The legendary Nina Simone

Several days ago I posted news about the up and coming Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana (a controversial choice), and photographs of Zoe on set.

Click HERE if you missed it.

The unauthorised biopic is directed by Cynthia Mort and executive produced by Interscope Records founder Jimmy ‘cretin’ Iovine.

Zoe Saldana

Check out more photographs below of Zoe on the set.

View more photographs here….


Rest In Peace Eunice Kathleen Waymon (Nina Simone)

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  1. You see those black women who acted in the help, Jennifer Hudson, heck Kerry Washington would have done this role some justice. If they want slave actors, they will call along the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah, and those ladies in the help. This is a sin. She looks like she just walked out of the sun bed though. All burnt up and waiting for the colour to settle. *sigh*

  2. Zoe Saldana should’ve turned down the role. These mixed raced chicks always want to scream ‘sisterhood’ then conveiniently forget when it suits.

  3. Although I don’t agree with the casting ( the producers of that joke movie have definitely time and money to spare since they are paying for a makeup artist to do whatever they think will make Zoe look like someone totally different)

    I do wonder why people keep calling Zoe a mixed woman?

    Just because she’s from south America it doesn’t stop her from being Black.

    She’s not even ambiguous looking, she has herself what people call “African features” ( hate that term), just because she doesn’t fit what people think of what are the so called African features.

    Also she doesn’t look like the picture above at all in real life ( she’s darker in term of skin tone and look like a random mil Black woman)

  4. Oh sorry my mistake. She’s not even mixed raced she’s a latina actress playing a black movie role. Thats even worse!! Being from South America doesn’t stop her from being black, having non black Dominican and Puerto Rican parents sealed that envelope.

    I really don’t care about how much ‘darker’ she really looks either. SHES NOT BLACK. She is exactly ambiguous looking if you have to look up her ethnicity. She may have african features in your opinion, and maybe some african ancestry, but that doesn’t make her any more legitimate. I have a straight nose people often refer to as ‘white’, it doesn’t mean I can claim to be mixed or white. Please stop the madness.

  5. @Melissa,Latina is NOT a race but a geographic term.

    People of African descent ( slaves) were “shipped” in mass in South America ( more than any other part of the world)

    They are more ambiguous looking Black folks who are accepted as Black.

    I didn’t say she was right for the role, I just find funny how people keep telling she’s mixed yet she may have the same racial makeup like lot of Black folks ( Black American, Caribbean etc… are mixed too) but we are not denying their Blackness but for her we do just because she’s Puerto rican and Domincan ( and Zoe has called herself “UNA MUJER NEGRA”)

  6. They could have saved money on tanning & make up. It’s just very odd, Nina Simone is known for not being a conventional beauty and loving it. So this…err…situation…would never have happened if she was still alive.

    C’mon, her ass would have gone mega cray cray* on this like she did when she shot at that dude that accused her of stealing royalties… Or that kid & the BB gun…

    *yes I said cray cray, ‘cuz bat shit crazy just didn’t cut it…

  7. Zoe Saldana saying she’s a black woman is exactly the same as Halle Berry saying her daughter is black.

  8. Wow I think some people need an education..

    It always annoys me when people say black latinos aren’t black, it just doesn’t make sense. All latin music you hear from salsa to tango come from African slaves.

    Why aren’t they black because they speak Spanish or Portuguese. Please. More African slaves went to South America than to the US and Carib islands put together.

    Look at this video this is a crew called ChocQuibTown they are from Colombia try tell me they aren’t black

  9. Just want to make another point, when you travel around the world and say you’re black and from England people look at you funny, the reason why is, England gives off the image of being a white country which is shown films and dramas like Nottinghill it’s the same in latino countries they promote people who look white like J-Lo instead of someone like Laz Alonso

  10. No i don’t need a education. and no i don’t think she’s not black because she speaks spanish, and latin music being from africa also doesn’t make all latinos black and latina is not a race *rolls eyes* being of dominican descent myself I reserve the right to look at Ms Saldana’s immediate heritage and deduce that she is not a black women, she is hispanic – no matter how dark her skin is and, more to the point, the absolute WRONG choice to play Nina Simone. It is this very loose term of what a black person that annoys me! What is wrong with being mixed?

