Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

Yesterday Oscar Pistorius who stands accused of murdering his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp stood in a packed court room and we finally got to hear his side of the story…..

Pistorius said in his sworn affidavit:

During the early morning hours of 14 February 2013, I woke up, went onto the balcony to bring the fan in and closed the sliding doors, the blinds and the curtains. I heard a noise in the bathroom and realised that someone was in the bathroom.

I felt a sense of terror rushing over me. There are no burglar bars across the bathroom window and I knew that contractors who worked at my house had left the ladders outside. Although I did not have my prosthetic legs on I have mobility on my stumps.

I believed that someone had entered my house. I was too scared to switch a light on.

I grabbed my 9mm pistol from underneath my bed. On my way to the bathroom I screamed words to the effect for him/them to get out of my house and for Reeva to phone the police. It was pitch dark in the bedroom and I thought Reeva was in bed.

I noticed that the bathroom window was open. I realised that the intruder/s was/were in the toilet because the toilet door was closed and I did not see anyone in the bathroom. I heard movement inside the toilet. The toilet is inside the bathroom and has a separate door.

It filled me with horror and fear of an intruder or intruders being inside the toilet. I thought he or they must have entered through the unprotected window. As I did not have my prosthetic legs on and felt extremely vulnerable, I knew I had to protect Reeva and myself. I believed that when the intruder/s came out of the toilet we would be in grave danger. I felt trapped as my bedroom door was locked and I have limited mobility on my stumps.

I fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to Reeva to phone the police. She did not respond and I moved backwards out of the bathroom, keeping my eyes on the bathroom entrance. Everything was pitch dark in the bedroom and I was still too scared to switch on a light. Reeva was not responding.

When I reached the bed, I realised that Reeva was not in bed. That is when it dawned on me that it could have been Reeva who was in the toilet. I returned to the bathroom calling her name. I tried to open the toilet door but it was locked. I rushed back into the bedroom and opened the sliding door exiting onto the balcony and screamed for help.

I put on my prosthetic legs, ran back to the bathroom and tried to kick the toilet door open. I think I must then have turned on the lights. I went back into the bedroom and grabbed my cricket bat to bash open the toilet door. A panel or panels broke off and I found the key on the floor and unlocked and opened the door. Reeva was slumped over but alive.

I battled to get her out of the toilet and pulled her into the bathroom. I phoned Johan Stander (“Stander”) who was involved in the administration of the estate and asked him to phone the ambulance. I phoned Netcare and asked for help. I went downstairs to open the front door.

I returned to the bathroom and picked Reeva up as I had been told not to wait for the paramedics, but to take her to hospital. I carried her downstairs in order to take her to the hospital. On my way down Stander arrived. A doctor who lives in the complex also arrived. Downstairs, I tried to render the assistance to Reeva that I could, but she died in my arms.

A court heard today (February 20) that boxes of steroids, testosterone and needles were found at Pistorius’ home where he shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead after it is claimed, ‘non-stop’  arguing.

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As I type Oscar Pistorius is pleading for bail.

Is anyone buying his version of events?

I just have a feeling that Pistorius will get bail and then later on down the line there will be a ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict.

Rest In Peace Reeva Steenkamp.

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  1. Too many holes imo…he is banking on being seen as an “innocent victim” in country with such a high crime rate (because this has been mentioned at every possible opportunity) and that makes people extra paranoid and vigilant..

    Why did he not call out to her initially? If you are in a house with someone your first instinct is to think it is them making the noise, no?

    Where did this story of her surprising him on valentines come from, when she was actually there with him all evening…

  2. Is this how it works, rich folks can’t call the ambulance themselves, they have to call someone to do it for them?

  3. licks licks licks !!! icequeen i love it…. where did the story of her surprising him come from when she was actuallly there with him the whole evening….. LICKS!!!

  4. Surely as he awoke in the night he would have realised she was not in the bed. Unless protecting himself was all that was on his mind. very sad turn of events

  5. it was the opening headline used to break this storie on valentines day….
    it was more than speculation…. it was the introductory narrative for the whole debacle..

  6. @LD, it seems to be their way – happened with Heath Ledger, an Olson twin was called… Weird.

    Anyhoo, if I believed the intruder angle, wouldn’t it still be an over-reaction? The intruder’s hiding in the loo, hasn’t made any advances to outright attack you, then you go all Rambo II on a door??? Like SF, pointed out, he didn’t check the bed first? Is Tink Tink, the new OJ?

    This is just sad…I’m going to munch on a malteaster bunny now…

  7. They are using the intruder angle in court, apparently this is what he told his family when they got there. My theory is its the excuse the family made up for him and they’re sticking to it.

    Also why is a bail hearing taking so long?

    My Two Cents

  8. @ty, yes it was the opening headline, but just because the media said it was potentially a valentine’s day surprise gone wrong, doesn’t mean that it was so.

    And LOOK they got it so wrong when she was in the house to his knowledge the whole time.

    Another reason people need to wait until they take to the stand to listen what comes out of their mouths and THEN make the judgemeng whether they think he’s chatting bullshit or truth.

    As for the intruder story which is bollocks to me after hearing his side of events. Who hears a noise and doesn’t look over to their partner and say “did you hear something?” or just lay still for a few seconds and in the process look over to the person next to you in the bed and maybe get them to call police or tell them to stay there, as a man, as a protector looking out for his woman?

    His story has already been disproved when he said he wasn’t wearing his legs, yet the entry wounds came from above.

    Cue the documentaries on him and the Lifetime movie of this whole horrific tragedy.

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