“Team UK” got down on their knees and rejoiced earlier this year after it was announced that Giggs had been cleared by a jury and released from prison. I have no idea what he was charged with but the Peckham rapper is now back with the single ‘What Niggas Want’.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. What kind of title is this, this guy cannot be serious. I keep hearing about this “Team UK”. Is this the kind of ignorant nonsense that they are churning out?

  2. @ Verbs utter drivel, there are always a select few who can’t help but pull us back. smh

    i am quiet surprised Janice did not comment on this disgusting song title or are some people exempt?

  3. @Lulu

    Its beginning to look like the majority of our people are happy to continue running into some sort of farcical nonsense, to drag us back into the gutters again and again. Utter rubbish and this Giggs guy doesn’t have any excuses for this trash.

    @ Janice

    Whatever his motive and intentions were, the title is an ignorant piece of trash and the tune is a complete flat tyre, in fact the tyre has crumbled and come off and he is now running on the rim.

  4. I was reading the news yesterday and there was an article about a policeman in the London calling a black man a ni@@a, in court the policeman explained that’s what he called himself that’s why I said it. I was angry at the policeman and still am, but rappers like Giggs doing songs like this are the cause.

  5. I hate him and his music. He is very unprogressive and he seems to be the type who never learns from his mistakes. Remember that song he released about drink and drugs after he had been released, which gets played on tv sometimes as if he is the only black mainstream rapper, and now this foolishness after he has been released. Why are people so obsessed with glorifying and raising profiles of people like him, people who seem to be trapped in a cycle and not making any effort to get out of it. I hate their arrogance to, especially when they get off. Kmt

  6. Well I’m back you fuckers, did you miss me?
    This is history, if I cock back
    And slap that nigga, will three-sixty
    I’m back with swagga nigga, bout to swagga niggas
    On my Fred Flintstone, yabba-dabba niggas
    All you faggot niggas when we get to grab-a-niggas
    We’ll be slappin’ up niggas, na we’ll be taggin’ niggas
    I wasn’t bragging niggas
    They said they reached to my level, but yet you haven’t niggas
    You’d better get your ladder niggas (and climb up to the top)
    They’re plannin’ to the death, bang it till they’re dead
    That ‘ahhh’ ad-lib, pan it to the left
    That big 4-5 brang him to his legs
    That last slug swam into his bed

    [Hook: Giggs]
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    What niggas want, what niggas want
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    Yeah this is what niggas want, what niggas want
    What niggas want, what niggas want

    [Verse 2: Giggs]
    We put plenty through them, when we sent it to them
    We got big straps, nigga we were 22 then
    Got the big chalices, blowin’ sensey through them
    Man I been locked up before, I was 22 then
    I’m back from karma bitch, back for drama bitch
    Pack your armour bitch, fat banana clips
    I wrap bananas bitch, wraps Obama prick
    This that Mortal Combat, stab Kitana shit
    Fat punani chick, knockin’ at my door, I’m on my silk, black pyjama shit
    And we about to go to war like the Gaza Strip
    Aussie accent, I call that jezzy ‘my koala chick’
    Yeah I slapped-a niggas, not a batch-a niggas
    Get this back to niggas, I’m comin’ back for niggas
    It’s second chapter niggas, please don’t let me catch them niggas
    Or it’s a wrap for niggas, I brought it back for niggas

    Is this what he is really rapping, before i even listen to what the sound is like? Smh he needs to be dropped by his label and abondoned by all radio stations, especially these television stations that keep using his song as promotion tool. Maybe he is better off in jail.

  7. He is so dumb to even tell a story. He is just adding up words to make a lot of senselessness. Kmt

    And that is not poetry at all. It is illiteracy at its finest, illiteracy of the mind.

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