  11. @Melissa It’s wrong that she’s playing Nina Simone I don’t dispute that, I hate the fact that she is playing her and don’t like Zoe Saldana at all, but because you are hispanic doesn’t mean you can’t be black, black is a very loose term and annoys me as well.

    I didn’t call all latinos black I call latinos who are black, what they are black or as they call themselves afro latinos. Hispanic isn’t a race either.

    Are you saying those Black Colombians aren’t black? I work with black latinos who are proud of their African heritage who are finally making themselves heard and like Nubiahbella said Zoe Saldana calls herself una mujer negra and as you’re of Dominican descent I’m sure you know what that means.

  12. Zoe Saldana is a black Latina (whether or not she calls herself one or not). Latina/Latino is not a race anyone can be Latino, some us seem to think Latino is only if you look like JLo or Eva Mendes.
    Please for further clarification watch the series Black in Latin America it will break it down for you if you dont understand the distinction.

  13. Black people who are slaves to the one drop rule annoy me too. Having a trace of Africa in your ancestry does not make you an African. Hispanic latino, spick, spook whatever, its not African.

  14. @Melissa, no one has called Zoe an African (although she looks like someone from a Yoruba tribe lol)!!!!???

    with your logic Nina Simone is not a black woman too, since she may look to you like an “African” whatever that means but had surely admixture of Europeeans and African ancestry too ( and or something else)

    Heck they are plenty people in Africa who are mixed with Arab, European and Asian yet people still call them Black/African

  15. Melissa :
    Black people who are slaves to the one drop rule annoy me too. Having a trace of Africa in your ancestry does not make you an African. Hispanic latino, spick, spook whatever, its not African.

    @Melissa what are you talking about, I’m not talking about the one drop rule, I’m talking about black latinos, WHO ARE BLACK or mixed, like Christina Milian, Don Omar, Laz Alonso Tatyana Ali (Ashley in Fresh Prince) and Tego Calderon some latinos try so hard to run away from thier African Heritage and instead embrace their Spanish, you know the side that wiped out the Indians that also still runs in latinos blood, afro latinos are descendants of African slaves the ones who died in wars for the countries to be free and who influenced the countries in such a ways that they dance to salsa, merenge, Bachata and Tango which still celebrates Yoruba Gods like Shango, Yemaya and Ogun.

    I’m straight African my parents are Nigerian and I live in Spain how is it that I get mistaken for a Dominican by Dominicans and people in Spain if some Hispanics aren’t African looking?

  16. i’m sorry… but you seem to getting away from the ONE BIG POINT via this latina latino/ blck not black convo…………. why would you not get someone that looks like nina simone to PLAY NINA SIMONE……. what does this say about the film industry…. WHY ARE THEY GOING TO SUCH LENGHS to not just simply hire a black person that looks like nina simone..?……. before you get drawn into just arguing with mellisa about what black is and what black isnt……

    please please please… get your head around that….. when replacing bruce lee.. they get someone that vaguely resembles him…. same with most icons……
    but it seems with this particular person… NINA SIMONE…. who has a very striking and particular black phenotype .. ( some would say quite african) which i think is the point melissa was trying to make… the film people in casting zoe have been very dissmissive of nina simones natural features…… and i’m getting the distinct impression that they would put anyone in that position and then transform them rather than …. WHY … are they avoiding hiring a naturally more suitable candidate?
    please dont bring in ” the help ” as an excuse or some kind of answer cos thats not it at all…!!
    something is going on…
    the idea… that this film would be made without consulting the nina simones family .. or including the family in the process or showing them the script ….. starts to make my eyes and ears prick up

  17. @Ty I agree real Nina Simone fans of every race should boycott this film not only because of the idiocy of picking Zoe Saldana and blacking her face but also because they aren’t even respecting Nina Simone’s memory by consulting her family what kind of disrepectful behaviour is that.

    This is no different to back in the day, when they used to get white actors and blacken their faces to play black characters in Shakesphere plays, that was until Paul Robeson came along. I really can’t see how this is any different.

  18. its not any different….. but the difference back then we didnt have a voice…. WE DO NOW…… hopefully.. something happens…. because this seems to be a mockery!!! and nina simones memory is not the one to be GETTING WRONG…

  19. the prosthetics is awful and she still dont look the part. lets see if her acting is up to par. there is a youtuber called InaDashMedia she looks at colorism identity and more amongst African-Latina’s. should you wish to get a deeper insight

    now if zoe was playing halle it would be more believable.

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