Black Women: In The Media’ in association with Paparazzi Studio and Hair by Sleek, is a three part documentary TV series that gives an exclusive insight into some of the UK’s most successful and talented women, paving the way in the Media Industry today.

Premiering on 1st September 2011 ‘Black Women: In The Mediafeatures, ITN Journalist Charlene White, BBC Arts and Entertainment Correspondent Brenda Emmanus, Founder of Colorblind Cards and JH PR Jessica Huie, MD of VA-PR (World Music Awards)Vannessa Amadi, CEO of LGN Events (Producers for London Fashion Week) Yolande Letshou, BBC and OH TV Producer Michelle Brooks, Radio Presenter for Premier Gospel Radio Amma Aning, Award-winning Book Author Malorie Blackman OBE, Media Brand Consultant to MOBO Awards and Justin Timberlake Kubi Springer, and Media Trust broadcaster/former Head of MTV Base Jasmine Dotiwala.

Watch the journey on OH TV and hear first-hand, how these iconic women, went from being aspirational young girls into inspirational Black Women!


Watch ‘Black Women: In The Media’ On OH TV (Sky Channel 199)

Part 1 broadcasts at 8pm on Thursday 1st September 2011

Part 2 broadcasts at 8pm on Thursday 8th September 2011

Part 3 broadcasts at 8pm on Thursday 15th September 2011

The full series will broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 22nd September

The full series repeat will broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 29th September 2011

The show will also repeat across OH Africa and OH USA

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  1. I am definitely going to tune in to this. Thank God for OHTV. But I am confused about the inclusion of Jasmine Dotiwala. Isn’t she Asian? Does she even class herself as being a black woman? The Asian community don’t like refering to themselves as ‘black’ so find this strange.

  2. Aww more reasons I need to move so I can get Sky Tv. Virgin Media is pants when it comes to diversity of channel. My friend emailed this show info a few days ago. I hope and pray there is an online link so I can watch it.

  3. I would love to see that over here on my TV. But can anyone tell me how i could watch it from the states. I always like seeing my sisters doing their thing. All BLACK!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! SUCH A GOOD LOOK!!!! AND FINE AS WELL……. WHAT’S NOT TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!! Positive imagery of Black sister is so needed… Only because the media tends to show Black women as being loud and rude…….

  4. Just because you have had a leg into black culture and played a a wee part don’t mean you are black. If that was the case, we would all be classed as white with equal rights. I don’t even know Jasmine tbh, so i will just keep it moving.

  5. Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t Jasmine Dotiwala Asian? Is this a documentray that focuses on “Black” women, or women of colour? Clearly the programme makers got confused somewhere.
    Look forward to hearing stories from Vanessa Amadi, Charlene White and Brenda Emmanus.

  6. It reminds me of the last black history month i watched that had asians in as surgeons etc… I guess we always need an acceptable face or colour to reduce the shock factor of seeing all black somehow or a face that can sell us indirectly.

  7. Cosign Shanna and Terra. Jasmine Dotiwala is Middle Eastern. Why are we so fast to bring in the Asians whether from the Far East or Middle East? They don’t like us and they certainly do not bring us in to their venues, events, programmes etc one inch but instead take the p*** out of us in their own languages in our faces and behind closed doors. I’m sick and tired of all this compromising nonsense just so that we can be “acceptable” to a “wider audience”. When I we going to cater to ourselves and ourselves alone? I want to be acceptable to who I choose to be acceptable to, not some cheese head in a suit who’s only concern is what money he can rinse from me as his product or people from a different national background who see me as nothing more than a dog and a slave for entertainment purposes.

    Slowly I have seen our music and our history be diluted in order to not seem too “radical”. I cannot believe what the music industry has done with our music, nursery rhyme choruses, a complete mutated mongrel of sounds that a 5 year old could make up out of his own mouth. How long are we going to allow ourselves to be continually usurped and rinsed out by others? Props to the programme but Jasmine Dotiwala has no place in it, STEP OFF.

