The documentary ‘Who Is Black In America’ originally aired on CNN on December 9th 2012. It will now air here in the UK tomorrow (January 14th) on CNN  at 2am and 10am.

What defines you? Maybe it’s the shade of your skin, the place you grew up, the accent in your words, the make up of your family, the gender you were born with, the intimate relationships you chose to have or your generation?

Soledad O’Brien discusses her new documentary, “Who is black in America?” and its look at the issue of colour.

I came aross THIS CLOWN on Twitter several weeks ago who definitely needs to tune in to this documentary. He might actually learn something.

Long story … (hahahaha).

CLICK HERE to watch full documentary.

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  1. If both your parents are black, then you’re black. If one of you parents are black and the other is white, then you are what is called mixed race. Problem solved.

  2. I’m afraid it’s not that simple Chris, especially in America taking all their history into account with the one-drop rule.

  3. Chris, it sounds that simple. Perhaps you should learn a bit more about American History, particularly African American history. Also research the One Drop Rule if you can’t catch the doc.

  4. I’m fully aware of American history and the one drop rule, but that still doesn’t change the facts. A child born of a White mother and a Black father might socially be considered Black in America, but biologically and genetically that child is mixed race. They’d be a lot less confusion if we all just accepted this fact and stopped living by rules created by southern White supremacist from the 19th century.

  5. Chris.. Melissa… in a perfect world, you are correct. Ask a racist cop if a biracial person is black or “mixed.” Ask the KKK or a Neo-Nazi if a biracial person is mixed. Be mixed and try to catch a cab in a major city. lt’s not like there is a 50% change because you’re mixed. You are viewed as black. You are called the same derogatory racial words. lt’s not as simple as you make it. As in everything in life, there is THEORY and PRACTlCE.

    l appreciate this debate and hope you can or have watched the documentary.

  6. @Vision

    Ask a racist cop if a Black person is inherently more prone to criminal behaviour.
    Ask a Neo-Nazi if the Blacks are inferior to Whites. I mean if a racist cop and a Neo-Nazi says it’s so, it must be……right? Like you said, there is theory and practice.

  7. LOL so you are going along with the views of ignorant racists instead of plain common sense.

    You stick to your THEORY and PRACTICE and i’ll stick to mine then.

  8. This doc…was a joke to me… I asked Soledad why?????? But i liked her response “just shows how lost many black people are when it comes to identity. We here in America don’t even deal with this thing calle d Mixed race and i’m so glad……… BLACK……..

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