The legendary Nina Simone

For those of you who don’t know Hollywood is in the process of bringing the life of the legendary singer and activist Nina Simone to the silver screen, and some bright spark has cast Zoe Saldana (Miss I am black when it is convenient) in the leading role.

Zoe Saldana

This has caused outrage for obvious reasons and an online petition was set up in protest of the decision to cast Saldana in the role. Not even Nina’s own daughter Simone Kelly is happy with the actress chosen to play her mother.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

‘Appearance-wise this is not the best choice.’

Adding that she had no problem with Saldana’s acting ability, but would have liked to see a darker-skinned actress such as Viola Davis or  Kimberly Elise cast to play Nina.

Check out photographs of Saldana on the film set wearing a wig and facial prosthetics.

Zoe as Nina

CLICK HERE to view more photographs.

Yet another highly suspect Hollywood move. Those Hollywood studio executives make me sick.

Did they even bother to audition other actresses? Actresses who would have been better suited portraying Nina?

I am already irritated. The darkening of Saldana’s skin will finish me off on sight, because that could have been avoided had they also cast an actress phyiscally suited to the role.

Rest In Peace Eunice Kathleen Waymon (Nina Simone)

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  1. To me this is a joke… No way should she ever play Nina Simone. I would like to someone who embraces her Blackness play such an amazing person as Nina…. No amount of makeup will make a difference to me…

  2. This is very insulting. There are many black actresses that can do nina simone without the added make up, this is not big mama’s house. I will not be watching this joke of a biopic and i hope it flops big time.

  3. I agree with both of you a serious joke and very insulting. Hollywood seems to be swooping to a new low with this one. It’s a shame would’ve like to watch it, but no now no way. I hate Zoe Saldana.

  4. i assume they were trying to get someone who would appeal to a wider audience but this just looks ridiculous,just as ridiculous as Angelina Jolie looked in A Mighty Heart.Anika Noni Rose would have been perfect she can sing and she also has enough exposure for such a role.

  5. Hollyweird make me sick *smh* funny how they manage to find dark skinned actresses when they need maids and mammies. Kmt

  6. Although I agree that Zoe is probably one of the worst choices for this role, I think hating her for it is ridiculous. To her, it’s a biopic role which to an actor is a ticket to the academy awards. It’s just business to her. I solely blame the people behind this movie and their motives. I saw that you said Zoe Saldana is only black when it suits her… Well she’s not black. She’s clearly mixed, why should she have to pick one race to stick to.

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