Victim: Kwame Ofosu-Asare

Via BBC News

Two teenagers have been given life terms for the murder of an innocent schoolboy.

Kwame Ofosu-Asare, 17, was stabbed after being chased through the Moorlands Estate in Brixton, south London, in March.

Judge Richard Marks ordered Nelson Idiabeta, 18, of no fixed address, should serve a minimum term of 19 years and Nathaniel Okusanya, 19, from Lambeth, must serve 20 years.

BBC London Crime reporter Guy Smith spoke to Det Chief Insp John McFarlane and Kwame’s uncle Alexander Asare. CLICK HERE to watch news report.

The Daily Mail reports that when police searched the home of  Nathaniel Okusanya they  found  photos of three other murder victims – Abukar Mahamood, who was  shot dead aged  16 in 2007; Sadiq Adebeyi, 25, who was shot dead in May  2011; and Nana  Darko-Frimpong, 16, who was shot dead in June 2011.

Okusanya told them:
‘Stabbings happen everywhere… it’s how life is  now.  Everyone gets stabbed, everyone gets shot. Everyone dies, everyone  goes to  jail, that’s how life is. In a typical black area, people get  stabbed, people  get shot, people die.’
Murderers: Nathaniel Okusanya andNelson Idiabeta

Murderers: Nathaniel Okusanya and
Nelson Idiabeta

This pair of murdering scum bags both deserve to rot in prison and deserve to be beaten to pulp on a daily basis while they serve their terms.

Gangs in this country are generally made up of worthless individuals like Nelson Idiabeta and Nathaniel Okusanya who are bored and have nothing better to do with their lives, so they decide to play gangsters, conjure up “feuds” out of thin air and then leave death, misery and destruction in their wake simply for the fun of it and the adrenalin rush.

I am serious when I say that the American government should reopen Alcatraz prison and losers like Idabeta and Okusanya should be sent there to serve out their sentences and forced to endure hard labour. Failing that send the scum to Rikers Island or the Miami Mega Jail.

Not only have these low life’s ruined the lives of Kwame’s family they have also ruined their own lives.

Rest In Peace Kwame Ofosu-Asare.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Alcatraz doesn’t even seem harsh enough. And why in the hell is only 20 years enough for these murderers? They will be released at 40 or more than likely earlier and allowed another chance at life unlike the child they killed. This country’s justice system is a disgrace. For a guy with no fixed address jail is probably a reward anyway. He’ll probably be awarded with privileges like play station and tv. Smh. Only basic human rights should be given in prisons in this country…. If that. What a joke. These cases of young black guys dying is way too common in England. I wouldn’t mind if they were fighting for something worthwhile. But it’s over nothing. And the sheer lack of care for human life from these two killers makes me sick.

  2. They speak with a lot of hopelessness, like what has life got to offer? It certainly will not offer anything when you hang around people with such a mind frame which is similar to yours, a very destructive mind frame. Smh

    R.I.P to the deceased.

  3. I dont think 20 years fazes these guys at all. Like they said they expect to go to jail. Probably re-unite with all their friends who are already there. So sad for the victim’s family.

  4. Gang land is such a small miserable place. It’s amazing how you can still be in a group of ‘close’ people, yet still manage not to be apart of them. Throwing their lives away for silly pacts that don’t mean anything.

  5. Sad. I cant imagine living with such a hopeless outlook on life. Effectively awaiting my death or being the root cause my own demise. Where are these children’s parents? For once I would really like to see the mothers and fathers in the dock and asked some serious questions.

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