Quentin Tarantino refuses to discuss any link between movie violence and real life violence during a heated interview with Krishnan Guru-Murphy about his latest film Django Unchained.

Oh dear.. poor Quentin he really did get his knickers in a twist.  “I am not your slave and you are not my master” – Hahahahaha.

How big is this man’s ego?

I bet if a black director approached Hollywood executives to make a film about American slave Nat Turner they would laugh that director out of the room.

I am not a Tarantino fan (the excessive use of the word ‘nigger’ and over the top blood and gore annoys me) but for those who are interested his Oscar nominated ‘slave epic’ Django Unchained will open in UK cinema’s on Friday January 18th.

Oh and in case you missed it Django slave dolls are now on sale.

Last fall, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA), in tandem with the Weinstein Company, announced a full line of consumer products based on characters from the movie. First up are pose-able eight-inch action figures with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz. The dolls are currently on sale via

A press release announcing the deal stated that the line was similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action-figure market in the 1970s and that the collection will include a full apparel and accessories line. At the time of the announcement, NECA president Joel Weinshanker said the company was “very excited to bring the stellar cast of Django to life and honored to be working with another Tarantino masterpiece. [The Daily Beast]


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  1. Krishnan is going hard with these questions about this movie, but i remmeber when he shut down that lady from the states who did an experiment during black history month about racism. When she started speaking about lynching, he shut her down with a quickness, so he is not really one to speak about certain things.

    As for quentin, really? slavery has not been talked about in that way? There’s nothing empowering about providing black males with another violent black man(blood with blood) for a hero even if it comes disguised in slavery. smh his excuses and reasons were quite lame. Thankfully, it’s just fiction.

  2. I’ve never really paid any attention to QT before but I actually like what he has to say about slavery now QT is QT he doesn’t discriminate all his films are violent, but it’s true people talk about the Jewish holocaust all the time, but never mention the African holocaust and if you do you find yourself shut down with the quickness, so it’s good to see a high profile white person talking about it.I personally think QT is another Robin Thicke if he is offended black people he’s not doing it intentionally because he thinks he is black but not in a bad way and it’s funny you mention Nat Turner, there are actually people trying to make a Nat Turner film now

  3. I enjoy QT’s movies, but I agree with Spike Lee when he says that Quentin has a definite thing for the N word, his characters use it too much.

    The thing is – why hasn’t a high profile black writer/director made a film about a strong black man taking bloody revenge on white racists? Why can’t they help finish the Nat Turner movie – Chico-rei’s link said Halloween 2012? Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry will dress up as women all day long, but whether it’s good or bad it takes someone like QT to make a movie where the central theme is slavery.

  4. Jamie Foxx showed Tyler Perry and Spike Lee the Django script before they started filming. Tyler was shocked and asked him if he had read the script properly ….. But surprisingly Spike at the time didn’t say much.

    Excerpt from interview:

    “I remember talking to Tyler Perry about it. [In Perry’s very serious voice] ‘‘Ah man, the script, man. Have you read it?” When I finally read it, I called Tyler and we had a conversation. I said, ‘‘I got a different take on it than you did.” And we shared. And I called Tyler while we were shooting it. I said, ‘‘Do you know that Quentin Tarantino knows all of your shit on TV. I don’t even watch all of your shit.” He said, ‘‘Really?” The difference is the Quentin Tarantino Effect. I ran into Spike Lee at the BET Awards. You know Spike, he’ll let you have it whether it’s good, bad or ugly. And he said, ‘‘I’m not going to say anything bad about this film. It looks like y’all are getting it.”

    It sounds like he had some serious doubts about the film even while making it. hahaha.

  5. there should be more films about slave atrocities. rogue slaves etc. QT films always violent anyway. slavery in itself was not a peaceful experience

  6. Sounds like a gallon of QT kool aid has been consumed. When Spike Lee wante to make Malcolm X he had to get Oprah, Janet Jackson and Bill COsby to help fund the movie, if QT tried to make that film he would’ve gotten every penny he asked for from the studio. Ask yourselves why black actors have to put on dresses to get parts and why QT violent’s racist movies keep getting funded.

  7. I wouldn’t say QT makes racist movies. I agree the word Ni@@a is used alot in his movies, and I hate this,but if you are making realistic films about black people especially from the ghetto how can you not have the word used. I don’t blame QT I blame the guys who keep using it and doing things like putting it as titles of their songs.

  8. This movie actually has a prophetic underlying foundation when it comes down to the so called Negro having his revenge on the European man(I will leave it at that). I would say that it is disappointing that a black director cannot obtain the funding for these kind of films and yet again we are forced to look to the “great white hope” for coverage on our issues.

    Notice also the obvious connotation of the so called white man freeing the so called Negro from his chains when Django is sort after by this doctor. Nobody was set free by the white man and we are still waiting for the 40 acres and the mule thank you very much. The chains have simply moved from being physical to now being mental.

    One of the problems this movie will cause is an increase in the term “nigger” being used by white people, I guarantee it. The so called white man has actually prophesied his own doom here but that is another story all together.

    Stop watching movies to be entertained and begin to STUDY the movies you watch to see what messages are being thrown in your direction, overt and covert. Yes, the word nigger is a piece of trash but by getting emotionally upset and focusing on this word alone while watching this film, you are missing out on the other nuggets and hidden points that are being scattered throughout the flick. I will see this movie at some point and I will be studying it thoroughly.

  9. I watched the whole 8 min interview and think that QT was absolutely right to shut down Krishnan. K was trying to get a 20 years too late safe sound bite for C4 claiming that C4 news takes a serious angle, then why not extend the uncomfortable discussion of slavery? There was absolute opportunity. Will be interesting to see how the mainstream UK media and middle England will view this film. I guess they will isolate it as an American issue.

    In terms of black people getting funding for movies that they want to produce, I frankly am not buying that in 2013 some of the wealthiest AAs or international black folk can’t. Yes, it’s harder but have we not known that life has and will always be a bit harder on Western terms?! If people were not so ego- driven to put their name on the pay cheque every time they funded progressive projects, more could be done. Frankly, I would use a white face/ director to get my message across. # whateverittakes

  10. Furthermore, it is likely that investors of colour DID invest. The credits that roll up when everyone has left the cinema will tell it’s own story. I wish more ppl would appreciate the Organ Grinders in life….

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