Yes the Watch The Throne road show has come to London and the world of UK “URBAN” entertainment has gone wild with excitement.

Jay-Z and Kanye West can do no wrong. Everything they do is either described as being “monumental” or “historic”.

Several days ago word got out that they both broke wind in their hotel rooms. This has also been described as a “historic event” by some over-excited UK fans and and music industry folk.

BBC Radio’s resident Hip Hop DJ Tim ‘Big Dawg’ Westwood even went as far as dropping several bombs upon hearing news of this “historic event”.

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  1. Somewhere in this world, there is a n actual man that looks just like that photo os Kanye and Jay-Z put together LMAO!!
    I went to the show, and it was amazing!!

  2. I went last night and I must say it was epic. Let’s be honest musicians can and often do influence social history so I’m not mad if people called it an ‘historic event’. Let’s not take things too seriously all the time?!

  3. I must add, alongside the amazing performances was the imagery which was very poignant – montages of the civil rights movement, Hurricane Katrina… etc.

  4. I went to the concert and it was great. I also bought the album and it does have a lot of social commentary compared to both of their back catalogue. But Nas has been performing this type of material for almost 20 years. He doesn’t need the lights & imagery to make his performances epic. The Distant Relatives tour with Damien Marley was much better in terms of music and content. And to be honest without all the lightshow and gimmicks, the actual songs performed at Watch The Throne were not the best or most thought provoking on the album. Yes it was an enjoyable concert, i went twice and enjoyed it both times, but any writer who places this in music history books needs to be shot. It will not change music, or people in general. Artists will now start adding more visuals & lights to their live shows that is all.

    P.S – Kanye has always had video in the background of his live performances and upgraded to lights with the glow in the dark tour in 2009. All those saying it was history are just not used to big concerts IMO

  5. Hi
    For me the concert was one, if not the best concert I have been to EVER. My introduction to concerts was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous concert at Wembley Stadium, and I have seen a variety of artists over the years including Stevie Wonder, and Jay Z (several times), as well as the neo soul type artists in a range of venues.
    For me it was more than the lights as there seemed to be a real chemistry between the two artists. Everyone I know who went has come out of the concert saying wow that was amazing. I do think people need to give credit where credit is due and not get caught up in the negativity that is attached to Kanye and Jay-Z on a regular basis.

  6. The only thing monumental about these two fools is that they are leading a mass of people to the gates of the Abyss and beyond and most cannot sight the approaching doom. Jay Z and Kanye West are simply useful idiots who have been raised up by a certain sect of fellows and are being used to entertain and distract the masses while the masses are systematically being forced into austerity at the same time. I’m sure you should have noticed by now that your pounds are suddenly not stretching as far as they used to.

    People better learn their history or you will be repeating the same nonsense all over again. Just in case many of you don’t know what austerity means, it means you living out of a tent or a sleeping bag in a park(if you are lucky) or a urine infested back alley. You folks better check out the history of Rome as this is the same pattern reoccurring.

    Monkey see, monkey do, people follow the stars literally.

  7. Firstly, ‘historic’ event not ‘historical’. Secondly, people are having fun and a good time, why can’t you just accept that. For some people it is a historic event, let it be. I came here from the follow up post and some sad self loathing person talked about Mandela being released. WTF has that got to do with anything? And so because there are monumentous historical events, other events can’t be historic? Listen, Chelsea winning the Champions League was historic whether or not Mandela was freed or not. Get over your self-loathing self and let people have fun with their lives, while you can carry on turning up your nose and being a lonely old spinster. Who are you to define what another person holds dear? And for this verbs dude to call Jay Z and Kanye West fools…. Alrighty then. Because it takes fools to rise to the levels of success they have. No matter how you define success, they have attained it. Jay Z has a successful career, he’s at the top of his game, he has a loving young family to whom he is devoted and is friends with the President of the United States. What is it that makes this man a fool? I actually think the people who read this blog are as lost and misguided as the writer herself. How many ways are there to copy and paste a news story and add “foolishness” or “HAHAHAHAHAHAAH” at the bottom? Oh, because that is not foolish is it? That is obviously some kind of genius. Give her an award somebody please. A Razzie.

  8. “How many ways are there to copy and paste a news story and add “foolishness” or “HAHAHAHAHAHAAH” at the bottom?”

    As many times as I damn well please! LOL.

    Oh the emotion over Jay and Kanye. It’s comical. Hahahha. Thanks for stopping by Haydn or is that you Jay/Kanye????? Do visit again!

    Oh and thanks for pointing out the grammatical error.

  9. @HistoricEvents unwrap your lips from around both Jay’s and Kanye’s scrotums and take the hero worship BS elsewhere.

  10. @ Historic Events

    That’s alright, go ahead and have you fun while you are plundered into the bottomless pit of poverty at the same time. The problem with you “fun seekers” is that when the raw excrement hits the fan, you then want to come begging for information as to what is going on and in addition ask for crumbs from the table. Failing that you would then attempt to eat from my plate with force and I won’t be having none of it.

