In an interview with that poor excuse for a newspaper The Daily Star, artist and producer Labrinth says the MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origin) has lost it’s identity followed by:

“I think it is a bit weird because Ed Sheeran doesn’t make black music, and neither does Conor Maynard – he makes commercial pop.

He added: “Even I’m not making black music. It’s commercial music, but at least it is more related to hip-hop so it makes more sense. I don’t think it should be called the Music Of Black Origin anymore. It should be Music Of Urban Origin, or just Music Awards.

“I don’t think it should be called the Music Of Black Origin anymore. It should be Music Of Urban Origin, or just Music Awards.”

Music Of “URBAN” Origin – Really Labrinth???  You say MOBO has lost it’s identity but then want them to replace the word ‘black’ with “URBAN”?

We can all see that MOBO has been steadily losing it’s identity over the years but if founder Kanya King actually went ahead and decided to replace the word ‘black’ with “URBAN” that would be the final nail in her brand’s coffin. It would be a wrap!
I don’t even have the energy right now to explain why. Those who are clued up will know what I mean when I say this.

Labrinth is nominated for four awards – Best UK Male, Best Album, Best Song and Best R&B/Soul Act. Expect to see him galloping up to the podium to collect his award/s. He will  conveniently forget about this interview with the Daily Star come ceremony night.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Urban? Urban ke? The word offends me. I hate that term being used to describe music or films. I like Labrinth so I hope he was just drunk or high at the time…

  2. He probably was not drunk….bet that. Like so many other Blacks in the UK…they are just blind. Sad…we can’t have anything of our own..without some selling out. I have no respect for any Black person who doesn’t promote or respect his own… Urban was used to push Blacks out of the running…..

  3. urban was definetely used to loosen the viewpoint of who could do it….. and in the interim…. completely confusing those that used to know what they were doing

  4. i think he’s right, he is just calling a spade, a spade. The MOBOs pander to the mainstream with these “urban” acts so they might as well just own up to it and call MOBO’s what it really is.

    MOBO’s isn’t about black music, it is about pop music which happens to be “urban” and we all know “urban” is a word to make folks who are not black feel they are part of it so that labels can sell records and make money. “Urban” is there so that acts like Cher Lloyd can sneak under it’s umbrella and have the audacity to call herself a “hip hop” act and get away with it with Busta Rhymes featuring on her album UGH!

    We know it won’t happen though Kanya King needs to keep the illusion up so MOBO will remain the name while “urban pop” acts will continue to be the main names used to attract the young audience and we will all dance along to the charade thinking we have something that is “ours” and celebrates “us”

  5. To paraphrase the saying – “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing certain Black people that they don’t make Black music”

  6. The mobo awards never used to be like this, it changed in the last 4 years….. garbage now.
    it was good watching all the new and original black acts performing and being nominated..
    its all about money for the people in charge of the mobos now..

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