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I am late posting this news. I only just came across it. But better late than never!

The BEFFTA website announced on the 21 August that British actor David Ajala has been cast in the Hollywood action flick Fast and Furious 6 and is currently filming as I type alongside stars Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Jackson and Michelle Rodriguez.

David first came to my attention in the British flick Payback Season which also starred the “people’s champion” and poster boy for all things “URBAN” Adam Deacon.

The news that David bagged a role in the film has come as a huge and pleasant surprise because several months ago Deacon fans were dizzy with excitement because the word on the Twitter streets was that the Kidulthood/Adulthood/Aunvahood and ‘BAFTA Award winner’ had attended a meeting with the Fast & Furious 6 team to discuss a role.

I wonder what happened next….

Anyway congratulations David.  Soon there won’t be any black British actors left in the UK. Hollywood just seems to be snapping them up one by one.

Fast & Furious 6 is scheduled to be released in May 2013

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  1. Great news! I’m a F&F franchise fan. They’re currently filming in London and were on set in and around Hackney the other day. Looking forward to seeing London on the big screen next year in this film.

    As for this casting, congrats to him. I’m loving our UK Black actors getting roles in Hollywood. UK film and TV do a lot to get these actors started but nothing to always really sustain their careers with constant typecasting roles or no roles at all. It seems to have worked for the likes of Idris, Chiwetel et al who have been able to do major blockbusters then come back to a BBC drama, but not everyone is that lucky.

    Janice, by any chance did Adam leak the news of the F&F6 meeting himself or was it a leaked rumour? If the first, would be wise of him to wait until a contract has been signed or he’s wrapped filming his scenes. But even that is no guarantee for making the final cut onto the big screen….just ask Tobey Maguire whose been cut from two major up and coming movies announced this week.

    Noel has done Star Trek 2 now David Ajala in Fast & Furious 6…..must burn, even just a little.

  2. Not being bad mind…OK I am a little! Adam Deacon would not make it in Hollywood he plays the same roles time and time again with slight variations it tiresome.
    Yes he did tweet about meetings he was having in Hollywood and also posted pictures of him meeting executives. I promptly stopped following him after he was slating Noel Clarke and getting his followers to abuse him too *smh*

    I think its a good look for black British actors, musicians and comedians to go to America this country has a concrete ceiling for black people in the entertainment industry. If it means you can progress and make the same money your white counterparts are why not. This country does not rate us at all!

  3. David first came to my attention in the British flick Payback Season which also starred the “people’s champion” and poster boy for all things “URBAN” Adam Deacon.

    DEAD!! lol

  4. Michelle Rodriguez? thought she was written off? Anyways i like the ones with the original cast, the tokyo drift etc was nonsense so will watch this one.

  5. The end credits scene with a cameo from Eva Mendes in Fast Five briefly explain the appearance of Michelle’s character. although it’s pretty evident after Fast Five what’s going on with her.

    For anyone that’s seen the films they aren’t in order. Tokyo Drift is actually the last film in the franchise, Fast Five and this one being filmed are prequels to Tokyo Drift.

    As for Adam tweeting pics of him having meetings that have amounted to no role in this one…SMH. If his head is this big for a typecast UK actor, could you imagine him in a Hollywood role? My friend was in the crowd of a major Hollywood premiere in London and said he was giving out flyers to the crowd which we’re asking people to vote for him for the BAFTA award. KMT.

    Has he seen the calibre of Brits who make it in Hollywood? They’re either like Chiwetel, Idris, Robert Pattinson or for the not so great at acting or accents Jason Statham who has height, martial arts, sex appeal to a lot of ladies on his side that make him great for action roles.

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