  8. I with Verbs props to the programme makers we need more of these types of shows, but Jasmine really shouldn’t be involved. If the show’s title was “Women Of Colour In The Media then fine, But it’s BLACK women in the media. Whose idea was it to include her? did they think no one would notice?

  9. I just cannot with watching Jasmine in that clip, and then also having her at the front with the black women standing behind her. WhoTFreak does she think she is? A BLACK woman? Give me a freakin break. No shame whatsoever taking part in such a programme titled in such a manner. If it had been ASIAN women in the media, you think a black person would even be called upon to take part in such a programme. I really want to watch it but her in it spoils it totally for me. I just cannot take it in and come to grips with it. Hanging out with mixed race Mariah Carrey and his black husband, ‘rooting’ for hip hop and what not, does not make you black. Wearing a sari(i’ll google spelling in a minute) does not make me asian. It makes me a black woman dressed in asian attire. I swear to satan some people just like to act dumb. I will try watching it and we need more of these programmes, but Jasmine spoils it for me, the thought of her popping up when i am watching makes not want to watch it at all. Change the title and i will probably feel better about watching it. Another case of when tokenism goes wrong. The producers and their researchers and sponsers can surely do better.

  10. If she was just called in to weigh in as someone who has worked in media and seen black women progress, that is weigh in on the black women featured and their progress and how she has worked with them, that is if she has worked with or had any connections with them, maybe.

    But i don’t want to sit and watch her going on about her success and struggles in that programme as she is not what the title calls for, she is not a black woman. I don’t want to hear her story in this particular programme, i want to hear their story. She should not be anywhere near as the main guest, the light should be on those nine black women.

    Black women in the media? Nine black women and one asian woman is more like it.

  11. I’m quite disappointed at the comments I’ve seen above. We are going on the premise that black is purely a visual thing. Jasmine Dotiwala has northern African roots and if that doesn’t make her black, I’m not sure what does. I know people call themselves what they want, whenever they want and hell she probably would describe herself as a woman of colour rather than a black woman but you guys are singling her out when there are a plethora of ‘black’ women that she is amongst. She’s probably in the front because she is the most well known. And for those that don’t consider her black, she is one amongst 9 others who’ visually’ are, so why all the fuss?

    My conclusion: it really aint that important and there are deeper issues to protest about that should take precedence over this one woman.

  12. @misssteele The programme makers decided to make this programme about “Black Women”, hence the title. No one here has said anything about Jasmines achievements, but the show hasn’t met its own remit. The show isnt called “Women of Colour”, its actually quite specific about who they are focusing on, so why didnt they stick to that. Asians wouldn’t deviate, so why do we?

  13. @Terra

    Well said. But only in the UK willl people turn a blind eye and ask “why all the fuss??”.


    “She’s probably in the front because she is the most well known”

    No that’s not the reason. She in the front because of height.

  14. Jasmine has only ever described herself as being Asian. “Northern African” roots? First I’m hearing that.

  15. Also, if they did a show celebrating Black Men In Media, would you say the say thing if they put Tim Westwood in the mix? Iis he not the face of UK Hip Hop (not for me, but industry folks say so) I think we need to be real with ourselves!

  16. For me i could careless if this asian woman had dealings with some Black people. The thing is that she is not Black…and should not be on the show. This is a show about Black woman..BLACK….NOT ASIAN!!! There is a thing here in the U.S when they say Black Woman that is what we expect. I don’t want to see and asian i want to see people who look like us…someone who understands us because they are us. Not someone who slide in for what ever reason. The thing is..she is not BLACK….JUST THAT SIMPLE. Whom ever put this together i give props to…But the panel must be about and made up of Black Women!!! These Asian people really don’t care much about us at all… But if they can use us to get where they want to be….they will do it. She has no right to be there and i hope the show is not more about her…than our people. I still think this is a good look for the Black Woman…..

