Feeling the heat: Ben Douglas

Feeling the heat: Ben Douglas

In 2011 smug and delusional theatre school founder Ben Douglas appeared on the BBC Big Question show where he discussed being adopted in to a white family, described himself as an English man, poured scorn over the idea that he should also embrace his culture and said live on a radio talk show,

“it’s ridiculous for me to be running around in tribal gear and trying to cook over an open fire”.

Watch his appearance below on the BBC Big Question.

But not long after this appearance on the BBC Big Question Ben was left shell-shocked during a night out at the prestigious BAFTA Awards ceremony, held at the swanky Grosvenor House Hotel in London. While standing outside hairstylist to the stars and Kate Moss’ bestie James Brown walked up to Ben and called him a “nigger”. (Click here to read all about it).

Now I don’t condone what that washed up looking clown said but also didn’t and still don’t have ANY sympathy for Ben because as far as I am concerned he deserved this hard hitting wake up call. And the wake up calls continue to keep on coming for old Benny boy.

On today’s Daily Mail website  an angry Ben talks about an unpleasant encounter with a police officer that happened two weeks ago. Up until this incident Ben who claims to have “plenty of black friends” and says he has worked with disadvantaged youngsters his entire adult life, thought that certain sections of the black community were all just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists when they discussed the deeply ingrained racism within the police force.

I knew better than to mistake conspiracy theory  for fact.

Yes Ben… the racism, the DECADES of police brutality and the countless deaths in police custody were all just figments of our imaginations.

*shaking my head*

But he is singing a different tune now….

Via The Daily Mail

The Damascene moment came as I drove home to Kingston-upon-Thames after seeing A Chorus Line at a London theatre. Settling back into the driving seat of my £36,000 black Audi A5, I was happily humming a tune from the show when I noticed a flash of blue in my rear-view mirror. I spotted an unmarked police car but continued my journey, assuming the flashing light was nothing to do with me, since I was driving at a perfectly legal 30mph. When I realised the car was on my tail I pulled over, wondering if, perhaps, my brake light was out. Five seconds later, a police constable was rapping on my window and shouting: ‘Open it!’ No sooner had I done so than he barked: ‘Is this your car, pal?’ I nodded, but before I could speak he launched into a tirade. ‘I don’t think you heard me right, mate. I asked if this was your car? It’s a very nice car for a bloke like you to be driving, isn’t it? Now I’m going to repeat the question, to be absolutely clear, and think hard before you answer me: Is. This. Your. Car?’ Again I tried to answer, again I was cut off. ‘Let me guess — it’s yours but you can’t prove it? Or maybe you’ve borrowed it from a friend? And you haven’t got your driving licence. Am I right?’ Finally given the opportunity to reply, all I could do was stare into his eyes, gripped by self-righteous fury.

Click here to read full article.

“I was an idiot. What’s more, I owe a huge apology to Britain’s black community.”

Oh dear… the Alice in Wonderland world that Ben has resided in for so long has turned in to a nightmare. The wake up calls are proving too much for our Ben and he is now looking to embrace his brothers and sisters within the black community.

All I can do right now is laugh.

I am sorry but I have a long memory and find it hard to feel any form of sympathy for this man. He will have to continue to learn the hard way.

You are on your own Ben. Good luck!

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  1. Now it’s me who feels smug. I told this fool on here months back, from personal experience it doesn’t matter if you were brought up by a white family or talk like the white man, a racist doesn’t care all he sees is black, and white people may be friends a black man going around disrespecting his own people but inside and behind their back they think, he’s a headcase and there is something seriously wrong with him, at least he’s now woken up.

  2. Loool, that is a bit harsh. I agree he needs this to wake up but i feel slightly sorry for him. He will never be fully accepted in the “white community” and he never will be accepted in the “black community”.
    Just by looking at other articles about him you can see that he has been raised “programmed” a certain way, grew up with the same type of people and works in that type of world. Maybe one of his “black friends” he talks about will take him under their wing for a couple of months and show him the real history of his culture that he came from and what was clearly taken away from him once he was adopted.

  3. I would honestly love to speak to him, because even though he’s successful he seems very lost, I grew up the same way as him so I can definitely relate, this really was the wake up call I was hoping for when I saw him on the BBC show

  4. This is why I do not get why some black folk do not care about their history. Nothing worst than someone who is lost the way ben is. smh anyway this wakeup call is just a blip for him. I await his next article

  5. Oh Ben, it took a dodgy policeman to make you wakeup to the realisation that you are now and have always been a “black man”. Maybe you can now stop going on TV and radio and giving wotless interviews like this (below)

  6. Damn, now i get that what everyone is saying, what a statement. If it was not for the picture of him i would of thought that was one of them Peter Hitchens type of posh people talking or a BNP member. I agree with Chico-Rei, he seems very lost.
    I bet the day he does wake up none of these radio stations or papers are going to want to her him then.

  7. oh NOW YOU UNDERSTAND BEN!!!!!… finallly
    to be honest .. i wouldnt be surprised if this story was concocted either to make him get sympathy…. if he wants to seriously get an understanding.. he should sign up for this course….. http://blackhistorystudies.com/our-services/beginners-courses/ and get a dose of reality that most of us still need….
    i wanna feel sorry for him… but i doubt he truly understands whats afoot… he still lives in a cocoon… and is claiming solidarity just after one incident….. good luck ben… DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR LACK OF PERSPECTIVE… stop talking start learning!!

  8. Ahhh, he always “believed in the the boys in blue”. Err Ben, in case you haven’t noticed it yet, your boys in blue have been gone for a long time and have been replaced with jack boot military thugs who call themselves police.

    Look at the uniform of today’s police officer and compare it with the police uniform of the 70s, 80s and 90s Ben. Haven’t you noticed that they don’t wear blue anymore Ben, you do notice that their uniform is all black and of a military resemblance Ben? The boots, military, the trousers, military, the shirts, military, the vest, military. Wake up Ben.

    I hope people here also realise that when you begin to see the police being militarised around you, this is a sign that you are living in a third world country. The UK is now a third world country, even the toy town police are wearing military style clothing and the British Transport Police Toy town division support officers now carry handcuffs.

    I encourage folks here next time you are out and about to take a look at the uniform of today’s jack booted thug and compare it to the police uniforms of the past. Like I said before, you are now dealing with a covert inland military occupation of the United Kingdom. Police are now a thing of the past here.

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