During a visit to a country pub popular TV chef Lorraine Pascale was told by the pub landlord that “all niggers should go home”.

The presenter of Baking Made Easy tweeted:


I don’t know who angers me the most. The racist pub landlord or Lorraine Pascale who after being racially abused still put money in the landlord’s pocket by purchasing his stinking pork scratchings.

Why would you still go ahead and purchase the cretin’s goods after that outburst? I would have thrown the pork scratchings down, walked out of the pub, tweeted the name and a photograph of the pub to my followers, and then I would have filed an official complaint.

How can she expect us to see the funny side of this incident? I’m not laughing.

I tweeted Lorraine asking her why she ‘doesn’t name the pub and how can she see the funny side of this? Wake up’.

She replied:

“After 40 years of fighting I’m tired of it my dear and I am well awake thank you”.

Okay fair enough. But Lorraine has since deleted her reply and blocked me (????).

Hilarious, the racist pub landlord gets off with just Lorraine’s “best bitchy LP glare” (I bet this shook him to his very core) and walks away with her hard earned cash in his pocket, but me a fellow black woman gets blocked for asking her a few simple questions regarding the situation.

I’m the problem? What’s that all about?

Lorraine is a high profile media personality so if she named the pub this would then ultimately lead to the naming and shaming of the landlord. The press would then descend on the pub with a quickness with the authorities in tow.

The landlord should be reported to the police and will probably just get off with a warning, but the thought of that fool sweating and soiling himself for weeks due to the unwanted attention would give me some satisfaction.

But no it is better to just give a dirty look, tweet about the experience, laugh it off and don’t dare rock the boat for yourself.

The Daily Mail reports that last month, Lorraine called in police after  being abused by a racist American Twitter user @spiderleman and a year ago she  complained to the Met over a slur by a user in Britain. The former model  and mother-of one  claimed that the social networking site in the U.S. did not stop racists opening  new accounts every time they were shut down.

So Lorraine will report people who racially abuse her on Twitter but won’t report or name and shame a man who racially abused her to her FACE in a pub out in the English countryside.

Black British celebs…such logical thinkers and so brave. Don’t you just love em?

Your thoughts please….

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  1. I can’t see her work a bitchy glare . her features aren’t “cut” for it lol! . But yes at least once in a while you’ll act as if you didn’t hear anything ( if the atmosphere and the settings allow it ), it happens , she probably had too much on her mind at that specific moment .You don’t know. She is just a Miss Dessert not a social activist.

    You decided you are going to tell teach her a lesson on racism . Bad move Janice .

  2. The energy Lorraine found to reply/block Janice – that energy should have been given to the Landlord. At times it feels like we only have strength for our own, Lorraine is in a position to challenge and shame this Landlord, but she didn’t *cut eyes* – that’s why they will continue with their racist BS

  3. I think she paid for her dinner to show him she is not a broke ass nigga, not that the land lord didn’t know already. Probably she paid out of anger and then tweeted out of anger still. However, I do not see the funny side of it considering it’s not long ago that she got racist abuse on Twitter.

    So, if someone had told that landlord, ‘hey swine, you sell any pork chops’, would that have been funny? I don’t think so. *sigh*

  4. I bet when he said Nigger she was like where………… lol, isn;t she the woman who was raised by a white family and tries her hardest to distance herself from black people?

  5. ‘I bet when he said nigger she was like where…..’ and that is the same reaction the pub land lord would have had had someone said, ‘swine, do you sell pork? Like who, where, are you talking to me?’

  6. Her reaction to the racist landlord was completely inadequate and her response to Janice was weird. But the worst part of this sorry mess is the pork scratchings. Who eats that sh*t!?

  7. I smell a rat being the pub landlord lol, pubs are closing everyday, why would you say that to a high profile person, he knew who she was, no ordinary nigger! What does twitter and the media bring publicity many would agree with him and be queuing to go to his pub. So no don’t give him no publicity, his time will come why should he make profit and free publicity out of it.