  17. I’ve heard some asian people label themselves as black before – not often but I have heard it. For what it’s worth, her experiences working in her industry are probably akin to those experienced by ‘black women’. The irony is though, there would be the same backlash if not more so if she said she was white or announced herself as being ‘not black’.

  18. @misssteele, why would she have a backlash of people against her if she said she wasn’t black, when she actually isnt black??!! Would she not just be stating a fact??

  19. The issue is not her experiences. since they are all females, i bet you 100% they have similar female features. The issue is skin and how this show was labeled black. Don’t label something black and then bring in other races to feature as black. I am sure her experiences are the same as black women and has probably done better than most black women which is why she must have been called, and i know there are asians who are darker in skin colour but i doubt they call themselves black anyway, but that is not the issue either way, it is just a simple fact that she is not black. Maybe ohtv needs to stop labeling their programmes as all black and just air them without a label, then everybody will know where they stand.

    Does she not know who she is or what race she comes from? Why label yourself white when you are asian, or when you are black? Stan for your race and be proud.

  20. actually jasmine is from kenya. i dont know her other details but i know shes not middle eastern as the comment above stated.

  21. if you follow Jasmine on twitter have a look at her recent tweets

    “Its ironic that black folks don’t accept me as “black” and asian folks don’t accept me as “asian” as I’m not of an asian religious culture”

    The thing is African people fought tooth nail sweat blood and tears to stop being called Coloured. Woman of Colour probably would have been a better title for the tv show because than it includes any non white ethnicity you want. However we know when someone says Black person they do not mean Asian whether kicked out of Kenya or not.

    I think the issue is that anytime you have a show about Black people you have an asian thrown in or any generic BME person. In the Black Police Association it is full of Asians yet in their private lives they see being black as undesirable untouchables etc.

    It could just be the producers felt she was an honorary black

    Just goes to show skin colour is not enough for ethnic identity. We should be like the people of the Bible no confusion then. An Egyptian was simply that regardless of shading. etc etc .

    I may live in the UK but I would never call myself an English Rose or anything like that. I stay being a British born African-Caribbean lady.

  22. She has been hanging out with Mariah Carrey too much to make head or tail of who she is. Things don’t work just like that. If your own race rejects you, you can find solace in another but that does not take away from who you really are. You don’t change your race like that. Where do they do things like that? Black people face this rejection on adaily basis since forever, but we still stand proud as black people however confused we may be or appear to be. We are still black at the end of it all, period. For heavenssake even when you are half black you are still black not white. What is she talking about?

  23. ‘For Africa to me… is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place.’
    Maya Angelou

  24. I think someone said it correctly – why not call it ‘Women in Media’ the image alone depicts their race so there’s no need to further emphasise their colour with the title

  25. In addition, should we question Jessica Huie’s involvement who is in fact (I believe) mixed raced (correct me if I’m wrong). I know of many mixed raced people that don’t refer to themselves as black. My point is, we could go on and on, let’s just celebrate the existance of a show like this! Will it be online? I dont have Sky 😦

  26. You cant celebrate a show like this, when the producer have made a really basic error. The fact this has had so many responses shows you that they should have indeed changed the title of the show if they wanted to include other women of colour/ethnic groups. “Black” is very specific, so if that what they are focusing on, then they should stick to their own remit.

    There was no reason for them to go outside of that. Did they think the show would fail if they did not have Jasmines involvement?

    In regards to Jessica, yes she should be included, she may only be “part black”, but she is still part of a race of people who to the majority of society, if you have so much as an ounce of black in you, then your black.
    Jasmine on the other hand (by her own admision, check her Twitter timeline) isn’t black. Having parents born in a country (Her parents are from Kenya, but they are Asian) where the indigenous people are “black” does not define you as so because you were born there.

    Race and nationality are two different things. That would be like me saying “Because I was born in the U.K, then I’m white!” Err no!

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