Voice Online contributors Jasmine Dotiwala and Rosa Doherty discuss whether or not ‘black culture has made British society cool’.


For the purposes of this column, with tongue very firmly in cheek, I am going to tell you what you already know but would probably be too scared to voice. As a neutral bystander that is neither black nor white living in the western world, I can, from an observer’s point of view, clearly see that the rest of society embraces black culture, celebrates it and often makes it their own. Continue Reading…..

Jasmine Dotiwala writes “as a neutral bystander that is neither black nor white”.

Eh? *confused face*

This statement is highly amusing because she appeared on the 2011 OHTV documentary ‘BLACK WOMEN In Media’.


Anyway interesting views…..

Mad News readers your thoughts please. Do you agree with Jasmine or Rosa?

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  1. All I have seen taking place it the British taking elements from black culture, morphing mutant derivatives from the spoils and then claiming it as their own or that they were the ones who “originated” the finished product. If we are honest with ourselves, parts of our own culture have been pieced together from our current respective environments. The true original untainted culture we had was lost during slavery.

    The other problem here is that today we have a large number of black people who have abandoned the remaining fragments of their culture in favour of the culture of the so called European man, which in my personal opinion is a mishmash of confusion, decadence, reprobation, stupidity and folly. We had a standard, a clearly defined and separate culture(regardless of the construct) in times past when we steered clear of and refused to embrace European antics and foolishness, however looking at black people today, I am not so sure. What exactly today is “black culture”?

  2. Another issue here is that why are questions in relation to black culture always being answered by those who are not of black origin? This is a very disturbing trend, I hope people realise what is being stated here, that we are stupid, dumb, we do not have the authority to converse on our own culture and that the “experts” and “authoritative” figures(normally white in origin) will do our thinking, reasoning, speaking and decision making for us.

  3. @Verbs I was about to say the same thing and why is The Voice a black newspaper encouraging this disturbing trend.
    Janice I remember watching Jasmine on the Black Women In Media documentary and remember the discussion on here about her inclusion in the show. I got to say you have forget nothing.

  4. So for OHTV shes black, but for the purposes of the new article, shes a “neutral bystander”. It must be nice to flit in and out of a race of people like that kmt lol

  5. Verbs hit it on the head.

    Jasmine has been given carte blanche to do whatever she wants by black people which is why she gets away with it. I really don’t blame her.

    Reading the article – neither writers described ‘black culture’. They both described stereotypes which would not be considered ‘cool’ by most decent intelligent black people. The Voice really need to do better.

  6. To be fair Rosa Doherty did say at the end of her article

    “It’s also important to point out that there are aspects of black culture that some would argue are synonymous with it.

    These would include things such as rap music, flashy lifestyles and new language. But while the media would like to dwell on these cosmetic factors they are NOT the things that define black culture.”

  7. I read the article and have one thing to say,black people always bend over backwards to prove they aren’t racist, that’s why both the writers aren’t black, we do this whilst other races don’t give a damn. To me it’s a no brainer black culture, black people make everything cool, like politics in the US with Obama, dancing, walking, slang, greetings,food, music, sport, even revolution, just ask the compaines who spend millions paying rappers to promote thier products or even look at basketball in the US.

  8. Very stupid article by the Voice tbh, neither of the writers are black what the hell does it have to do with them.
    Yes I too remember thinking why she was on the OHTV programme too, she picks what suits her and when. I had to stop following her on twitter because of dubious comments she made.

  9. It’s such a shame when the so-called Black culture (how can a skin color/ race be a culture?) is always related to entertainment , dancing, music etc…

  10. Nubiahbella :
    It’s such a shame when the so-called Black culture (how can a skin color/ race be a culture?) is always related to entertainment , dancing, music etc…

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  11. I co-sign Melissa. Black people are guilty of giving Jasmine a pass for donkey years. I suspect partly because she’s high up on the industry ladder and they believe she has powers to help their careers. KMT. and iam still baffled at OHTV’s decision to include in that documentary.

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