Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott

Via Yahoo Sport

The Football Association has accepted the resignation of anti-racism campaigner Paul Elliott from all his positions within the organisation after he made “discriminatory abusive comments”.

Elliott, a former Chelsea and Celtic defender, allegedly aimed a racial insult via text at ex-Charlton player Richard Rufus in an argument over a failed business venture. Both men are black.

The Sun reported that Elliott, 48, texted Rufus the words: “Ur (sic) a stupid man nigger. You dog. Ur history my friend.”

Elliott, who received a CBE for his services to equality and diversity in football earlier this month, also allegedly added: “This will follow you scumbag.”

The paper further claimed that Elliott insists the term was not offensive because both men involved are black. Continue Reading….

You could not make this up.

When I saw the headline, then clicked on the link to read the article, and then saw this fool staring back at me I just burst out laughing. Football Association bigwigs are probably laughing too.

‘Elliott insists the term was not offensive because both men involved are black.’

*Huge sigh*

You would think that a 48 year old black man would know better…. but then again he was a footballer.
This lost soul obviously wasn’t taking his role as a anti-racism campaigner seriously and sadly turned out to be part of the problem not the solution.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Far from me to support this fool for calling someone this, I have a big issue with people who are looking to drag black people into racism in this way. I refuse to consider such a thing as same race racism as the very concept cancels itself by definition. This is verbal abuse, quite simply, but post- racial denialists will run their hands in glee for a story like this. Jan, I was recently charged with Racial Aggravation with my husband for using the term ‘slave’ to a fellow black African TFL employee. After arrests, cells, summons and a decent law firm, charges were discontinued. At no stage could anyone justify what was actually racist about what was said but it went THAT FAR in the first place. The Uncle Ruckus in question could not even explain. These increasingly worrisome allegations are a way for the designers and benefactors of racism to not have to own their legacy of hate. The dude got lazy though and should have remembered that he was a friggin ambassador! Think before u type is the moral there…

  2. Wait! So John Terry & Suarez both keep their jobs after being racist at work, but Elliot loses his for using the N word to another black man personally. You really can not make this up!

  3. When you sit on the board of anti racism and turn around to use the term, you end up looking bad.

    Ofcourse it can’t have the same feel as when a whiteperson uses it, but you can tell he was really angry and intended to degrade his now ex friend and partner by calling him a sick nigger.

  4. It wasn’t racist or discriminatory, it was stupid. But I wouldn’t say the same if a white person used it in a similar manner.

  5. You are an anti-racist campaigner, Paul! You should know how often black footballers especially of your generation have had that same slur thrown at them. So what if you are both black, it is still a foul, offensive racist term.

  6. He deserves to be sacked for being an idoit. I don’t get it if you want to insult someone, insult someone but why go down the road of racist insults especially Nigger when you’re black and an anti racism campaigner. SMH

  7. He’s a fool, yes. But I do admit that I now have absolutely NO patience with any black people who are too dense to now see that England is the mother of racism. Side note…. Why do people put their business on twitter. Are people like this man so narcissistic as to want whatever off key thought running through their heads to be made public? Even if the result is ruining oneself? Yes, he needs to resign because he is as dumb as a bag of rocks and vain too.

  8. @Sparkle it was a text not a tweet – still dumb though.

    What does everyone think of the former friend Rufus making the insult public? Did Paul deserve to be ‘outed’ for his foolishness? Or should Rufus have kept it amongst themselves so as not to play into the hands of racists who revel at this scenario?

  9. No, I’m sorry, but there are no two ways about it, black people/people of colour have to stop using the word “nigger” to each other. If a white person called me nigger I’d be outraged, but what could I say if a white person said to me “Well, you black people call each other that name – what’s the problem?”

    It’s also confusing to children and young people whom we are supposed to be teaching not to use racially offensive terms.

  10. @David Sakho you could say ‘ you are not a black person’ simple as.

    White people have no authority on the n word at all. I always question WHY a white person would argue the right to use that word, how is it benefitting their life?

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