I tell you anyone would think that this was the second coming the way people were losing their minds on the run up to this performance and the way heads exploded when Beyonce appeared on stage and strutted her stuff, dressed in tight black leather . Jesus Christ would not have got a look in had he returned last night.

Even the First Lady Michelle Obama jumped on twitter to tweet about her good friend’s performance.

‘Watching the Super Bowl with family and  friends. ‘Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so  proud of her!

*rolls eyes* yeah alright Michelle… (hahaha).

But anyway as usual Bey put on a good show.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. LOL Jan! I liked Destiny’s Child but never became a Beyonce fan until recently. She’s an entertainer and actually talented. When i look around I see a lot of people making money or calling themselves ‘singers’ who can’t sing backing vocals for Beyonce. I liked that she seemed to have class, however thats going out the window it seems.

    She just needs to sing and dance and forget all the other foolishness that brings her down to Rihanna level.

  2. A little mediocre in my opinion. It looked like all her performances. I was expecting a bit more considering the way she hyped up this performance. Maybe a more dancing and less weave shaking.
    It was just okay personally.

    As for Michelle, I’m starting to believe that the First Lady has no friends/genuine advisors. This love fest is some what disconcerting.

  3. Once you start comparing yourself to other people who are considered great and you ignore the greatness in you, you automatically become mediocre. All this greatness and I work harder than any artist in the industry chitchat is what makes this performance mediocre. And I was really cringing at her making Kelly and michelle sing and dance to single ladies. And we all know no one booty shakes better the queen of booty shaking. She did her thing and that is all there’s to it. I would rather watch prince and his guitar and band. And that’s all I have to say about baddie bey. Smh who calls themselves that. LoL

  4. She has to be one of the most over-hyped and overexposed artists out there. She always does the same thing but for some reason people keep rating her.

  5. Why the big hoo ha over Joey Barton saying he doesnt like black women? Is a white man supposed to like black women now? Really who gives a shit?

  6. Bearing in mind I sat through the whole 5 hours and 10 minutes, including the 34 minute blackout (aka the NEPA incident) and the hoopla for 1 hour of frelling gameplay. The halftime performance wasn’t bad, although I had some issues:

    1. Why do the sound guys hate Michelle? C’mon her mic was obviously lower than the background singers. Even though, she was essentially a background singer, still low…
    2. Why does B’s mother insist on dressing her child like a hoochie, nice shoes though.
    3. The background screen thingy, cool concept, but at one point (or 3) I got very very confused.
    4. Where the frak was Countdown? It would have really helped define the current lovefest, that bit in the beginning doesn’t count.
    5. That dude in the black long sleeved shirt with the beady girl’s bracelet, his right hand kept annoying me. Unless, you’re a chic…still freaked me out
    6. The stans in the beginning, especially that dude in the black long sleeved shirt, you’re a grown ass man! I like to believe he’s the owner of the hand in no. 5…
    7. The hand that was carressing B’s thigh at the end, wow just wow…
    8. Was I the only one who found the Dutty Wine weird, outdated & less whiplashy?
    9.How the hell do I remember all this crap – it was over 14 hours ago!

  7. But my question is…why did he feel the need to say that? Too bad i don’t do twitter…i would have went in on him. This is the kind of behavior i don’t like.. And i’m wondering if anyone said anything to him about his comment?? Talk about Black women and it’s ok with everyone… But like someone said who gives a shit….

  8. I don’t understand why people are surprise when a white man says he don’t like black woman, most of them are like that, the difference is some are vocal about it and other are not, the truth is I’ll prefer they’re vocal about it so one knows where they stand with them rather than the others who feel the same way but don’t voice it, it’s like having a serpent in your back yard.

    As for B’s performance I believe it was great.

    @ Melissa I agree with you she has lots of class and should keep it that way and never lower her standards. Even do people seems to like and rate the trashy behavior. Just take a look of the people who are top rated these days the bigger the scandal give them more popularity.

  9. Iam not surprised that Joey Barton doesn’t like black women neither do I expect “a white man to like black women now” …but why did he feel the need to state this?

    Are we suppose to be grateful he “would give us a game”…like his opinion holds any weight *shrugs*

  10. Joey Barton is MAD! If he doesnt like us, thank god, let the white women deal with that, no loss to anyone if you ask me

  11. It’s disturbing when black men state they don’t like black women, which is a daily occurrence on Twitter, one nutcase white footballer doesn’t even deserve a response.

    Back to Beyonce, Yes the dutty whine/sean paul bit was crap, LOL at my fellow Jamaicans calling this ‘Beyonce’s Jamaican performance’ because of that one cringeworthy part, we can be really beggy beggy at the wrong times.

    I can appreciate Beyonce because there really is not any other black female entertainer to like who are not dogged with, man stealing, drug taking, naked internet ratchetness etc behaviour in their personal lives.

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