Alexandra Burke and Jermain Defoe

The months of PR spin via camp Burke surrounding this fake love affair has finally come to a predictable climax.

Tabloid rag The Sun reports that the singer has split from her footballer “boyfriend” Jermain Defoe because he has apparently “cheated” on her again this time with nurse Kirsty Crummey (below).

Photo Credit The Sun: Nurse Kirsty Crummey

No comment…..

Click HERE to read the ridiculous “story” that led to the “break-up”.

In response to the allegations Jermain tweeted the following this morning

Comedian Peter Kay


What a complete and utter farce.

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  1. Oh wow, really……
    *chokes while drinking water and spilling on the floor at pic of Kirsty*

  2. I do not understand this Alexandra and Jermain situation what ever is going on with them just needs to stop now because there both getting a little bit dry, this has gone on for much to long now. And fancy how Jermain is trying to deny that he’s been sleeping with that woman he’s a joke the boy needs to fix up.

  3. Just look at Kirsty – ‘YUK’ and that’s me being polite! Just a bit of advice to Alexandra, guh fine yu self one real black man dats into black woman and respects dem, cause if you look at what Defoe is prepared to sleep with, it really doesn’t say a lot for the mans standards.

  4. Co sign Pheva. You really have to wonder about some of the names these people have in particular scenarios, whether they are just made up to coincide with the specific event. Crummey?????? Is this for real?

    Also co sign Janice, complete and utter nonsense from the moment of its conception. Who do team Burke and the Sun think they are trying to fool? Utter rubbish. Sorry Burke, we know that this whole farce was in relation to you making a return into the music scene, an attempt to patch and mend your flagging career.

    Remember, let us all not forget the documentary called Starsuckers.

  5. Whilst I don’t believe that it is’nt so far fetched that Alexandra and Jermaine may be dating (you could easily argue for and against). I think its more of a possibility that Defoe stuck his dingaling in that woman, this guy has no standards!!

  6. i think you lot are being far too cruel on the nurse!!….
    its a pity these folks create so much spin around eachother to the point its hard to believe their “nonsense”
    good luck to the pair of them …. and as for the nurse!!! i dont see where that stories fits in at all!!

  7. I believe he slept with this woman. When a kiss n tell comes out it’s usually true, when it isn’t and involves a high profile footballer they usually sue the person and/or the paper that printed the lies.

    I believe he’s more likely slept with this woman over having a real relationship with Alexandra. Some men will stick it in anything just because they can. Jermain Dehoe has zero standards, and since when did he get all religious?

  8. How low can this man go? Deliberately cheating on his partners and then calling the Lord’s name. Whatever!

  9. LMAO. Defoe unfortuntaely reps alot of black men in the UK banging the ugliest women you’ll ever find as long as they aren’t black

  10. lol a farce it is, we are to believe that Jermaine “cheated” on Alexander with this woman? Please…It’s only pretty blonde/brunette 20 somethings in his DNA. And am I to believe that the woman pictured is 29 years old? Add 20 years and you are getting close to her age

  11. After watching numerous episodes of Cheaters I am NO longer surprised at the looks of what some men will leave a beautiful woman for. If women with no teeth/rotten teeth are able to get piece (as seen on Jeremy Kyle).

    Jermain would never court this woman publicly, but more than likely shag her privately…I can definitely believe. He has a standard for taking out amongst the paps and those are the Chantelle & Danielle types he’s dated.

    If Wayne Rooney can shag a prostitute GRANNY and have Colleen who isn’t an ugly overmade up woman at home (by WAG standards), then this woman isn’t far fetched at all.

  12. It’s okay to stay single. I don’t understand why they feel the need to be in relationships and have sex to make themselves feel better and powerful. Too much money disturbing them. Sponsor a black child or two through college, and then come back and tweet for us how much money you have. Kmt

  13. A black male celebrity is ‘allegedly’ dating a black female celebrity after a string of blonde conquests. The UK tabloid press can not allow the black female to ge the upper hand. What a bump back down to earth to learn that your man has cheated with not just a white woman, but a non famous ugly fat white female he met on facebook…. Say awake black people.

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