Check out the latest entry from Choice FM morning breakfast host/comedian Kojo, Jazzie and A Squeezy.

There are some classic lines here…

“Picky head girls I won’t wife”

“Why your ankles so red and your f**king black”

“You don’t look like Halle Berry you look like Ian Wright”

“Why’s your weave back to front bitch your on a hype”

It is good to see that the current trend of making “fun” of black women (often disguised as comedy/”banter” around these parts) on public online forums is still going strong in 2013 and has now reached popular youth website SBTV.

Oh happy days!


Your thoughts please…….

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  1. Isn’t Kojo 35? *blank stare*….some black men (boys) seem to have such ridiculous standards about what they will and wont “wife”, you wonder if they actually like women and are in fact gay.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I wish Jamal Edwards the best of luck with SBTV but I for one won’t be supporting his endeavours.

    I do not have the time to support or embrace any platform that going to be on this ridiculous tip of undermining and insulting black women or men.

  3. I know its meant to be a joke – but come on Kojo, that beard looks a bit on the rough side!

  4. Does anyone know if this was a parody of a grime group/song or were they taking the piss out of the grime scene generally? Because i cannot believe a grown man like Kojo would come up with a comedy video like this unless he is taking the piss out someone or something.

  5. @cameron, its supposed to be a parody of Cheif Keefs song “Dont Like”. I’m guessing this is his attempt at a UK version. Your right, I expect better from a grown man of Kojos age. The others I can forgive, as their young men, but Kojo is close to 40!

  6. @Terra thank you, I have not had the “pleasure” of hearing his music output, just read about the the other things he has contributed to the world.

    But I just at some point hoped Kojo was moving to the next level after what he has achieved so far and not stepping back into this.

  7. Hmmmm interesting, I’m not being funny but have any of these guys actually looked in the mirror? talking about women they won’t wife

  8. As a much older head Kojo should have stayed far away from this. It’s far from funny but like Pheva said the kids will find it hilarious.

  9. This is some straight up foolishness, both black women and black men in general are in a serious crisis today and the actions of these chieftains is not bringing about any remedy to the situation. If these points(the relevant ones) are to be raised, it should be done so seriously, not under entertainment.

  10. Disgusting, I can never respect any so called man who can say such foul things not only about women but black women in general.

  11. Did Kojo look at his own lips first before chatting about he don’t want girl with dry lip?

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