Rapper, mogul, singer, actor, politician, teacher, preacher, healer, husband, lover, father, friend to the Obamas and now “philanthropist” Jay-Z has come out in support of same sex marriage. In this new interview with CNN he compares same-sex marriage opposition to discrimination against black people.


Your thoughts please….

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  1. Jay Z is truly a bloody idiot. How can you compare a lifestyle that is picked up by CHOICE to the involuntary out of control outcome of a person’s nationality?

    Rather than go off into a long winded rant, each person must look at situation for themselves and decide whether the world has become a better place by opening the door to homosexuality and allowing the lifestyle a free reign, or has the world gotten worse with homosexuality being a contributing factor to the demise of society and the crumbling of moral standards?

    I personally have seen no improvements to the world by allowing homosexuality a free pass and any benefits that have been achieved by the homosexual camp are always for themselves and themselves alone, nobody else can benefit from their rights, yet I always see that they are quick to leech and jump on wagons in relation to black and ethnic rights.

  2. lol! it’s not the same, Black people can’t hide their color.

    Also I have no idea why entertainers ( specially Black ones) are always consulted on this type of questions ( eg: youth, violence etc..)?

  3. The other issue here that the chieftain Fool Z has failed to observe is that homosexuals do not just want to keep their lifestyle to themselves, they always feel the need to force induce their lifestyle onto others, especially people who do not agree with it and children. Why are 5 year old children being taught about homosexuality? What does a 5 year old have to do with homosexuality? I await the barrage of main stream media slogans and names to be thrown at me.

  4. Lets not forget that he’s friend with the OBAMAS so why not have his back ? All this shit is about getting votes in the next elections, I can just imagine how some black people are disappointed to vote him in office. Black peope is a distruction to themelves. If all the music industries starting backing these shirt lifters, then all hell break loose. But let’s not forget that the BIBLE MUST FULFILL, and that’s what happenning now. Man to Man is so unjust.

  5. We cannot really speak for past time periods that are out of our time frame, we can only speak for the times we are living in and clearly when I go back in history during my lifetime, I see an improvement and the world being a better place. In the year 2000, this world was a better place than it is today in 2012.

    Co sign Monika, this seems to be on the coat tails of Obama coming out recently and stating that same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples to marry. Jay Z, the trustable lackey. You are right about prophecy being fulfilled, Babylon is falling.

  6. People do not choose to be gay. I’m not in the business of comparing what anyone has been through as worse or greater than, so I won’t.

    But, I will repost here what I’ve just blogged:
    The thing about “religious” folk is they can’t see logic when it involves their faith. What they DON’T understand is, THEIR faith has NOTHING to do with ANYONE else’s life.

    No point in explaining logic, when there’s a tornado of responses roaming in their head. Usually, beginning with, “The bible says..” 


    And Dave Chappell said, “I’m Rick James, bitch.”

    What does either have to do with LOGIC?

  7. “People do not choose to be gay”??? The person who comes on here and claims that so called “religious folks” cannot think logically has just made one of the most illogical statements yet.

    Lets look at a few things you have stated Mishal to determine who really is not thinking “logically” here.

    When you pick up a set of clothes to wear, you have made a choice. When you decide to buy some take away food, you have made a choice. So when a person decides to kiss somebody of the same sex, does this now fall under the category of magic in your eyes then?

    This is the problem with homosexuals and their advocates, they are always attempting to relocate the responsibility of their actions to some sort of “hidden hand” or “force” or “mechanism” somewhere in the abyss they would claim is controlling them from the shadows and made them kiss somebody of the same sex. Logic right????

    It should also be mentioned here that I never started any statements with “the bible says” and nor did Monika either but where the bible has stated that the lifestyle is destructive, non fruitful and that the practice of homosexuality would increase, I have the right to give the bible credit where credit is due.

    You also mentioned the bible in terms of religion, so “logically” you should be able to tell me the “religion” of some of the people within this “religious book”. I ask you to please tell me what religion the following people were:

    1. Abraham
    2. Judah
    3. Isaiah
    4. Jeremiah
    5. Amos
    6. Malachi
    7. Christ

    This should be relatively easy for you to do. However, if you cannot tell me the religion of these people, then I know that you are just simply a product of your programming, indoctrination and updates. You now show me some of the logic that you claim others lack.

  8. I haven’t watched the video and don’t really want to. I have a huge dislike for Jay-Z he’s just saying this so he gets more gays to buy his records

  9. I don’t believe him. He works with a genre that is right wing when it comes to this issue, and they are all silent because they don’t want to lose their street credentials, or rather he has been silent forever and it has taken Obama for him to say something about it. Next.

  10. Jay Z is not an intelligent man so expecting a cohesive response from him is reaching. All discrimination is not the same. No one has ever stopped Africans from marrying each other or having children etc. Homosexual couples are allowed to have children and raise them. Two mothers or two fathers. As this is the case I dont see the issue with marriage. The time for outrage has long since past.

  11. Some people ought to exercise wisdom and keep their mouths closed, professing themselves to be wise and holding knowledge but in reality they are fools and know nothing. You have proven yourself to be the ass here Mishal. No carrot for you.

  12. Jay-z obviously has no clue, what he is talking about. You cannot compare the two….totally two different issues. How dare he…. I need not say anything else..

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