    Perpetual children, just want to have fun all day long without a care in the world eh bub? What the heck are you talking about? You honestly believe that West and Jay Z pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps to make it to where they are today? You are a bigger fool than they are, I have a bridge to sell you in Southend. What makes Jay Z a fool are the “sacrifices”, “compromises” and “debts” he put himself through and under to get to his current position. People in the know will understand exactly what I am talking about. These chieftain always give the general public the usual rags to riches story for these artists and fan police like yourself just lap them up freely and believe the fabrications without questioning a thing.

    Jay Z’s career was given to him by his masters, the same masters who made people like Kayne West, Lil Wayne and Drake. Drake actually has given us a large clue as to who these master are in this video release:

    You don’t just roll into the music scene and just “make it”, it doesn’t work like that anymore and it hasn’t worked like that for a very, very long time. The same way that you are elevated by others to the top is the same way that they can take you down.

    As for Obama, Obama is in the same position as Jay Z and West, he is a puppet to his masters, the bankers and Wall Street. Ronald Regan got a strong dose of knowing that his position was a puppet position:

    So chief, get your facts straight before rolling up in here because I will rip you a new one and overturn your milk crate, and you will be crying over spilt milk.

  11. Where is the negativity if I said I WENT TWICE and ENJOYED IT BOTH TIMES??

    I think we just need to be careful. People were hyping the concert do much those who went on Monday & Tuesday thought it would be much better than it was. Therefore they were unable to get their full enjoyment or take it all in because they were expecting miracles. Instead of calling mere rappers ‘historic’ or comparing then to Michael Jackson (god forbid) give them their dues and ask yourself why a 2 hour rap concert is the best event in your life to date. I took my 10 yr old, who enjoyed it, but he will have a better experience by the end of the summer! Guaranteed.

    I’m just going to ignore the person who called me self loathing for mentioning one of the most historic’s event in the history of black people.

    Just pretend he is not there?

  12. Mela :
    @HistoricEvents unwrap your lips from around both Jay’s and Kanye’s scrotums and take the hero worship BS elsewhere.

    For the record, I’m not a Jay Z or Kanye West fan, I just know credit where its due and those men are not fools. I don’t listen to hip hop anymore.

    Verbs, I read about 3 lines of your comment and just couldn’t bear anymore. Dude you really need to get out more. Get a life. Go and find yourself a girlfriend (or boyfriend, whatever floats your boat), dude just get some release. You’re seriously deluded bro. How old are you, 16? Spewing all that ‘black people aren’t allowed to succeed unless they sell their souls’ vomit. Grow up. Go to Africa, check out Nigeria, Ghana, Nairobi, Cape Town and see black people doing real shit. Next you’re gonna tell me Obama is illuminati and a free mason. GTFOH son.

    I did read your last line though, seems you’re getting a bit defensive and territorial. I see you’re one of the few cracked male voices in this hairdressing salon here, getting your weave did. Beating your chest about ripping me a scrotum, you keyboard warrior you. Oohh I feel so intimidated. No probs sir, I’m leaving. I’m not about to step on your gazelle-like hooves. Gonna go back to reasoning with silverbacks in a proper debate somewhere. Enjoy your cackling harem. Cheers

    Who’s Haydn?

  13. Goodbye and I hope you enjoyed your time inside the Mad News hair salon. I hope the Dark & Lovely hair relaxer wasn’t too harsh on that scalp.
    Oh and put a word in for me with your friends over at the Razzies!

  14. Some people the more they speak is the more they show themselves to be scallywags of no intelligence.

    Let me just deal with your case and clean your clock once and for all because you’ve just brought what can only be described as serious grade A flatulence to the table.

    Firstly, we are not under a black system, we are under a European system. Secondly, yes there is some genuine success coming out of Africa besides all of the fraudulent activities, but mostly IT IS LOCALISED and if any is international, it is kept out of the media spotlight. I have yet to see the British media highlight mega successful businessmen and women coming out of Africa. Yet they always seem to highlight the churches and more time this is done in a negative fashion. The churches have alot to answer for but is this the only avenue where people in Africa are making large amounts of money?

    Obama is not a freemason huh? Yet on the day of his election to president of the United States, the Princehall Freemasonry website commended him and stated that it was great that one of their “members” was now seating in the oval office. Youths these days, profess to know it all but really don’t know diddly. Of course you wouldn’t have seen that would you because you are too busy having “fun” and beating your monkey over Jay Z, Kanye West and WTT.

    They do not call me Verbs for nothing, you will receive some verbal stripes for your stupidity and foolish comments trying to come up against me. Actually, you got ripped a new rectum. Bloody idiot, get out of here and get back to your paper round and licking muddy boots, you aren’t ready for the people in here. Fan police, always a blasted problem.

  15. I’m confused doing something epic and historic is when you push boundaries and do something complety different like Micheal Jackson used to do and done for years, even what Nas does sometimes but Kanye and Jay-Z are run of the mill. I don’t know people in the UK are so far up Americans arses it’s unbelievable.

  16. I just read this thread from start to finish while having a quick bite. hilariously epic and historically funny. I haven’t laughed so much reading for a while. Lol

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