Lil Poopy

Lil Poopy

Enterprise News reports that YouTube has removed a music video from 9-year-old rapper Lil Poopy (real name Luie Rivera Jr) after Massachusetts police and the state Children and Families Department launched an investigation citing possible child abuse or neglect of the boy.

According to the website,

The video was first published on YouTube on Nov. 12 by a Francis Santo. It was  titled “Lil Poopy getting it in” and described on the website as: “Lil poopy in  ct (sic) showing the love at a teen party haven the girls go crazy.”

Rivera was shown in the video standing behind a female, who is bent over, and  repeatedly slapping her buttocks. Adults in a nightclub crowd cheered the boy on  during a simulated sex situation with a female on a dance floor. A man was seen  telling the boy to slap the female, who is bent over, on the buttocks. She then  gyrated against the boy, and lifted his shirt.

Today the idiot attorney for the 9 year old’s father, Joseph Krawski Jr, told BBC Newsbeat,

 If Lil Poopy was a “white child actor” he would be getting “an award” for their performance.

“But when you are a young male of Cape Verdean or Puerto Rican decent in this country you end up with an investigation.

“What Lil Poopy has done in these rap video is acting, its entertainment, its nothing different from what young children all across this country do all of the time.

“It all comes down in my opinion to racism, racism, racism.”

Hip hop gets twisted and turned everyday, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. They don’t know the jargon, they’re really just not hip on anything.” states that Lil Poopy (who was discovered on YouTube) is popular rapper French Montana’s “protegé”.

Poopy still has music video’s available to watch on YouTube. Check out this mess below.

Poopy’s producer Brian Slay claims the police “just hate Hip Hop” and went on to say,

A lot of people think they are knowledgeable and smart about the subject but they are really making an ass out of themselves because they are getting laughed at by the younger generation because they are just way off.”

What is this cretin talking about?

This is totally unacceptable. Why would anyone in their right mind think that this is appropriate???

The boy’s father, rapper French Montana and producer Brian Slay should all be tarred, feathered and then flogged within an inch of their miserable lives.

And where is the boy’s mother?

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  1. This is Rap music now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, guess what…. it doesn’t even surprise me, rap to me is like WWE wrestling a joke. The boy isn’t good but he rhymes better then his Dad French Montana oh and his mother is probably the woman in the video opening the Ferrari door.

  2. Yup.

    The 90s will FOREVER remain the Golden Age of Hip Hop music.

    I mean, here you have little boys doing things that they should have ZERO knowledge about. Lil Wayne comparing Emmett Till’s brutal murder @ the hands of racist Whites to a crude sexual act. Trinidad James glorifying the side effects of ecstasy abuse.

    All this blows up, OFF THE CHARTS, while acts like Elzhi and Jean Grae and Clear Soul Forces get little to no recognition, let alone proper compensation.

    This is why I listen to EVERYTHING, not just Hip Hop.

  3. Son: Luie Rivera Jr. aka Lil Poopy
    Father: Luie Rivera
    Lawyer: Joseph Krawski Jr.
    Rapper: French Montana aka Karim Kharbouch, CEO/Founder of Cocaine City Records.
    Lets just say I don’t like being confused…

    Anyhoo, this just reminds me of Chipmunk, when J blogged about him way back & I couldn’t get passed his name, even with all his thugonomic achievements. All I see is a cute 9 year old with pretty hair acting like a child of the noughties. Maybe I’ve been jaded by the school, I live next to back home in Naij. Those kiddies be dropping it like it’s hot and grinding like no tomorrow during their end of the year parties. It’s a primary school. Geez, I couldn’t do the moves then and I still can’t do them now…

    Then I wonder how pissed off the video ho [who is video ho-ing for a 9 year old] is, while he is stunting with a half-empty plastic cup of Coke – not a bad word, it’s only soda. Don’t get me started on the dudes trying to look hard with a child, or the fact that he and the car are practically the same height… And of course, the whole thing hinders again on a stupid name.

  4. if it was a little girl dressed provocatively and surrounded by grown men men doing the exact same thing not she would have been removed from the family but people wouldn’t be talking about her so called talent but will be more preocuppied by the well-being of the girl and make sure people in the video end up in jail.

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