The “nations sweetheart” and biggest fraud Chery Cole crashed and burned live on Channel 4 earlier while opening the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ benefit show.

Once again the fact that Cheryl cannot sing was exposed to the nation when this happened:

[Thanks Lorraine]

Hahahahahaha oh dear. Somewhere out there Sophie Amogbokpa who Cheryl punched in the face in a nightclub toilet and “allegedly” racially abused back in 2003 is laughing her head off.

After this piece of TV gold aired Cheryl’s head cheerleader showbiz coluumist Dan Wootton tweeted:

And journalist Natalie Edwards tweeted the following:

Dan Wootton really is King Licky Licky.  I actually think the man has set up home inside Cheryl’s backside.

Anyway the fraud was later given the opportunity to perform again.

If you want to know more about ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ or wish to donate click HERE.

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  1. i doubt Sophie is still bothered about an incident that happened ten years ago. I knew Janice would be frothing at the mouth as soon as i read what happened to Cheryl. smh

  2. LOL *rolls eyes* Yeah alright Lulu. We all know how you feel about my Chezza and Sophie posts. The major upset and waves of disgust it ignites deep within your soul LOL. Like I’ve said before if you don’t like it then move on dear. There are plenty of other sites you can visit.

    “Frothing at the mouth” – well done! How did you guess?

  3. @Lulu well if you was beaten up by someone in the past who is now always in the media lauded as the “nation’s sweetheart” I’m sure it would bother you, so I reckon Sophie is still bothered by it too.

    As for that performance, it looked like someone forgot to press “play” on her vocal track how embarrassing!

  4. i am NOT a fan of Cheryl’s at ALL i like my musicians with substance(i.e anthony hamilton,maxwell,lauryn hill,jill scott…) i am not arsed when you drag her in other posts
    i am in Sophies corner and i just don’t think she needs to keep being mentioned every time Janice takes out her Cheryl vodoo doll. And i think part of having a public blog is that commentators can express their opinions without being run off. Everyone will have a post where they don’t agree with something,its no big deal,that’s what makes it interesting. I don’t see everyone coming down on Verbs(sorry to mention you) when he shows his disdain for ‘homoerotic’ images and such.I understand its Janice blog and she can post what she pleases and as a commentator i can express my views too, as long as i am not insulting anyone i don’t see the issue.

  5. Janice is licking out some serious cannon fire, must be that sunlight you’re getting that we don’t normally see in this trash heap,lol.

  6. “i am in Sophies corner and i just don’t think she needs to keep being mentioned every time Janice takes out her Cheryl vodoo doll. ”

    As long as I am running this blog Sophie will never be forgotten.

    “Cheryl Voodoo doll” please….. Smh….

  7. Verb’s name was mentioned so Verbs is stepping in.


    You cannot gun at somebody for telling the truth. A man posing with his chest exposed and especially one who has lubricated his body with oil is projecting a homoerotic image, there is no argument against this, this is the truth and there is a history behind this so called “trend” aswell.

    In relation to Cole, let us also remember and not forget that ol Chezza was unrepentant for her actions, she actually stated that she was “NOT SORRY” for beating up Sophie. That kind of attitude equates to a straight up wanker in my book. What I also have a serious problem with is how it is almost like this woman has been elevated to godhood, as if she can do or has done no wrong.

    Because of this I agree with Janice’s approach to Chezza and I don’t think that she should be cut any slack at all, especially for assaulting somebody and not being remorseful for her actions. In fact I personally think that everytime that this Chezza is mentioned on here, it may be a an idea to link back to the assault incident so that people are reminded that this Chezza is a fraud and that it is her PR machine running at full velocity that has “altered” her “public image”.

    I personally am not falling for the spin on this woman’s character that the mainstream media has zealously pushed out to the public, I have seen her true colours and they are not pleasant in the slightest.

  8. Nadine didn’t get half the chances cheryl got, yet she has a better voice. Hopefully she is doing better on a personal level.

    ‘Her rehearsals were fine’. Please. The whole world, Will I Am included, knows that she can’t sing to save herself. She is just a product that is sold to everyone not het talent or lack of.

  9. I cried with laughter when I saw this. She looked vex when she was talking to Davina….her true ccolours showing not her usual smiley smiley self…kmt.
    *dwrcl* @ “King Licky Licky” you come up with the best names Janice!

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