  8. By strict definition of the words EnglISH and BritISH, this island is not yours either Caucasoid. Why don’t you return to your place of origin, the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe. ISH = Sort of like, similar to but NOT THE ORIGINAL! Bloody idiot!

    As for Lorraine Pascale, she should have told the landlord about himself, given the fool a short and brief education on his own history(as obviously he doesn’t know his own history) and then rolled out.

    The guy calls you a nigger and yet you still make the decision to purchase food from the reprobate’s establishment??????? We as black people need to return to “affirmative action” as we never got this kind of brasen mouthy lip before when we were checking whites on the spot for their foolishness.

  9. oh i see… she didnt have the experience to know how to handle that better.. she thought she handled that better by powering down and not addressing the man directly……!!
    i wonder what that was about?
    plus surely from that one comment alone you SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY…. STOP patronising the venue by paying for anything!!!
    i wonder how she really feels about this incident….. really really feels!!!…. not this public british perspective bullshit that many adopt so as not piss off the bosses!!!.. i truly wonder….

  10. I’m kinda digging Vanessa’s comment,… and personally think you didn’t need to tweet her Janice to tell her [Lorraine Pascale] in the way that you did ‘Wake Up’ lol. …Not everybody sees direct confrontation as a way to deal with racial incidents, -ok, so she could have and some may say she should have given him a piece of her mind, stood up for herself,… perhaps a simple “I don’t know about you, but I am Home!” while dropping the money for the pork scratching unto the bar and turning to walk out, may have been what I would have considered doing in her shoes…(if I ate Pork Scratching lol) but the fact that she didn’t say anything, doesn’t [to me] mean she needs waking up, … in my experience there has been plenty occasions where racial abuse has had to be just laughed off as no matter what action u take, you are just not going to change certain peoples views, I believe there are times where you are just tired of the bs and what to just keep it moving… I think this post is kinda slanted, and maybe influenced by a slight disliking for her … but I still have mad love for Madnews and what you do here Janice, just airing my 2p 🙂

  11. Where in my post did I say she should have confronted him? I didn’t say she should have cussed him out. I said she should have thrown down the pork scratchings and walked out. Named and shamed then filed an official complaint. She shouldn’t have given that man one red cent of her hard earned cash! As far as I concerned that was bloody stupid.

    When I told her to “wake up” I meant wake up and open your eyes to what happened here. What “funny side”?? How is this incident funny?.

    As for disliking her. I don’t have anything against Lorraine Pascale, but I don’t agree with how she handled this situation and the notion that we should “see the funny side” when BS like this happens.

  12. fair enough, I was wrong in the fact that I read the whole post and comments and then aimed the most of my comment at you, without being fully clear on what YOU actually wrote and co-signed and and what other good people on here commented, so that’s my bad right there.

  13. This is why I adore the Jewish community any anti-Semitic acts would have been known by the general public and the Landlord would have been shamed.

    Apparently for some Black folks in the UK, there are some “degrees” of racism that are “acceptable” or non-worth the fight.

    No wonder no one respect us.

  14. Nubiahbella :
    This is why I adore the Jewish community any anti-Semitic acts would have been known by the general public and the Landlord would have been shamed.
    Apparently for some Black folks in the UK, there are some “degrees” of racism that are “acceptable” or non-worth the fight.
    No wonder no one respect us.

    So true, the reason why is black people are always trying to please white people and don’t want to been seen as the angry black man or woman

  15. Ok people, being a black person in a room full of mostly whites more than likely, do you REALLY think she should have gotten up and left without paying? Stupid ass…yeah you. They’re already calling you a nigger to your face, so more than likely, they’re looking for one good chance to cause physical harm to you. So why get up and leave without paying and give them a reason to gather the rest of the racists in there and beat your ass when you can be the bigger person, pay and walk away. I’m in no way taking her side but you have to be smart when situations like that present themselves. I do agree that she should’ve blasted them in the media

  16. Did you actually read the post before commenting? Where does anyone on here say she should have left without paying. READ What was said – Lorraine should have left the goods on the counter and walked out. That is what was said. No one said anything about her taking the goods and walking out without paying. You are the only stupid ass here luv. Reading is fundamental.

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